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OVW: TV Taping Results *Spoilers*

Dark Match Number One: Charles Evans (formerly Bad News) pinned Rusell Simpson.

Dark Match Number Two: Henry Godwin made his return and pinned Chuckles, who did a sorta Juicer gimmick with Robbie Dawber as his manager. Godwin looked very old, like he’s aged maybe 20 years since I last seen him. Match was short and Dawber was the only thing good about it.

OVW TV Show opened with Osama in the back interviewing Idol and Beth. Great promo. Idol started blaming Beth for Seth Skyfire winning the TV title, but Beth started cutting a promo on Idol, which got a huge pop, blaming Idol for not putting Shelly in her place. Idol then said, “hey, I’m not the one who brought her into the relationship!” Idol ordered Beth to beat up “the sea hag”, so Beth went charging out the door, where Shelly was waiting and they had a bonafide big time fight. Osama was great, as was everyone in this promo.

Maria is in the ring, and intros new TV Champ Seth Skyfire, but OVW Champ Brent Albright interrupts and says he wants to unify the titles. Idol interrupts, and says Seth needs to fight right now. Seth is surrounded by Idol and Albright, and Idol says, “are you scared? Do I have to slap you? Or should I go into the front row and show your sexy little girlfriend what it feels like to be a woman?” Skyfire’s girlfriend, who wrestles on the amateur shows, is a really cute little girl who always appears in the front row at Davis Arena. She was the one crying when they cut Skyfire’s hair. I know they really date, because I’ve asked her out. But that’s for another time, I guess.

Anyway, Skyfire gets into the fight, and Idol and Albright doubleteam Skyfire and Albright starts to viciously whip Skyfire with the leather strap. Great heat tonight on the heels. Lots of new fans who have been watching on TV, because the crowd was really alive. Chet ran in for the save but got hit with a Double DDT for his troubles. Albright continued to whip Seth, and CM Punk came out for the big save. An enormous chant of “CM Punk” throughout the Davis Arena for a few minutes.  This was crazy and great.

In the back, Osama Rodriguez Alejandro lets us know he just left Danny Davis’s office, and the big news tonight is that Idol Stevens will get a 5 minute chance to win back the TV Title from Seth Skyfire tonight, but after the 5 minutes it becomes a tag team match with Idol teaming with Albright, and Skyfire teaming with Chet the Jet.

But Chet’s going to the hospital, and Albright and Idol have told Danny Davis the only substitute they would agree to is CM Punk. This got another huge “CM Punk” chant going.

During this promo, Osama actually said Chet was going to the “Jewish Hospital”, which really is only 5 minutes from Davis Arena. Then, and I swear this is a direct quote, Osama said, “that bendaecho isn’t even Jewish! Hey, I’m 50 percent Palestinian, I can spot them from a mile away!” Paul Heyman, well known Jewish guy from New York, writes these lines for Osama, the show stealing 1/2 Cuban, 1/2 Palestinian? Funny as hell. All praise to Osama and Heyman. 

First TV Match: The Spirit Squad (Kenny Doane, Johnny Jeter, Mikey Mondo, with a bandaged Nicky Nemeth and Nick “Mitch” Mitchell at ringside) defeated Elijah Burke, Roadkill, and KC James in an excellent 6-man tag team match when the Squad cheated to pin Elijah. Big pops for Roadkill in this match. Very good match.

In the back, Robbie Dawber is about to interview Seth Skyfire in the doc’s office when even the camerman or the director slapped Dawber, which was very funny. Skyfire said he doesn’t even know CM Punk, so how can he count on Punk to accept the match? The Highlanders walked in and promoted their match coming up, which was very funny. The Highlanders said their match would be hotter than something involving a sheep, which got a big laugh. Skyfire watched them leave the dressing room, and turned around to come face to face to Punk, who told him “I get a chance to get my hands on Albright tonight?” Punk sort of agreed to be there. Excellent show long story, just like last week with the superb handcuff and handshake angle.

Second TV Match: The Highlanders defeated Deuce Shade and Domino (with Cherry). Osama did commentary on this match, which means this weekend’s TV show is something to look forward to. Third and Fourth TV Match: Idol Stevens did not defeat Seth Skyfire in their 5 minute match, but did get slapped by Skyfire’s girlfriend. Albright attacked Skyfire, Punk came out. The tag team match was on. Idol and Albright set up a table, and were going to put Skyfire through it. Punk and Albright fought over the leather strap. They did a superplex off the top rope through the table to the floor and both were carried out at the end of the night. Skyfire hit a big cannonball off the top rope on Idol. The ref was with Punk and Albright, so Beth came out of nowhere and speared Skyfire, who did a complete flip on Beth’s momentum. Shelly attacked Beth, and their fight was on. Beth Phoenix throws punches and kicks better than most any other man in OVW. They fought to the outside of the ring, where referees and officials were pulling them apart. Idol hit the Idolizer on Seth for the pin.

Dark Match Number Three: The Riggs Bros beat The Neighbor Hoodies in a pretty good match.

They announced for next Wednesday’s tv taping at the Davis Arena the fact it will be Beth vs Shelly, which got a big pop. And also announced is a Four Way Match with everyone allowed in the ring at the same time. OVW Champion Brent Albright vs CM Punk vs Idol vs OVW TV Champion Seth Skyfire, with both titles on the line, and the titles can be unified if the fall is between Albright and Skyfire. The match is one fall, so anything can happen.