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ASW: Lineups For The Next Week

Civic Centre, Aylesbury – Monday March 13th

* Gangrell & Thunder vs. Robby Brookside & James Mason
* Broady Steele vs. Steve Sonic
* Luna vs. Nikita
* Plus Domino, Dream Team and more

Princess Hall, Aldershot – Wednesday March 15th

* Gangrell vs. Steve Sonic
* Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch
* Broady Steele vs. Doug Williams
* Plus more

Cliffs Hall, Folkestone – Thursday March 16th

* Domino & Doug Williams vs. Broady Steele & Battling Barbarian
* Gangrell vs. Steve Sonic
* Jonny Storm vs. Kid Cool
* Plus girls match and more

Town Hall, Middlesbrough – Saturday March 18th

* Miss Minx vs. Lisa Fury
* Gangrell & Highlander vs. Liverpool Lads
* Dynamic Domino vs.. Canadian WidowMaker
* Plus Spitfire, Chippendale Whiplash, Steve Sonic and more

Victoria Hall, Hanley – Saturday March 18th

* Robby Dynamite vs. Dean 2 Extreme
* Luna vs. Klondyke Kate
* Plus Broady Steele, Jonny Storm, James Mason, Barbarian & more