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OVW: TV Taping *Spoilers*

The first match out tonight was a dark match between Mikey Batts and Tony Mann. Mickey got a nice reaction from the crowd as he came into the ring. Both men were evenly matched in size if not skill. Midways through the match Mann hits a drop kick and followed that up with a suplex that Mikey sold very well. Mann would continue to work on the back of Mikey with a series of forearms chops. Mikey would soon come back with a big drop kick of his own and a sunset flip for the win.

We go to the monitor where we see a huge celebration going on for Brent Albright’s title win. The Spirit Squad, Kasey James, Osama, were seen. Osama gets on the mic and does his normal fun bit by telling us who he is. Osama announces that there is indeed a big celebration going on in The Shooter’s locker room but before he can finish Brent grabs the mic and asks if there was any surprise or doubt that he would win the belt.

Shelly appears in the screen and would begin to flirt with Albright and even gave him a kiss. Shelly asks if Albright would mind if she called him Birchall. He replies that as far as he was concerned she could call him champ. Shelly takes out a pair of handcuffs and tries to handcuff Albright. She manages to get only one cuff on before all chaos breaks out. Everyone starts screaming in the background in support of Shelly’s actions. Albright then proceeds to cut a promo on CM Punk.

Albright says that CM is a great wrestler but is no Brent Albright and that the OVW contract states that there will be no rematch for CM Punk. However since Brent Albright is such a nice guy he will grant a rematch on one condition. He said that CM Punk would have to come out before the end of the night and shake his hand.

Dean Hill comes out and announces that The Miz and Chris Cage will defend the tag titles against the most dominant tag team in OVW history, the Tolands, during this TV taping. He also noted that if the Tolands lose, they have said that they will split up and go their separate ways.

Seth Skyfire heads to the ring to face Aaron “The Idol” Stevens. He would be accompanied to the ring by Beth and Shelly. Early on Beth and Shelly did appear to be on the same page, despite last week’s debacle, but we would soon find out that there were some underlying tension between the two. Stevens gets on the mic and says he prays that Paul Birchall will be watching the beating he is getting ready to give Skyfire. He also says that this beating is a message to Birchall. He says that Birchall will never get a TV title shot because of the way he has treated Shelly. He said someone else would have to beat him for the title in order for him to ever get another shot at the belt. Idol hits a knee to the midsection early to take the advantage but Skyfire retaliated quickly with several right hands. Idol attempts a slingshot suplex but Skyfire counters by landing on his feet. Idol whips Skyfire into the corner and kicks him in the chest. Skyfire falls down and rolls out of the ring. Idol comes out after him and they exchange punches before getting back into the ring. Skfire would hit a spinning heel kick for a two count. Idol comes back with a tilt a whirl back breaker for a two count of his own. Shelly begins to taunt Skyfire and while Skyfire’s attention is turned to Shelly, Idol comes running towards him but the ref gets in the way and gets knocked out by Stevens. Idol is on the mat and clearly dazed. Seth goes up to the top rope but Beth gets on the apron and knocks him off the top and begins punching him. Paul Birchall then comes into the ring but is met by Beth and she begins to slap and punch him. Shelly, in a fit of rage, attacks Beth. Beth gets up and looks shocked and then runs back toward Shelly and they roll around in the ring and out of it. Several refs come out from the back to try and pull them apart. At this point, the crowd begins to chant “let them fight”. They would be pulled to the back, with both screaming vigorously at one another. Birchall hits the C4 on the already injured Idol. Seth then gets on the top rope and does a legdrop off the top. Seth got great elevation on this move and hit it perfectly. Birchall then wakes the ref back up and Seth gets the pin to become the new TV champion. 

Up next we have the Tolands coming to the ring to face Miz and Cage for the tag straps. Tank and Cage start the match with Tank getting a couple of early takedowns and Cage acts scared. He tags in the Miz and both men went back and forth. Tank spears Cage but only gets two as Miz makes the save. Chad gets a scoop slam on Cage. Miz comes in and knocks both Tolands down with a series of forearms. Miz throws Tank out of the ring and gets the pin on Chad. Miz and Cage leave the ring and the Tolands get up and begin to console one another. They raise each others arms and at this point Chad clothelines Tank and ask him how it feels. He goes on to taunt him before leaving.

We go to the monitor again where we have Maria interviewing CM Punk. Maria begins by saying she is sorry about what happened with him and Albright. She tells him what Brent said earlier about what he would have to do in order to get a rematch. Punk looks distraught and says he doesn’t know what he is going to do. We go back to the party in Albright’s locker room and Albright asks if they are going to watch when Punk crawls out to the ring and humbly shakes his hand. Kasey James begins to suck up to Albright and says he has a good deal on a new Rolex he can give Albright. Albright takes the watch and identifies it as a fake because it is spelled “Rolecks” on the facing. Kasey then claims it is an import. Albright then throws the watch down and says that he does not have time to hang out with guys like Kasey James. Kasey then says he does not think that Punk will shake his hand. Ken Doane then walks up to James and asks him if he has a problem. The Spirit Squad then attacks James. The camera then pans over to Osama who is smiling and waiving his flags during all the commotion.

The next match is Jack Bull versus Chett the Jett. Bull gets tons of heat as he enters the ring. Chett would dominate this entire match up. After getting raked in the eyes, Chett hit a belly to belly suplex for the win in this short match.

The Spirit Squad enters the ring next and Dean Hill reminds us that they now can be seen on Monday Night Raw. Nick Nemeth and Mike Mondo versus Elijah Burke and Roadkill is the match. Burke tears into Mondo as the match begins. From the outside Doane pulls Burke to the floor outside the ring. The entire Squad would work him over before rolling him back into the ring. They would continue to beat Burke with a series of forearms, knees, and right hooks for about five minutes. This was a good old school tag match with Burke eventually getting the hot tag and Roadkill came in with several clothes lines on the Squad members. He throws Nemeth to the outside and goes up on the top rope and jumps off onto the Squad members that were standing outside the ring. Elijah hits the Experience on Mondo. Roadkill goes back up top and hits the big splash off the top onto Mondo for the win. Spirit Squad then attack Burke and Roadkill and strength in numbers helped them in the beatdown.

Kasey James then comes out tries to help them but there are too many of them to overcome. They do an upsy-daisey on James. They do a cheer as the other men hobble to the back. Brent Albright comes out and is congratulated in the ring by the Squad. Albright then says it is about time that OVW had a champion that we can be proud of and look up to. It’s about time OVW had a man of courage, honor, dignity, and strength. He said my name is Brent Albright and I am the new OVW champ. He says “that everyone knows that winning the title means everything to me but there is one thing that I need to take care of and that is having my arch rival declare that I am the new champion”. He goes on to say that all CM Punk has to do is come out and shake his hand and he would give him a rematch. Punk then comes out, still selling the leg injury from last week. Albright holds the belt up in Punk’s face as he enters the ring and holds out his hand. Brent Albright and the Spirit Squad then have a face off with Punk. At this point Burke, Roadkill, and James come back out and the Squad run out of the ring and attack them again. They would end up fighting on into the back. In the ring Punk sticks his had out to Albright, who still had the handcuff on one wrist from earlier when Shelly tried to cuff him. As Albright goes to shake his had Punk handcuffs Albright to the ropes. The Shooter screams for help as Punk goes over to pick up the leather strap. Punk then proceeds to whip Albright repeatedly with the leather strap. Punk chokes him and then beats him some more with the strap. Albright sold the beating very well. Punk then picks up the heavyweight title and says that Albright might be the champ but the only way Albright will get revenge for what happened tonight was to defend the title against him. Punk then says “Brent Albright, champ you just got punked”.

Another great show with another stellar crowd at the Davis Arena. The CM Punk, Brent Albright feud just keeps getting better and better and has become one of the best in all of the business right now.