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wZw: A Look At Past Weekly & Upcoming Shows

We are fast approachint the end of the first leg of the “tour” that wZw has taken onbaird with their weekly shows this year.

We are very happy with the way things have progressed over the first 2 months, and hope now fir increases on what we have seen before. Also, wZw aims to add more venues to their tour, and maybe a few “higher focus”, “larger” shows.

We are on the eve of our first show in Hartlepool this year (and last leg of the tour) which already has the best presale that we have had there ever. The house should be strong for that show, and the show itself is set to be a cracker!

This month saw the end of Full Pack as  a tag team. Both Micky & Iain will look towards singles glory in their ventures on shows from now on, but they have their own issues to sort out first. They will face off at Hartlepool and we will see what happens.

wZw Champion Thunder, Spitfire & McIntyre have all seemed to bond well since our first show at Redcar. In that show, Spitfire faced off against both McIntyre & Thunder, so it will be interesting to see what happens when we return there on April 8th. That show was going to be cancelled due to local competition running the same area a few weeks before, hopefully the decision to keep it going is a wise one, and we will get the same crowd in that we got in our first show there.

wZw has almost finalised 2 new venues, in Darlington & Newcastle, with more to be added soon. Dates for these shows will be announced soon. Sadly, although we all enjoyed the show, we have no plans at this time to return to the Lakeside Club. A new venues in Sunderland is currently being researched.

On Friday May 5th we return to Consett’s Victoria Club, where Dutch referee Gary Miller will return to the ring to keep order. Gary is a great official, and its good to have him on our already strong team of referee’s. Speaking of which, look out for “Jumping” John Myers in the recent Kerrang magazine!

Independence Day dvd has hit another set back, and will be ready for release soon. This highly anticipated disc is still in production, and all stops are being pulled out to make this dvd ready for release. I personally feel that this was wZw’s finest hour, and hope to see it recorded on our small screens very soon.

Lance Thunder seems to suit being the champion, much to Iceman’s dislike. How long he can stay at the top spot is really up to him, his biggest test will be in this Friday’s Lumberjack Ladder match.. I wouldnt like to call this one!

The recent feature of many of the Scottish talents at wZw has been very welcome. The debuting Jester & Lionheart seemed to do very well at Consett, and they will be present again at Hartlepool. Speaking of debut’s, no-one can deny the good start Pac has had with wZw. His first match, he earned a Cruiser Title shot, and then managed to win that title. Lets see where the popular highflying youngster can take the title. Sadly his first defense won’t be at Hartlepool, but we expect him back on April 8th at Redcar.

Also on the debut front, Max Heat hasn’t had the best starts. Having failed to chalk up a win, what will be the outcome for this cocky youngster? I’m sure we will find out.

It’s been good to have Drew Galloway back in the wZw ring. We expect to see a lot more from Drew in April & May. Also good to see a newer look Darkside returning on Friday. He faces Spitfire who has only lost once, to Dale “Kid” Richie. So who knows where this one will go.

Well, thats all for this month. Thanks to all our fans who have followed us over the first 2 months of our tour. Hope to see you again in April & May. You can see wZw stars at other shows too. On Saturday 18th March, Spitfire and others are set to feature on All Star Wrestling’s Show at Middlesbrough Town Hall, with an impressive lineup. Also, Anthony McIntyre, Dale “Kid” Richie, Pac, & Max Heat will feature on 3CW’s show in the same area. On 17th March, Pac. Heat, & Richie are set to appear for WWP in Newcastle. April 22nd sees Pac, GTS & Iceman in Germany for wXw, while on April 1st, Spitfire is scheduled for a Scotland visit to BCW.