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FWA: Fall Out From "War On The Shore 06" & Latest Cards For Upcoming Shows

In full results from Saturday’s War On The Shore show, in front of the first ever sell-out crowd for an FWA show at the Morecambe Dome:

FWA British Flyweight Champion Ross Jordan beat Bubblegum, Wolfgang and Darkside defeated The Manchester Massive, FWA British Heavyweight Champion Hade Vansen pinned Damon Leigh, Robbie Brookside pinned Five Star Flash, and a 15-man rumble went to a no-contest when All-Star wrestler Five Star Flash caused Stevie Knight and Johnny Angel both to be eliminated at the same time.

Check out David Bridson’s review of the show elsewhere on our website.

In news from the show:

* FWA officials, wrestlers and fans alike were up in arms after Robbie Brookside and Five Star Flash of All-Star Promotions not only sabotaged the rumble, but then smashed an award the FWA had received earlier in the evening over the head of Stevie Knight.  So it seems that All-Star are not on as friendly terms with the FWA as first thought and that perhaps Brian Dixon, Brookside and their All-Star cronies will stop at nothing to retain the British Inter-Federation Championship when they meet Team FWA in a rematch on Saturday May 13 at The Dome.

Although Steve Knight did not officially win the rumble and thus gain an automatic spot on Team FWA on May 13, FWA officials were stirred by the passion he showed for the FWA cause in standing up to Brookside and Flash.  Therefore Stevie Knight has been appointed the captain of Team FWA and initially, was expected to meet Robbie Brookside in a singles match during this heated team competition.

However, Stevie Knight has since been pushing for a tag team match on May 13 as he wants to get his hands on both Brookside and Flash for their disgraceful actions of Saturday night.  We await to see if the FWA grants his wish…and if so, who Knight will choose as a partner.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for FWA v All-Star at The Dome, Morecambe, on Saturday May 13.  They cost £16 for front row ringside, £10 for adults, £7.50 for children and £30 for a family ticket. The box office number is 01524 582803.

* As for Johnny Angel, he left the Dome without saying much to anyone.  Very much his own man, Angel refused to take sides as the FWA locker room was in pandemonium after the show, as FWA wrestlers – irrespective of whether they are loved or hated by the fans – joined together to swear revenge on the “backstabbers” from All-Star. 

* Former FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane was not at War On The Shore.  There has still been no contact from Alex with the FWA office since New Frontiers.

* Current champion ‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen rolled up at the Morecambe Dome in a shining new stretch limousine, accompanied by Nikita, but nearly came a cropper despite his glamorous entrance – against a previously unheralded challenger.  Nobody thought that ‘Dangerous’ Damon Leigh had a chance, except for DDL and his Lancashire fans.  Leigh made Vansen tap to his ‘Dangerous’ STF hold and everybody saw it…except referee Lance Lenihan.  With help from ‘The Queen of Chaos’, Vansen came back to win with the ‘Driller, but DDL was mightily impressive in defeat.

* The long awaited release of FWA NOAH Limits on DVD was at War On The Shore, meaning that fans were able to purchase this superb show for the first time back where it all happened – at the Morecambe Dome. In fact, one lucky individual even got his hands on NOAH Limits for free thanks to the legend that is The Morecambe Raffle!

NOAH Limits IS ON SALE NOW on DVD and includes the historic battle for the GHC World Tag Team Titles as Doug Williams and Scorpio defend against Naomichi Marufuji and Minoru Suzuki. Other matches include Ross Jordan v Aviv Maayan, Hade Vansen v Stevie Lynn, Hampton Court v Stixx and Martin Stone, and Alex Shane v Stevie Knight.

ALSO the commentary has already been recorded for Saturday night’s War On The Shore show, meaning you can expect A-Merchandise’s usual double-quick turnaround on this DVD going on sale!  Stay tuned…

Check out the A-Merchandise section of for news of NOAH Limits and other new FWA and FWA:A DVD releases.

More matches have now been signed for the FWA’s two huge shows on the Crunch Weekend, as follows:

FWA ‘Who’s Fooling Who?’ – Saturday April 1, Sudbury Sports Centre

We will indeed find out ‘Who’s Fooling Who?’ on April Fool’s Day when ‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell and Iceman finally square off one-on-one in a match that is anything but a laughing matter.

FWA officials decided this week that this match is too important and long-awaited to risk anything happening to jeopardise it.  Their theory is this. This match has already been postponed twice.  An FWA audience deserves to see this match and it needs to happen at the first available opportunity.  Travell and Iceman want to destroy each other and they aren’t prepared to wait until Crunch the following night. They’re bound to try to tear each other apart in Suffolk, so FWA officials have decided there’s no point in leaving anything to chance. So Travell v Iceman is finally going to happen at Sudbury. Then there will be a rematch the next night at Broxbourne when the violence will no doubt continue…assuming there’s anything left of them after Sudbury, that is.

FWA Live in Sudbury – ‘Who’s Fooling Who?’ – on Saturday April 1 (April Fool’s Day) comes to you from the Sudbury Sports Centre, Tudor Road, Sudbury, Suffolk.  Doors are at 6pm and bell time is 6.30pm. Tickets cost £15 for front row ringside, £10 for adults and £7 for children.

Tickets can be bought for the show by logging on to to buy over the Internet through the ‘Tickets’ section, by sending a cheque to K L Events, 9 Ashton Road, Morecambe, Lancs. LA4 5NP (please ensure you include your name, address and which tickets you require) or by visiting Sudbury Sports Centre where tickets will be on sale at the front desk.

Matches signed so far are:

FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen (with Nikita) and James Tighe v ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch and ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell v Iceman (with Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert)

The debuting ‘Man Gravity Forgot’ Pac v Stevie Lynn

PLUS – The FWA debut of Paul Tyrrell

PLUS – Leroy Kincade has pledged to defend his FWA All-England Title at Sudbury, but against who?


Our second show of the Crunch Weekend is….

FWA Crunch – Sunday, April 2, Broxbourne Civic Hall

MAIN EVENT SIGNED – Vansen v Storm for the belt!
You’ve read his recent interview right here on and it appears FWA officials have too….because at FWA Crunch ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm will indeed receive another opportunity to finally realise his dream and become the FWA British Heavyweight Champion.

In his ‘Quiz in 5 Questions’ with our website, Jonny said he believed he was the logical challenger to Hade Vansen’s title at Crunch and it looks as though FWA matchmakers agree because on Sunday April 2, it will be ‘The South City Thriller’ versus ‘The Wonderkid’, one-on-one in an FWA ring, for the first time ever! 

Hade and Jonny did get a taste of each other in the five-way Champions Series Final the last time they were at Broxbourne, but they’ve never before met in an FWA singles match.  At FWA Crunch they most certainly will, when the stakes are at their highest.

Expect more news on this match in the coming weeks.

ALSO JUST SIGNED FOR CRUNCH – after he emerged from War On The Shore as still the FWA British Flyweight Champion, ‘The Gift’ Ross Jordan must defend his precious strap once again at Broxbourne Civic Hall.

And the FWA has lined up not one, but TWO top Flyweights to challenge him for the belt in a three-way dance. 

Spectacular newcomer Pac, ‘The Man Gravity Forgot’ and fellow north-easterner Stevie Lynn – who pushed Jordan all the way in a title challenge last year at Hotwired – will be his opponents on April 2.  Pac and Lynn will, of course, have a chance to feel each other out the previous night at Sudbury in readiness for their big title opportunity.

Anyone with a ticket to see FWA Crunch at Broxbourne Civic Hall on Sunday, April 2 can get into the WrestleMania XXII viewing and party at Belushi’s nightclub in Camden later that evening, for £5 off the admission price – that’s £3 entry!

For full details of the WrestleMania night at Belushi’s click on the following link:

A big thanks from the FWA to our buddy Steve ‘DJ Stevie C’ Cox for his help with organising this Crunch Weekend WrestleMania tie-in.

Tickets are NOW ON SALE for FWA Crunch at Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hoddesdon, Herts, on Sunday April 2.  Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 6.30pm. Tickets cost £22 for Gold Ringside, £12 for adults, £8 for children and £30 for a family ticket. The box office number is 01992 441946.

Matches signed so far –

‘The South City Thriller’ Hade Vansen (with Nikita) v ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

‘The Gift’ Ross Jordan v ‘The Man Gravity Forgot’ Pac v Stevie Lynn

‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell v Iceman (with Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert)

Broxbourne Civic Hall is on High Street in Hoddesdon, Herts. It is situated approximately one mile from Broxbourne Station and nine miles from the M25. Car parking is adjacent to the hall.

The booking office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.30pm and Saturday 9.00am-1.00pm (Box Office Only).

The Crunch Weekend kicks off on Friday, March 31 with an FWA ‘A’ show at Buckland Community Centre in Portsmouth.  So that’s three shows in three days for FWA fans.