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ROH: Newswire March 10th

– Tomorrow (Saturday, March 11th) is the historic ROH debut at the former ECW Arena, now known as the New Alhambra Arena on 7 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA with a zip code of 19148. There will be tickets available at the door. The ROH show will begin at 4pm and doors will open around 3pm. CZW will present a show at the former ECW Arena roughly an hour after the ROH show ends. This is a great chance to see two very different shows in the same building. This will be a huge day for the Philadelphia wrestling scene. Anything can happen when the ROH and CZW locker rooms collide!!! ROH’s debut in the former ECW Arena has been called “Arena Warfare” because when you enter the building you are stepping into a war zone!!!

– Austin Aries and Matt Sydal had a conference call today with ROH officials. It started as an amicable conversation, but broke down to both sides having some stern words for each other. Aries feels that Sydal does not appreciative of the break Generation Next gave him. Sydal feels that Aries is holding him back. The two then got into an argument over who is the better athlete. In the end they agreed to have a clean match that will be based on athleticism and competition. You will see Aries vs. Sydal tomorrow at the former ECW Arena in what could be a classic. Will the newest member of Generation Next finally score a huge singles victory by defeating the leader of Gen Next?

– The main event of the show will be an old school three-way dance with elimination rules in the tradition of the former ECW Arena. It will be Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Colt Cabana and the winner can be called the icon of ROH. Can these three measure up to some of the great three-ways in that building’s history?

– The relationship between CZW and ROH management really hit the skids this week. There were several negotiations, arguments and flat out yelling fights over a number of details like what sounds system will be used, what ring will be used and other things like that. The ROH ring will be used on Saturday and you can expect a regular ROH production. Needless to say, there will be no cooperation between ROH and CZW management in the future and both sides really can’t wait for March 11th to be over with. This means that tomorrow will be your only chance to see ROH at the former ECW Arena.

– Check back later today for a big merch update with new DVDs from ROH and FIP. now has the February OVW TV featuring the much talked about CM Punk vs. Brent Albright feud with Paul Heyman booking. This must see DVD also includes Matt Cappotelli’s tearful speech. Also now in stock is Bill Watt’s new book and coming soon is “New Jack: Hardcore” DVD and Hardcore Homecoming “November Reign” DVD with Terry Funk & Sabu vs. Team 3D, Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible in a Steel Cage, Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten in a rematch of the original Taipai Death Match and more.

– Keep an eye on The Briscoes and Rottweilers when they are in the Tag Team Scramble on Saturday that will also include Dunn & Marcos as well as Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze. The Briscoes were embedded in a feud vs. The Rottweilers when they were injured and left ROH in August of 2004. However, The Briscoes have stated that they are starting fresh in ROH and so far they have only made an attempt to raise the ire of ROH Tag Team Champions Generation Next. Will sparks fly when Jay & Mark are in the same ring with Ricky Reyes & Homicide? ROH is bringing a traditional Tag Team Scramble to the former ECW Arena. With eight exciting athletes this could be the show stealer.

– Jimmy Yang will be by the ROH offices today to conduct an edition of The Straight Shootin’ Series.

– We talked about a third major negotiation a few weeks ago. It is now almost complete and we hope to have an announcement next week right here in the Newswire.

– There is still time to get on the bus trip from New York City to tomorrow’s double header. Email for info.

– The adrenaline is running through the ROH offices as we prepare to run our very first (and only) event ever at the former ECW Arena tomorrow afternoon. The roots of ROH were definitely set in that building. It seems like only yesterday that a member of the ROH office was running around that building yelling “get your programs, PRROOOOGGGRRRRAAAMMMMSSS!” Now the lessons learned in that building during the ECW years will be applied to ROH when it runs inside those very same walls. For ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson it will be his first match in that historic building. Can he add to the list of classic title matches seen on the corner of Swanson & Ritner? With Alex Shelley as the challenger this could be one of the greatest technical matches in the Arena’s history. ROH only has one chance to make a lasting impression in the most famous underground wrestling building in the world. We plan to make the most of that opportunity tomorrow. ROH will add to the lore of the building tomorrow. Saturday is going to be a very special day and we hope that you will join us.