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WWE: RAW Recap 20/03/06

We begin tonight’s show with footage from Shane McMahon’s street fight victory over Shawn Michaels on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We are live on tape from Memphis, Tennessee and your announcers are Joey ‘Lance Russell’ Styles, Jonathan ‘Graceland’ Coachman, and Jerry ‘Home Sweet Home’ Lawler.

The Spirit Squad are in the ring and they are dancing the night away.  Jerry Lawler says that Shawn Michaels never quit.  A band plays ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ as confetti falls from the ceiling.  Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon come to the ring and they hug the members of the Spirit Squad.  Pyro also goes off before we hear from the McMahons.  Vince says that this is quite a celebration for his son Shane.  He wants Memphis to join in the celebration for Shane.  Shane says that on Saturday night he had the privilege to get in the ring with one of the greatest WWE superstars, Shawn Michaels.  Shane says that he would have liked to say that he escaped the match without a scratch, but that is not the case.  However, it is about wins and losses and Shawn lost on Saturday night.  The McMahons are now up 3-0 on Shawn Michaels.  Shawn reminds everyone that the first two victories happened two weeks ago when they beat Shawn on Raw.  Then on Saturday night, he made Shawn submit.  In less than two weeks, it will go to 4-0 when the Chairman of the Board annihilates Shawn Michaels at his greatest creation, Wrestlemania. 

Vince says that Wrestlemania was one of his great creations, but not his greatest.  His greatest creation is Shane McMahon and Stephanie.  Shane says that Vince never told him that and Shane hugs Vince.  Several months ago when Shawn disrespected him and he vowed to make Shawn Michaels’s life a living hell.  There have been a few stops on the ‘highway to hell’.  Vince talks about Shawn’s entry in the ‘Kiss my ass club’.  There was also Marty Jannetty when he refused to hire Marty.  Then there was the public humiliation of Shawn having to give a urine specimen for a drug test.  Shawn also had to face the Spirit Squad twice, including once in a steel cage.  Then there was Shawn submitting to the Sharpshooter.  Shane did not ‘screw’ Shawn Michaels.  Vince says that he did not ‘screw’ Shawn Michaels.  Vince says that ‘Shawn Michaels screwed Shawn Michaels’.  At Wrestlemania, Shawn will come to a dead end.  Shawn has won the title at Wrestlemania as well as coming back from an injury.  Shawn Michaels will crash at Wrestlemania and he will return to what he was.  He will be a morally bankrupt, miserable bastard.  All that Shawn Michaels holds so dear will be contaminated because the victor of the match at Wrestlemania will be Vince McMahon.  Vince tells Shawn that the match at Wrestlemania will not be a normal match.  It will be no holds barred.  There is one more stop on the ‘highway to hell’ tonight for Shawn Michaels.  Shawn Michaels will face Triple H tonight.  Shane and Shawn dance, but they are interrupted.

John Cena’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he has a mic.  Vince tells Cena that he kicked a few of his balloons.  He does not like being interrupted so if Cena is not going to join the celebration, he better take his leave.  Cena calls Vince ‘Darth’.  He talks about Vince announcing a match between Triple H and HBK.  Every time that Cena gets close to Triple H, Hunter holds up his hand and says ‘not now’.  Cena says that he took a Pedigree on Saturday night, so now it is time.  Cena tells them that if anybody gets to put their hands on Triple H tonight, it is going to be him. 

Shane asks Cena who he thinks he is because Cena does not make decisions.  Only the McMahons make decisions.  Shane says that it can be done the easy way or the hard way.  The easy way is to see his butt down the aisle; or the hard way is to get beaten down like he beat Shawn Michaels.  Vince gets between Shane and Cena and he says that he is going to save Cena’s ass tonight.  Vince says that he is saving himself for Shawn Michaels, but Vince will give Cena Triple H tonight.  However, it will not be singles competition.  Shawn Michaels will team with John Cena and they will face Triple H and a man teaming up for Triple H for the first time, Shane McMahon.  Vince tells the band to start playing.  We go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Todd Grisham comes out to look at signs.

We are back and Shane and Vince are talking about the match.  Vince tells Shane that every time he wrestles he wins.  From out of nowhere, Triple H comes in and wants to know what is going on.  Hunter has no problem taking care of Shawn Michaels, but he never thought about a tag match against John Cena.  Hunter wants to know if Vince has some sort of plan.  Vince says that he will be out there with them.  They are one big happy family.  Hunter says that he feels much better.

Match Number One:  Carlito versus Kane

Kane backs Carlito to the corner, but Carlito moves out of the way and punches Kane, but the punches have no effect on Kane.  Kane with a shoulder tackle followed by punches to Carlito.  Carlito with a DDT to Kane, but Kane sits up.  Carlito tries to get out of the ring, but Kane pulls Carlito down by the hair.  Kane with a flap jack to Carlito and then he chokes Carlito with his boot.  Kane chokes Carlito in the corner and then Irish whips Kane, but Carlito tries to float over, but Kane catches him.  Carlito with a lungblower and both men are down.  Carlito kicks Kane and follows that with a double sledge and punches.  Carlito chokes Kane with his boot and then kicks him in the corner.  Carlito with shoulders in the corner and then he goes up for the punches of ten, but Kane grabs Carlito by the throat and tosses Carlito to the mat.  Kane with punches to Carlito followed by an Irish whip and running clotheslines.  Kane with a side slam to Carlito and then Kane goes up top, but when he comes off for the clothesline, Carlito with a drop kick.  Carlito goes up top for a moonsault, but Kane moves out of the way.  Carlito lands on his feet, but Kane with a big boot.  Kane tries for a choke slam, but Carlito with a thumb to the eyes.  Kane blocks a kick from Carlito and throws Carlito to the mat.  Carlito drops Kane’s throat across the top rope.  Kane catches Carlito off the ropes on a springboard move for a choke slam and the three count.  We go to commercial.

Winner:  Kane

On Unlimited, Carlito says that is not cool and he wants to talk to Chris Masters right now.  Carlito goes to the back.

We are back and Carlito and Chris Masters are arguing.  Chris does not want Carlito to ruin things for him.  Chris tells Carlito to watch his match with Big Show to see how it is done.

It is time to find out who the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.  It is the Blackjacks.  They were one of the most influential and vicious tag teams.  Blackjack Mulligan was a football star who learned to wrestle from Verne Gagne.  After adopting a black hat and black glove, he was destined to join Blackjack Lanza.  Lanza was one of the most devastating wrestlers.  They were a main attraction wherever they went.  They won numerous tag titles and were managed by Bobby Heenan.  They will be inducted by Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

On Unlimited, Ric Flair is on the mic and he woooos for the crowd.  Every time that he loses a championship, it is said that it is his last.  Tonight, he plans to wear the Intercontinental title to Wrestlemania for the Money in the Bank match.  Flair says that the fans are close enough to North Carolina to be ‘Flair Country’.  Flair talks about the Grizzlies and Mike Fratello, who is in the crowd. 

Match Number Two:  Ric Flair versus Rob Van Dam versus Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title

Flair and Van Dam get in each other’s faces, but Flair chops Benjamin.  Van Dam with forearms and a back kick to Benjamin.  Flair with a back elbow to Benjamin followed by a forearm from Van Dam.  Flair with a snap mare and a rolling knee drop to Benjamin.  Flair and Van Dam with a double back body drop followed by a corkscrew leg drop from Van Dam.  Flair chops Benjamin and gets a two count.  Van Dam with a forearm and kick to Benjamin.  Van Dam clotheslines Benjamin over the top rope to the floor.  Flair chops Van Dam and then connects with punches and forearms followed by chops.  Van Dam with a spin kick followed by a snap drop kick to Flair and a corkscrew leg drop and a rolling senton splash for a two count and Benjamin breaks up the cover.  Benjamin pulls Flair out of the ring and they exchange punches.  Van Dam with a somersault senton onto Flair and Benjamin and we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, the referee checks on all three men and Flair and Van Dam are bleeding.  Benjamin picks up Van Dam, but Flair with a forearm to Benjamin followed by a chop.  Benjamin with a kick, but Flair with a kick as well.  Flair rolls Van Dam back into the ring and then he hits a knee drop.  Flair brings Benjamin back into the ring and he chops Benjamin in the corner.  Flair with a snap mare to Benjamin for a two count.  Flair chops Van Dam and then he chops Benjamin in the corner followed by a knee to Benjamin’s leg.  Flair continues to work on Benjamin’s leg with a kick to the knee.  Flair with a chop to Benjamin, but Benjamin with a clothesline that sends Flair over the top rope to the floor.  Van Dam and Benjamin exchange punches and forearms with Benjamin getting the advantage with a knee followed by a kick to Van Dam.

We are back on USA and Benjamin with a back body drop to Flair on the floor.  Back in the ring, Benjamin punches Van Dam followed by a knee.  Benjamin with a butterfly suplex and Benjamin covers, but it is broken up by Flair.  Flair chops Benjamin and then he punches Van Dam.  Flair kicks Van Dam, but Benjamin with a thumb to Flair’s eyes and a back body drop.  Benjamin throws Van Dam shoulder first into the ring post and Van Dam goes to the floor.  Benjamin with punches to Flair, but Flair fights back with chops until Benjamin gets the advantage.  Flair with a Flair flop.  Benjamin with a Samoan Drop to Flair, but he only gets a two count on Flair.  Benjamin with a suplex to Flair for a two count and Van Dam makes the save.  Van Dam with forearms followed by a jumping spin kick and clotheslines to Benjamin and a back kick.  Van Dam with shoulders to Benjamin in the corner followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex with bridge for a two count.  Van Dam with a monkey flip, but Benjamin lands on his feet.  Van Dam with a spin kick to Benjamin, but Flair makes the save.  Van Dam with a kick to Flair’s head followed by jumping spin kick to Flair and a drop kick to Flair.  Van Dam with the rolling senton splash to Flair.  Van Dam with a step over heel kick to Benjamin.  Flair with a standing power slam to Flair followed by a split legged moonsault for a two count.  Benjamin comes into the ring with the belt, but Van Dam with a Van Daminator to Benjamin.  Flair with a rollup for a two count.  Flair chops Van Dam followed by an Irish whip.  Van Dam with a kick followed by a jumping side kick from the top turnbuckle to Flair.  Van Dam goes up top, but misses the Five Star Frog Splash on Flair.  Flair puts Van Dam in the figure four leg lock, but Benjamin covers Flair and gets the three count.

Winner:  Shelton Benjamin

Mick Foley is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Maria comes to the ring and it is time for the ‘Kiss Cam’.

We are back with footage from the Cutting Edge segment from Saturday Night’s Main Event where Edge calls Mick Foley overrated.  We see a table being set on fire only to see Foley bring thumbtacks into the ring.  We also see Edge bulldog Foley on the thumbtacks.  Then we see Foley hit a swinging neck breaker and the conchairto.

Mick Foley comes to the ring.  Mick has a few things to say to Edge.  He tells Edge, ‘thank you’ because whether you like him or hate him, he speaks the truth.  He spoke the truth when he called Foley a cuddly teddy bear.  He also spoke the truth when he said that Foley has been coasting on his reputation.  He also has not had a big Wrestlemania victory.  A few weeks ago, he might have come out with his thumb up, announce the city that he is in, and talk about a book that nobody will read.  Two weeks ago, after the one man conchairto, something changed because at Saturday Night’s Main Event, when he was thrown into the thumbtacks and tasted his own blood, it was different.  He realized that it was not blood.  It was Chinese food.  A few hours after tasting it, he was thirsty for some more.  He was thirsty for Edge’s blood.  Edge spoke the truth, but he awakened something deep down in him.  Edge has created a monster and brought back the ‘hardcore legend’ some people might remember as Cactus Jack.  Edge spoke the truth and at Wrestlemania, Edge will find out that the truth hurts.

Edge’s music plays and Lita comes out to the ring by herself.  Lita has a mic and something to say.  Lita tells Mick to settle down.  Lita tells Mick that he proved his point and they get it.  After the conchairto, Edge is still in Detroit because he cannot fly since he has ‘vertigo and stuff’ that is really bad.  Lita wants to talk to the old Mick Foley.  The kind, caring, and compassionate one.  She wants that Mick Foley back for a second to hear her out.  Lita says that Edge has a suggestion.  They should call off the hardcore match at Wrestlemania.  They should have a wrestling match at Wrestlemania, even though it might not be Foley’s thing.  It could be his Wrestlemania moment.  All the naysayers who say that Foley is nothing more than a ‘glorified stuntman’ can be proven wrong.  He can make his children proud to see their father wrestle without the thumbtacks and the barbed wire.  Mick responds by saying that on Saturday night, he was called out.  Edge thinks that he can bring out his sweet innocent girlfriend to ambush him.  Mick says that it is time for Lita to slap him.  Lita slaps him, and Mick tells him to slap him again.  Edge comes through the crowd, but Foley sees him coming.  Lita tries for a low blow, but Foley blocks it and puts Lita in the mandible claw while Edge watches from outside the ring.  Foley leaves the ring while Edge is stunned.

Torrie Wilson is walking in the back with ‘Little Billy’ as we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Victoria comes to the ring for her match with Torrie Wilson.

We are back and we find out that Candice Michelle will face Torrie Wilson in a ‘Playboy Pillow Fight’.

We see footage from two weeks ago when Candice and Victoria attacked Torrie Wilson at the unveiling of Candice’s Playboy cover.

Before the match starts, Candice Michelle comes out on a bed carried by four men with the Playboy cover on the bed.

Match Number Three:  Victoria versus Torrie Wilson (with ‘Little Billy’)

Torrie with an arm drag to Victoria, but Candice throws pillows at Torrie.  Victoria uses the distraction to kick Torrie and puts Torrie in the Widow’s Peak and hits it for the three count.
Winner:  Victoria

After the match, Candice comes into the ring and she slams a pillow on Torrie and then she stands over Torrie before leaving the ring. 

Chris Masters (with his Amazing Technicolor Ring Robe) comes out as we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Chris Masters says that if Elvis had a body like his, he would still be alive today.  Elvis died looking like his opponent tonight, the Big Show.  Masters says that the Big Show might be impressive, but it does not matter how big you are, you do not break the Master Lock.

We see footage from earlier tonight when Carlito lost to the Kane.

Match Number Four:  Chris Masters versus Big Show

Masters poses before they lock up.  Show tosses Masters down on a collar and elbow tie up.  Show with a kick followed by chops and an Irish whip.  Show charges into a boot followed by punches from Masters.  Masters tries for a clothesline, but Show does not go down.  Show with a back kick followed by clotheslines.  Show with an Irish whip and Show with a running butt splash and running shoulder tackle.  Masters goes outside and Show goes after Masters on the floor.  Show Irish whips Masters into the ringside barrier and tries for a running boot, but Masters moves out of the way and Show crotches himself on the ringside barrier.  Masters gets a chair while Show gets back into the ring.  Masters hits Show with the chair and Show falls through the ropes on the other side of the ring.

Winner:  Big Show (by disqualification)

After the match, Masters hits Show with the chair in the back.  Masters tries for the Master Lock, but he is unable to lock his hands together.  Masters runs Show into the ring post. 

Mickie James is bouncing down the hall with a lollipop in her mouth as we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Matt Striker has a lesson.  He mentions that they are in the home of the Blues.  Matt says that blues are taken from gospel.  Why listen to people talking about losing their women.  Matt says that he has always been a genius because he has always listened to music as a child.  He listened to crooners and classical music.  He tells everyone to listen to his lessons.  He has proven that he is of a superior intellect. 

We are back and there is a big box in the center of the ring.  Mickie James’s music plays and she bounces to the ring.  We see footage from Saturday Night’s Main Event when Mickie tried to kiss Trish only to be rejected and then receive a chick kick and Stratusfaction.  Mickie says that she understands if Trish doesn’t want to be her friend any more despite what Mickie has done for her.  They could have been beautiful together.  Mickie says that every cloud has a silver lining.  Hers is that she gets to face Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania where she will become the new Women’s champion.  She will give millions of girls an inspiration.  She will not push them aside, like Trish did.  She will do everything to make them happy.  To show that she has no hard feelings, she has a present for Trish.  Mickie says that she hopes that Trish likes it.  She tells Trish to come out to accept the gift.  Mickie gives her a sneak peak.  There is someone on a chair covered in a tarp. 

Trish Stratus comes out and Ashley is under the cover.  Mickie tells Trish to stay out of the ring.  Mickie wants to know why Trish is so angry.  Mickie asks Ashley if she thinks Mickie is still ‘psycho’.  Mickie asks Trish if she wants to help Ashley.  Trish pulls Mickie out of the ring and Trish punches Mickie and then hits her with a forearm.  Trish tries to untie Ashley, but Mickie attacks Trish from behind.  Mickie with an Impaler DDT to Trish and Mickie stands over Trish and laughs.  Mickie asks Trish if she loves her now and then Mickie kisses Trish.  Mickie blows a kiss to Trish.  We go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Ashley and Trish are helped to the back. 

We are back with a WWE 24/7 This Day in History of Bret Hart’s final Wrestlemania match when he defeated Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13.

It is time to run down the card for Wrestlemania 22:

Shawn Michaels versus Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match

Chris Benoit versus Bradshaw for the United States Title

Trish Stratus versus Mickie James for the Women’s Title

Mick Foley versus Edge in a Hardcore Match

Undertaker versus Mark Henry in a Casket Match

Carlito and Chris Masters versus Kane and Big Show for the World Tag Team titles

Candice Michelle versus Torrie Wilson in a Playboy Pillow Fight

Ric Flair versus Shelton Benjamin versus Rob Van Dam versus Matt Hardy versus Fit Finlay versus wrestler to be determined Friday on Smackdown in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Rey Mysterio versus Randy Orton versus Kurt Angle for the World Title

Triple H versus John Cena for the WWE Title

We see the video package from the hardcore match from Saturday Night’s Main Event that started off this week’s Raw.

On Unlimited, Hunter asks Vince what he was expecting from the idiots in Memphis.  He says that he has not seen so much crap since the one that killed The King.  The crowd chants ‘Jerry’ and we see Lawler at ringside.  Hunter wants to know if the crowd is implying that Jerry Lawler killed The King.  Hunter tells Cena that he needs to understand where he is at in his career.  Hunter says that in 14 days, he will step in the ring with the greatest wrestler in the history of the world.  He will step in the ring with the King of Kings, there is no one greater.  He will step back on his throne at Wrestlemania.  There is nothing that him or his chain gang can do about it.

We are back with the WWE Rewind:  Shawn Michaels superplexing Shane McMahon from the ladder through two tables on the floor on Saturday night.

Match Number Five:  Triple H (with GameFountain) and Shane McMahon (with Shane-o Shuffle [with Vince McMahon and security]) versus John Cena and Shawn Michaels

Michaels comes to the ring and Shane goes into the crowd and security holds Shawn away from Vince.  Cena wants Hunter in the ring.  Shane comes from behind and he goes up top, but Cena with a clothesline to Shane as he comes off the top turnbuckle.  Vince tells them to stop the match right now.  Vince says that it was time to pay attention to the rules.  John Cena used a clenched fist so he is disqualified.  Shane McMahon and Triple H are the winners.  Vince wants security to escort John Cena out of the arena.  Vince tells Cena to take his leave if he does not want to lose his title or match.  Vince tells Cena that if he interrupts Vince’s activities tonight, there will be hell to pay.  There will be a handicap match.

Winner:  Shane McMahon and Triple H (by disqualification)

Match Number Six:  Shane McMahon and Triple H versus Shawn Michaels

Hunter hits Shawn Michaels on the floor and then rolls Shawn into the ring.  Shane punches Michaels and Shawn goes down.  Shane kicks Shawn in the ribs and then he tags in Hunter.  Hunter chokes Shawn with Shawn’s shirt.  Hunter punches Shawn while Vince encourages Hunter and Shane.  Shawn blocks a punch and responds with one of his own.  Shawn with more punches to Hunter.  Hunter with a spinebuster to Shawn.  Shane tags in and he connects with an elbow drop to Shawn.  Shane kicks Shawn in the ribs one more time.  Shane with a flying back elbow for a two count.  Hunter tags back in and he punches Shawn in the ribs and head.  Shawn with chops to Hunter while Hunter punches Shawn.  Shawn with more punches and chops, but Hunter with a jawbreaker and Shawn goes down.  Hunter throws Michaels out of the ring and Shane checks on Shawn and then throws Shawn’s head into the ring post.  Hunter rolls Shawn back in and then tags in Shane.  Shane punches Shawn, but Shawn blocks a punch and he punches Shane.  Shawn and Shane exchange punches with Shawn getting the advantage.  Shawn with a flying forearm followed by a kip up.  Shawn with reverse atomic drops to Hunter and Shane followed by punches to both men.  Shawn clotheslines Hunter over the top rope to the floor.  Shawn slams Shane and then he goes up top and hits the elbow drop.  Shawn sets up for Sweet Chin Music, but Hunter pulls Shawn into the ring post.  Hunter with a knee to Shawn’s hamstring and then Hunter sets up for a Pedigree while Shane goes up top.  From out of nowhere, John Cena comes out and pushes Shane off the top turnbuckle while Shawn with a low blow to Hunter.  Cena clotheslines Shane over the top rope to the floor.  Security comes into the ring and Michaels and Cena fight them off.  Shane, Vince, and Hunter escape the ring.  Shawn with Sweet Chin Music to one of the security members while Cena gives another an FU.  Vince says that next week, John Cena will go one-on-one with Vince McMahon.  We go to credits. 

Winner:  No Contest