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DSW: TV Taping Results *Spoliers*

Dark Matches
Ron Neimi commentated along with Matt Striker.

Ebony and Ivory (Ray Gordy / Damien Steel) d. Micheal Adrian and Frankie Ciasta
–Gordy and Steel are the newest tag team…at least gimmick wise. They’re playing reverse roles, with Steel being the stereotypical white guy, and Gordy being the stereotypical black guy. At this point, it came off kind of awkward, specially after seeing them last week, fairly normal. They won with first Steel hitting his cross body block, and then Gordy hitting him with his suplex slam type maneuveur for the win.

Scott Fantastic d. Biohazard
–Fantastic beat Biohazard with a jumping spinkick.

Danny Germundo d. Crew Jones
–Crew Jones was wearing the strangest looking pair of tights I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of you have to see them to believe them. You can check them out in the pics. I’m sure you won’t have trouble figuring out which one he is. Good match though. Danny won with his finishing move.

Johnny Parisi and Tommy Suede d. The Slaughter Boys
–Great match. Suede won the match with his shooting star press.


Bill DeMott and Nigel had a fun little whistling contest during the intermission.

Michelle McCool came out to do the raffle drawings.

Bill DeMott was having way, way too much fun with the microphone. The whole group of us on the side were very amused by the whole thing.

Show Matches
Tag Team Tournament
William Regal & David Taylor d. Ebony & Ivory (Gordy/Steel) –Both teams cut promos before the match. We found out that Gordy and Steel are apparently being called Ebony and Ivory. Then Regal says that the only guy he’s ever truely tagged with has been the legend, David Taylor, and they’re tagging again tonight. Another great tag match. There was a great spot, where Gordy takes Regal down, and then rushes over, as Taylor isn’t paying attention, and tags him in, before jumping out of the ring. Taylor rushes in, and goes straight for the downed man, which is Regal. After a short exchange, they both realize what’s going on and stop, but it was hilarious. Regal and Taylor win.

Gymini do a promo saying they’re guaranteed to win the tag tournaments, and then bad mouth Bill DeMott, saying he’s just a corporate stooge now. He used to bench press 650lbs, and now he sits behind a desk. They dare him to find a partner and step-up.

Tag Team Tournament
Gymini d. Mark Jindrak and Onyx
–When Gymini come out, they point at DeMott, and laugh. DeMott stands, but sits down. Gymini defeat them with their double team finishing move. After the match, Gymini point at DeMott again, and Bill grabs a chair, but nothing happens, as Gymini leave.

Palmer Cannon cuts a promo from the back. Both Freakin’ Deacon and Giant Singh are with him, along with his attorney….oh, and Deacon’s pet tarantula. Cannon complains about how Assassin is apparently trying to stage some kind of protest, and still causing problems. He comments about how he fired Nick Patrick last week, and how he’s appointing a new, troubleshooting referee, for all the important matches…like…his. He then goes to leave, and opens the door, but somebody was standing there in the door. I didn’t get a good look, but someone said it might have been Roughhouse O’Reilly. Palmer slammed the door, only to have Singh open it up, but nobody was there.

Palmer Cannon d. Anthony Mestre
–Before the match, Cannon announced his new troubleshooting referee as Matt Striker. Tons of signs in the audience that said Palmer Sucks, but Palmer took off his glasses, and couldn’t see them. He asked Striker what they said. Striker looked all around for something good, and saw a sign that said

“Hey Palmer” Striker reads it off, and then the guy moves the sign to shoe “You Suck” Cannon gets Striker to say it, and starts yelling, wanting to know who’s holding the sign. It’s Nick Patrick. (loudest pop of the night, as the crowd cheered Patrick!!!) Palmer gets the “local constable” to remove Patrick from the building. The match is fairly short, as Striker starts yelling at the crowd, only to have Giant Singh come out, and headbutt Mestre, and Deacon slide into the ring. Cannon puts his foot on Mestre, and Striker counts the 3. Deacon puts the tarantula on Mestre. Giant stands on the steel steps guarding anyone who might come out. They all leave, and finally people come out and help Mestre, carrying him out.

Tag Team Tournament
High Impact d. Sonny Siaki and Jay Bradley
–Yet another great tag match. I’m kind of confused on this, because I thought High Impact won their first round tournament match last week, but they were in this match. And if this is the second round, how did Siaki and Bradley get into it? Oh well, it got a great match. Both cut promos at the beginning of the match. High Impact do their sweep, jumping guilletine leg drop double team finisher for the win.

I think the taping stopped at this point.

Main Event
Team Elite d. Kevin Matthews and Danny Gerumundo
–There wasn’t one tag team match that was even remotely bad tonight, and there were a lot of them. Team Elite won, slamming Matthews hard into the mat with their finisher, which looked very painful.