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WWE: Smackdown Taping *Spoilers*

Matt Hardy defeats Vito in our dark match…crowd loved Matt.

Then SmackDown! Begins.

Randy Orton does a promo from the platform next to the entrance…running down Rey and Angle showing a clip of SNME, which was Rey pulling him of off Cena. Orton says he will be the next World Champ…because he doesn’t need flashy entrances or gold medals to prove how good he is…crowd was hot all through it.

Then came the Last Chance Battle Royal…winner gets the final SmackDown slot in the Money in the Bank match at WM XXII.

Last out was Road Warrior Animal…he had a mic and went off on GM Theodore Long saying he won his match against Matt Hardy “fair and square”…when he got to the ring everyone else ganged up on him and tossed him out first.  Several eliminations later…we are left with Mercury, Nitro, Lashley, and Tatanka…MNM think they’ve eliminated Tatanka but it was through the top and 2nd rope…so he’s still in…the WWE tag champs double up on Lashley…eventually giving him the SnapShot…as they drag Bobby to the ropes for the elimination…Tatanka comes back in and saves the day…after he chops both repeatedly, he teams up with Lashley to battle MNM…after the two dominate for a short time…MNM looks like they are going to be put out but they save the day and force out the charging Tatanka, sending him over the top to the floor…now 3 remain…Lashley looks to be outnumber but takes control, eventually picking up Mercury with Nitro on the apron…throwing him into his partner…Nitro falls to the floor…but Mercury’s right foot gets caught in the top rope…Lashley untangles him…picks him up and throws him out…Melina and Nitro are quickly to his side along with the refs… 

Lashley is going to WrestleMania…the trainer is out to check on Mercury and he is OK and with assistance, heads to the back…Lashley follows and looks concerned…it was not how it was supposed to go.

After a break…Krystal interviews JBL who cuts a promo on how Austin broke his nose at SNME and with his hand still hurt, he can’t take on Benoit tonight, but he has recruited William Regal to take his place here tonight.

Mark Henry cuts a promo from the locker room saying the Undertaker took his title shot…hurt his manager Daivari, but he won’t win in their casket match at Mania…he is going to end the undefeated streak once and for all.

Rey Mysterio next takes on Finlay…very good match…back and forth…several near pinfalls…just as Rey looks to hit his move from the top rope but Randy Orton comes out and RKOs him while he is in the air…awesome pop!…Finlay covers him for the win…Orton watches with a smirk as Finlay celebrates.

Next up was the a contract signing for the match just added to WM XXII…Booker T vs. the Boogeyman…but Theodore Long has an addition….but Booker says he won’t sign…the GM says sign or be fired…so Booker does…Booker will have a partner in a handicap match…Sharmell!…they are not amused.

After a break…it’s Chris Benoit out to face William Regal…JBL and Jillian Hall out in tow…short but very good match…JBL was not happy as Regal taps to the Crossface.

Main event is last…Angle vs. Mark Henry…non-title…Angle avoids the big splash…then snaps and starts beating down the World’s Strongest Man…when the referee pulls him off…Angle starts to yell at him in the corner…Henry recovers and splashes both…with the ref out, Randy Orton returns…as he waits for Angle to get to his feet to give him an RKO…Rey Mysterio runs out, climbs to the top rope, going to for Orton but he gets Angle instead as Randy gets out of the way…Henry gets up and tosses Rey to the floor and Orton RKOs Angle…Henry gets the 1-2-3…Orton, back down the aisle smirks again…Rey and Angle face off in the ring…Kurt pushes Rey down…and we have a 3 way stare down…Henry gets a nod from Orton as he leaves.

Angle gets the belt from the ref and shows it to the crowd and gets a big pop.