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ROH: Newswire March 9th

– Much of the talk about this Saturday’s event in Philly has centered on the ROH vs. CZW feud and what will happen when the ROH and CZW locker rooms are in the same building. While this situation is ready to explode, you can’t let it overshadow the fact that ROH is reaching a huge milestone with this event. This Saturday, March 11th at 4pm, ROH is going to present its first and most likely only ever event in the former ECW Arena. Now known as the new Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center, this historic building has seen some of the greatest (and a few of the worst) shows in wrestling history. Now ROH will attempt to add to the legacy of this building. Will ROH contribute something as great as some of ECW’s best moments like when Dreamer pinned Raven or the first time Sabu and Taz squared off? Can ROH put on a show that can measure up to such greats as Cyberslam or Ultraclash? Who from the ROH roster will deliver a match as great as the original three-way dance or Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko? The entire ROH locker room knows that we have a lot to live up to when we step into this legendary building. We are coming to add to that legacy. We are going to give the fans something they’ll remember right alongside the greatest moments in that building’s storied history.

– Prince Nana and Alex Shelley have great confidence that Shelley will walk out of the former ECW Arena on Saturday with the World Title. Shelley is set to challenge Bryan Danielson. Shelley feels that he has a variety of different ways to hit Sliced Bread #2 and all he has to do is hit the move to pin Danielson. Shelley learned Sliced Bread #2 from Danielson’s career long rival Spanky. Shelley has been a force in ROH since forming Generation Next in May of 2004. Now Shelley has one final step in his ROH career and that is to take his spot on top of the company as World Champion. There have been some classic World Title matches in ECW Arena history. Now Danielson and Shelley want to make their spot in the building’s history.

– The feud pitting Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli will come to an end on March 25th in Manhattan. It will be McGuinness vs. Castagnoli for the Pure Title and this will be Claudio’s last chance at Nigel’s belt. There is a long history here and this is sure to be a heated match when ROH returns to New York City. Get your tickets now at, by calling 215-781-2500 and at Ticketmaster outlets.

– Bryan Danielson made it clear on the first ROH Recap that can be seen for free at that he is looking forward to getting in the ring with KENTA for the first time on 3/25 in Manhattan. It will be Danielson & Samoa Joe vs. KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji. However, Danielson expressed concern about teaming with Samoa Joe. The second ROH Recap at will feature a face-to-face meeting between Danielson and Joe. The March 25th event will be called “Best In The World” because this tag team main event features four of the best going today anywhere in the world of wrestling.

– now has 1/29 “Dissension” from Cleveland out on VHS. See one of the best matches of AJ Styles’ ROH career as Styles challenges ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson in a classic. Plus: Christopher Daniels puts in a gutsy effort vs. Matt Sydal; Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defend the Tag Titles vs. Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer with Lacey; Claudio Castagnoli & Ace Steel vs. Chad Collyer & Nigel McGuinness in an Anything Goes match; Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley & Abyss vs. Delirious, Sal Rinauro & Tony Mamaluke; Jimmy Yang vs. Jay Lethal; Adam Pearce vs. Jay Fury and more including Necro Butcher getting beat up by the ROH locker room led by Jim Cornette!!!

– FIP will be running a free house show this Saturday afternoon in Bushnell, FL (check for details). There will be a match taped at this show that will be used as a bonus match on a future ROH double DVD set. The main event is Jerrelle Clark vs. Steve Madison. All eyes in FIP are now set on March 17th in the wrestling hotbed of Orlando when Roderick Strong challenges Bryan Danielson for the FIP Heavyweight Title.

– The CZW wrestlers are beginning to talk a lot of trash over at We are ready to walk into the warzone. Bring it.