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KSW: Details For Next Training Seminar On March 25th

KSW holds its next ‘Professional Wrestling Seminar’ on the Saturday 25th March 2006 at the KSW Gym (Unit 5, 54 College Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham B44 8BS)

The seminar will start at 2pm til 4:30pm.

In KSW Academy trainees are taught everything they need to become a pro wrestler from breakfalls, ring psychology, mat work, aerial assaults, microphone technique, locker room ethic and more.

The Academy itself is one of the best in Europe and is run to the highest of standards helping hopefuls to achieve their dreams of becoming pro wrestler. It features two large matted areas as well as punch bags, a weights room and a TV/Video section as well as a training ring.

KSW’s Training Academy has produced such wrestlers as Carl Mizzery, Sal Americana, Rob Hunter, Celt Kennedy, Maddog Maxx and many more the school as well as the promotion is owned by former World of Sport wrestling star Steve Logan. During his career Steve toured France, Germany, Switzerland & even the famous Stampede wrestling company in Calgary, Alberta Canada owned by the late Stu Hart.

As well as competing along side and against such Superstars as Bret the ‘Hitman’ Hart, the ‘Dynamite Kid’ Tommy Billington, ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith and many more Steve also appeared on T.V. here in the UK in the early parts of his career Steve tagged with Big Daddy and appeared on ITV’s World of Sport as his tag team partner many times.

It is wise to book your spot on these open days as they have proved to be very popular in the past so please contact us on

Email: or Visit

Phone: 07833 555737 (Answerphone before 6.30pm weekdays)