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3CW: Justin Richards vs. Conscience Signed For March 24th & More


3CW Young Lions Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac is all ready to line up for the FWA Academy on the 24th of March, but before then he faces a tough challenge – as 3CW has thrown two top competitors at the arrogant Pac, hoping to prise the Young Lions strap away from Academy influence! These two competitors are:

Darkside – the highly impressive Darkside, constantly gaining stature in 3CW after a string of admirable performances, will get his shot in Redcar, having narrowly been defeated by Pac at the death of the Six Man Scramble in January. He’ll certainly fancy his chances of taking the belt home to “Eternia” on the 18th, but he won’t be alone…

“Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter – the first, last and only SCW Young Lions Champion and the first EVER 3CW Young Lions Champion Hunter may be on the outs with former tag partner William Grange after some frankly worrying happenings in February, but he’s certainly not forgotten that a victory over Kid Richie back in September has kept him in high regard in relating to the Young Lions Championship, even as he held the 3CW Tag Team Titles with Grange. The newly popular Hunter will now use this to his advantage as he tries to take home the Young Lions strap, and for a change in 3CW he might even have some fan support behind instead of against him!

The Last True Phenom to appear!

In late breaking news, we have received word that the Last True Phenom, Conscience, will be present in Redcar, and we understand that the big man has two main targets in March. One is Justin Richards of the FWA Academy, with whom he will deal on the 24th of March. The other is the Damned Nation and the creepy Gabriel Grey, and with Blake Norton sensationally suspended for the month of March (see breaking news, soon if not already forthcoming on!), Grey will certainly need to pull something outta the bag to try and stave off Conscience for this one! Still, he’s always been a man with a plan – let’s just hope, for his sake, that his plan this time out is a good one!

Billingham Bus To 3CW’s Redcar Return!

Due to popular demand from our loyal Billingham fans, 3CW is proud to announce a minicoach service from the Billingham area to it’s Redcar show.

Are you a Billingham local put off by the thought of public transport to Redcar for the show on the 18th? 3CW has arranged for a minicoach to pick up from the Billingham Synthonia Social Club area travelling directly to the Redcar Community College, and returning after the show – door to door!

This service is available as a part of a travel and ticket deal, and costs £5 – available when you purchase your ticket!

Numbers will be somewhat limited, so this will operate on a strictly first come first served basis – abide if there is enough interest, we will look at arranging multiple coaches.

Reservations are now being taken for this service. This is operating on a strictly first come, first served basis, so make sure to get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. For more information on how to book your place please contact myself (via email I’m on

Spaces for this services are still available but are VERY limited. Thinking of coming along from the Billingham area? Act soon or miss out!

The card:

3CW Tag Team Dream Match
Simply the Best Returns!
Kid Richie and “Simply the Best” Chris Whitton
3CW Heavyweight Champion Stevie Lynn and ICE XVII

3CW Young Lions Championship
“the Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac ©
“Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter

Anthony “Livewire” McIntyre Vs Max Heat

EdEn Vs GBH (“Gangster” Ben Harland)

Cameron Kraze Vs “Mr 50/50” Dan Evans

Milla Vs “the Mexican Kraze” El Ligero

Also featuring “The Last True Phenom” Conscience!

Venue and ticket details…

Tickets are NOW ON SALE via the online shop and the Redcar Tourist Information Centre (West Terrace, Esplanade, Redcar, TS10 4AB)!

£6 ADULT/£5 KIDS and OAPs/£18 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)

The Venue Details:

Redcar Community College,
Kirkleatham Lane,
TS10 4AB

Doors: 6pm
Bell time: 6:30pm

– Richards to face the (Last True) Phenom! has just received word that veteran Academy stalwart and highly accomplished former FWA British Heavyweight Champion Justin Richards has been making a lot of noise about the upcoming 3CW Vs Academy show, and of 3CW’s chances. No doubt many will remember Justin grabbing the microphone and hurling abuse at the 3CW faithful back at the infamous Academy invasion back at The Fight After Christmas, and certainly 3CW’s stars have not forgotten! Indeed, the brash star reportedly believes he can outwrestle and defeat ANYONE that 3 Count Wrestling can throw his way. It’s most certain that this statement will be put to the test on the 24th, as Justin Richards has been matched up with… CONSCIENCE!

The Man That Gravity Forgot Lines Up For the Academy in Six Man Action!

That’s right, the 3CW Young Lions Champion has – by now predictably – taken the decision to side not with 3 Count Wrestling but with the FWA Academy on the 24th, and the Man That Gravity Forgot is not coming alone! That’s right, the Young Lions Champion is using the excuse that he is defending on the 18th to spectacularly REFUSE a title defence on the 24th! That means that unless Pac loses the strap on the 18th, we will NOT see a Young Lions Title match! Instead Pac will bring a team of the Academy’s finest, and we understand has challenged former Champion Kid Richie to do the same for six man tag action. As a result, we can reveal that the Academy team will consist of:

Max Voltage – aerialist Max certainly made an impact on 3 Count Wrestling when he lined up for the Six Man Scramble in January, and he was instrumental in ensuring Pac’s Academy allegiance. A smart choice, and a man who can certainly back Pac’s aerial assault up with a few tricks of his own…

Tyrone Johnson – representing EntouRAGE as well as the Academy in this bout, the former manager turned wrestler has his problems with Academy “Chavs” but will most certainly be on the same page as Voltage and Pac as the trio attempt to take down the popular 3CW Trio!

And of course the 3CW Young Lions Champion, the Man That Gravity Forgot, Pac!

Kid Richie’s 3CW team, meanwhile, consists of:

“Simply the Best” Chris Whitton – for all of his arrogance, Chris Whitton showed his true colours recently, saving Richie from not one but two consecutive beatings in redemptive fashion. And let us not forget, that whilst “Simply the Best” has a reputation for, let’s say, not exactly being backwards in putting himself forward, he also has not been pinned in 3CW for now WELL over a year, and he’s certainly not gonna want to lose that record in March!

EdEn – the master of the Hellavator has certainly begun to hit form in 3CW after his October return to action, recently putting paid to such names as Ice XVII and Max Heat in singles action. He’ll certainly be an asset alongside the former “Team Dormanstown”, whilst he’ll also be looking for a measure of revenge against the Young Lions Champion, who of course holds two pinfall victories over EdEn!

…and, of course, former Two-Time Young Lions Champion, Kid Richie!

That makes the card:

3CW Championship
Stevie Lynn ©
“The Anarchist” Doug Williams

“Dragon Aisu” ICE XVII
“Wonderkid” Jonny Storm

3CW Tag Team Champions
the Vegas Connection
EntouRAGE (Sloan and Burns)

FWA Academy Champion
Dan Head

Faction Warfare!
the Chavs
the Kraze

Justin Richards

Six Man Tag Action!
3CW Young Lions Champion
“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac, Tyrone Johnson and Max Voltage
Kid Richie, “Simply the Best” Chris Whitton and EdEn!

Tickets are NOW ON SALE via the online shop and shall be very soon at the venue! The details

£5 ADULT/£4 KIDS and OAPs/£15 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)


£7 ADULT/£6 KIDS and OAPs/£21 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)

The Venue Details:

Billingham Synthonia Social Club
Belasis Avenue,
TS23 1LH
01642 553102

Doors: 7pm
Bell time: 7:30pm