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WWE: Official RAW Preview

WrestleMania Rewind
March 6, 2006

This Monday Night on RAW, both WWE Champion John Cena and Triple H will compete in WrestleMania Rewind Matches, as they face WrestleMania opponents from their past.

“The Game” will face his WrestleMania XV opponent Kane while The Champ will square off against WrestleMania XX opponent Big Show. Don’t miss these two huge RAW matches as the past meets the present — all leading up to the WWE Championship main event at WrestleMania 22.

In an Intercontinental Championship rematch, Shelton Benjamin defends his newly won title against Ric Flair. Last time, “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” was the victim of Benjamin and momma’s underhanded tactics. Will “The Nature Boy” answer back and re-capture the Intercontinental Championship? Watch RAW to find out.

And one week after slapping Torrie Wilson on Unlimited, Candice will make more waves by revealing her Playboy cover live in the ring.  Don’t miss what is sure to be one of the sexiest moments of the year.

Last week on RAW, the McMahons forced Shawn Michaels to join the “Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club” in the most humiliating fashion imaginable. How will HBK deal with such humiliation this week? And what will “The Showstopper” have to say about the announcement that he’ll face Shane McMahon at Saturday Night’s Main Event as well as Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania 22? Watch Monday Night RAW to find out.

In addition, Maria goes one-on-one with Lita.