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04/03/06 Results: 1PW, C/W, FWA, PW & W3L

1PW “All Or Nothing” Weekend – Night One
Doncaster Dome, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

  • 1PW Title First Round: Abyss defeated Darren Burridge

  • 1PW Title First Round: Christopher Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn

  • Southern Comfort defeated Spud & Colt Cabana, The Rottweilers, and Jonny Storm & Jodie Fleisch

  • 1PW Title Quarter-Final: Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries by submission

  • 1PW Title Quarter-Final: AJ Styles defeated Sterling James Keenan

  • 1PW Title Semi-Final: Abyss defeated Christopher Daniels

  • 1PW Title Semi-Final: AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe

  • Christian Cage defeated Rhino

  • 1PW Title Final: Abyss defeated AJ Styles to win title

C/W “Ultimate Chaos”
Studio Bar, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

  • Workman Open Challenge: Nick Baretta defeated The Workman

  • Thunderbolt & Frankie Sharp defeated The Bassey Brothers

  • Maddog Max defeated Kade Kallous & Johnny The Body

  • Caiman defeated Ricky Hype

  • C/W Title: Chris Recall defeated Matt Vaughn (c) to win title

  • Battle Royal: Won by Tyler Browne

FWA “War On The Shore”
Morcambe Dome, Morcambe, Lancashire

  • FWA Flyweight Title: Ross Jordan (c) defeated Bubblegum to retain

  • Wolfgang & Darkside defeated The Manchester Massive

  • FWA Title: Hade Vansen (c) defeated Damon Leigh to retain

  • All Star Guest Match: Robbie Brookside defeated Five Star Flash

  • Rumble: Was declared a no-contest after Steve Knight’s and Johnny Angel’s feet both touched the floor at the same time

Playhouse WrestleFest
Playhouse Theatre, Harlow, Essex

  • Steve Morroco defeated Rocker Richards

  • Andy Simmonz defeated James Tighe

  • Hardcore Match: UK Pitbulls defeated Seamus O’Shaughnessy & Steve Hannam

  • Eamon O’Neil defeated Steve Morocco by DQ

  • I Quit Match: Charlie Rage defeated Paul Tyrell

W3L “Payback”
CISWO, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland

  • All Comers Title First Round: Phil Powers defeated The Bulldozer

  • All Comers Title First Round: Zac Zodiac defeated Red Lightning

  • All Comers Title First Round: Jason Detriot defeated Kid Fight

  • W3L Title: Ricky Knight (c) defeated Drew McDonald to retain

  • All Comers Title First Final: Phil Powers defeated Jason Detroit and Zac Zodiac to win title

  • W3L Tag Titles – Gauntlet Match: Won by Los Pervitos (c) to retain

  • Drew McDonald defeated Mike Musso by count-out

Source: UKFF & C/W