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OWV: TV Taping *Spoilers*

OVW Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright pinned CM Punk in the “Double Jeopardy” 4-Way match with both the OVW Heavyweight Title and the OVW TV Title on the line. Albright pinned Punk after choking him with Albright’s grandfather’s leather strap. Punk hit a painful looking superplex, but the strap had already done the damage. Punk couldn’t cover Albright, who got the pinfall and the win. The other two participants in the match, Aaron “The Idol” Stevens and OVW TV Champion Seth Skyfire were presented as equals to Albright and Punk in this contest, and did a heated angle before the match where Idol was yelling at Skyfire’s girlfriend, who was seated in the front row. It took a long time for referees and OVW trainer Eric Langly to get Albright and Punk out of the ring. They both stayed down and sold the superplex.

This four way feud has gotten hot, and fast. The different personalities and angles intertwined is a soap opera that shows off Paul Heyman’s strengths as a writer. Albright and Punk is still a hot issue, and Skyfire is neck and neck with Punk in terms of popularity. Stevens, since losing the TV Title, has gotten over with the breakup of Beth and Shelly and with his feud with Skyfire and picking on Skyfire’s girlfriend. The weekly drama just keeps unfolding.

Beth Phoenix passionately kissed Stevens earlier in the show in a promo conducted by Osama Rodriguez Alejandro. She then dumped The Idol, and got in a brawl in the hallway with Shelly, which was broken up by referees and also by special guest referee Trinity of TNA fame. Trinity served as the ref for the Beth vs Shelly match, and they set up Beth vs Trinity as the next big femme feud. Beth and Trinity had some moments in the match, and Beth pinned Shelly with an awesome version of the Michinoku Driver. Beth then tried to do more damage and ended up in a fight with Trinity. Two big spots in there confrontation. First, Beth hit a spear on Trinity that was even better than the spear she hit on Skyfire last week. Second, when the referees pulled Beth off Trinity, the former TNA diva did a dive on top of everyone from the top rope to the floor. Beth vs Trinity should be a very hot OVW feud.

The Spirit Squad’s feud with Roadkill, KC James, and Elijah Burke continued when Ken Doane pinned KC after interference from Nick Mitchell. A brief brawl afterwards saw Roadkill, KC, and Elijah standing in the ring but wanting more of The Spirit Squad.

New OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Deuce and Domino came out with Rollergirl Cherry and defeated The Highlanders in a rematch. Osama was at the announcers desk for this match, just like he was on last week’s great tv show. Osama made the announcement of the title change in a pre tape that aired to the arena.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin pinned Gene Snitsky with a DDT after a great finishing sequence.

In matches not taped for television, Mikey Batts pinned Mo Sexy. Ryan Reeves beat Beast. Mike Mondo and Nick Nemeth of The Spirit Squad defeated The Riggs Brothers. Chet The Jet, who must be in line for a feud with Albright or Idol since he was selling his neck injury, pinned Tytus.