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ROH: Newswire March 16th

– There is a message from the ROH office on the message board for the wrestlers of CZW. A challenge has been made for any three CZW wrestlers to show up to the April 22nd Philadelphia event to fight BJ Whitmer, Samoa Joe & Adam Pearce. ROH has even offered for CZW to bring their own referee and that a second bleachers will be opened right in front of the ring for CZW fans so CZW fans will feel at home in their own section. The playing field will be level for this no rules war. Check out the post on the message board for all the details including ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette almost quitting.
– The ROH Video Recap #2 should be up later today and definitely by tomorrow at This one will feature the conclusion of the Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe locker room meeting about March 25th vs. KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji in Manhattan. There will also be highlights of last Saturday’s “Arena Warfare” and more. If you haven’t seen the first ROH Video Recap check it out now for free at

– FIP is back in action tomorrow (Friday) in Orlando and Saturday in Arcadia. Orlando features the biggest Heavyweight Title Match in FIP history as Bryan Danielson defends vs. Roderick Strong. One of wrestling’s hottest rivalries is heading to the red hot wrestling city of Orlando. Also scheduled is Colt Cabana vs. Tony Mamaluke and more as Austin Aries makes his return to Orlando, Jack Evans is back in FIP plus Jimmy Rave, Sal Rinauro, Jerrelle Clark, Jay Fury, Steve Madison, Erick Stevens, FIP Tag Team Champions The Heartbreak Express with Sol Cal Val and Korey Chavis plus many others. FIP is coming with something to prove in Orlando!!! FIP on Saturday in Arcadia has the winners of Danielson/Strong and Cabana/Mamaluke for the FIP Heavyweight Title, a Four Way Fray pitting Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens vs. Korey Chavis vs. Canadian Cougar and more with all the talent scheduled for Orlando. Tickets for both events are just $12 and only $6 for kids under 10. There will be tickets available at the door on both nights. Check for more info.

– has a wide selection of new non-ROH DVDs available now for immediate delivery. TNA’s Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls Vol. 1 has exclusive footage from the Barbed Wire Massacre with Sabu and Abyss plus much more withJeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Raven, AMW, Sean Waltman, Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown and all the stars of TNA. FIP “Payback” has an epic CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana match that is among the best of their classic rivalry. If you miss seeing Punk in long matches you need to check this one out. Ballpark Brawl III has a Hart Foundation Reunion with Bret Hart, Jim Niedhart & Jimmy Hart plus Teddy Hart vs. Harry Smith, Christopher Daniels vs. Amazing Red and more. Best Of NWA No Limits Vol. 1 features Petey Williams vs. Shawn Daivari and more with Matt Sydal, Delirious, Austin Aries and many others. Best Of NWA No Limits Vol. 2 has Homicide vs. Ian Rotten, CM Punk vs. AJ Styles 2/3 Falls and much more. OVW February TV has the CM Punk vs. Brent Allbright feud as booked by Paul Heyman. also has all the hot 1PW shows, SHIMMER with the Sara Del Ray vs. Mercedes Martinez hard-hitting match that everyone is raving about and more!!!

– SHIMMER will be featured on the preshows on Wrestlemania weekend in Detroit and Chicago. We’ll have more in the upcoming weeks.

– Speaking of SHIMMER, Allison Danger was seen fearlessly kicking some ass in the brawl with CZW wrestlers on Saturday. Danger has been spending extra time in the gym preparing for the huge SHIMMER match on 3/25 in Manhattan. It will be a Four Corner Survival pitting Danger vs. Lacey vs. Daizee Haze vs. the debut of Mercedes Martinez. These women are coming to steal the show!!!

– Claudio Castagnoli is set to return from a very successful tour of Mexico. Castagnoli sent word that he learned some new tricks that he will use against Nigel McGuinness in the Pure Title Match on 3/25 in Manhattan. This will be Castagnoli’s last chance at McGuinness and the title. McGuinness has frustrated Claudio on a number of occassions. Can Castagnoli finally gain revenge on McGuinness and win the Pure Title?

– CIMA sent word to the ROH offices today that the ROH wrestlers better be ready for the Dragon Gate competitors in Detroit and Chicago. CIMA says that the six Dragon Gate athletes are coming to make an impact. Detroit on 3/30 will feature a challenge series between ROH and Dragon Gate. This will give the fans three unique matches that they will never see again!!! 3/31 in Chicago will see one of Dragon Gate’s hottest feuds in ROH as Blood Generation take on Do Fixer in six man action that will be unlike anything ever seen in ROH. 4/1 in Chicago will feature a combination of Dragon Gate wrestlers vs. ROH wrestlers including a one time only team of Masato Yoshino, Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley as they take on Do Fixer of Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito. These matches are sure to give the ROH fans some incredible action and fresh matches. The Japanese press will be there in full force to cover these huge events. Don’t miss your chance to see Japan’s most exciting athletes.

– Here is an update on the production schedule. There were some delays in 2/11 “Unscripted” but the VHS is on its way. 2/25 “Fourth Anniversary Show” and 3/11 “Arena Warfare” both are already in production and are a few weeks away from being released on VHS. Jimmy Bower had to fill in on commentary for Dave Prazak on 2/11 since Prazak’s flight was canceled due to the snowstorm. Lenny Leonard still made it into town to commentate on the release.

– We are going to profile some of the milestone events in the upcoming weeks here in the Newswire. Here is a look at the huge Dragon Gate vs. ROH show on 3/30 in Detroit. There are still some great ringside seats available for this show at, by calling 215-781-2500 and at Ticketmaster outlets. This show has the best seats available of any of the upcoming milestone shows. Check out this night of action:

Grudge Match
Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels with Allison Danger

Challenge Series Match #1
Generation Next of Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Matt Sydal
Blood Generation of CIMA, Naruki Doi, & Masato Yoshino

Challenge Series Match #2
AJ Styles & Matt Sydal vs. Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi

Challenge Series Match #3
Jimmy Yang vs. Ryo Saito

Pins Count Anywhere Match
Colt Cabana vs. Homicide with Julius Smokes

Tag Team Attraction
ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson & Delirious vs. Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana

Grudge Match
BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs with Lacey

Plus more with Claudio Castagnoli, Ricky Reyes, Chad Collyer and others!!!

– Check back next week for more new matches to the huge milestone shows, the latest on Christian in ROH, more ramifications of the ROH/CZW war plus who knows what else!!!