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ROH: New York City Results 25/03/06


1. Mitch Franklin d. Matt Turner (corrected from Mike Turbin/Tobin)

2. Bobby Dempsey won a Four Corner Survival Match also involving Keenan Quinn, Smash Bradley and Shane Haggadorn, when he pinned Quinn.

3. Derek Dempsey d. Rhett(corrected from Rich) Titus to retain the Top of the Class Trophy


1. Jimmy Rave d. Pelle Primeau in a quick match. – After the match Prince Nana yelled at Bruce LeRoy who was in the crowd. LeRoy went to the back, and Jimmy Yang came out…which led to…

2. Jimmy Yang d. Jimmy Rave – After the match, LeRoy came in and kicked Nana, and went to kick Rave, but Rave bailed out of the ring.

3. Allison Danger d. Lacey, Mercedes Martinez & Daizee Haze in a Four Corner Survival Match – Martinez dominated the match, but Danger blind tagged herself in and got the pin on Lacey. Dog said that the crowd was on their feet for Martinez, and really loved the match!

Blade and Mikaze come out for their open challenge. The challenge is answered by CHRIS HERO AND NECRO BUTCHER!

4. Chris Hero & Necro Butcher d. Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze – Said to be a very quick match.

After the match Hero and Necro call out Adam Pearce. Pearce and Necro start to have a match, while Hero has ducked under the ring. Hero eventually comes back out from under the ring and he and Necro proceed to beat the hell out of Pearce. Hero then calls his “best friend from CZW, Claudio Castagnoli” down to help them out! Claudio comes down and looks confused for a bit…and then starts hitting Necro Butcher with European Uppercuts! Claudio and Pearce run off Hero and Butcher, afterwhich Claudio says “F**K CZW!”

5. Christopher Daniels d. Alex Shelley with the Angels Wings – Lots of stalling by Shelley to start off. Lots of armdrags being traded back and forth. Said to be a “solid, but not spectacular match”.

6. Nigel McGuinness d. Claudio Castagnoli to retain the ROH Pure Title after a “vicious” lariat” – Dog said that they each only used about 1 rope break. People around him liked the match, but he didn’t like it all that much.

Bobby Cruise announced that this is the largest ROH crowd in Manhattan to date! Return date of June 17th was also announced. It’s now intermisison time!

7. Austin Aries d. Ricky Reyes by DQ – Reyes had the dragon sleeper on, but Aries was in the ropes. Reyes refused to let go, so he was disqualifed. Short, but good match. Reyes beat Aries down after the match, until Strong and Evans made the save. The Briscoes then came down and attacked Gen Next, beginning the Gen Next vs. Briscoes match!

8. Roderick Strong & Jack Evans d. The Briscoe Brothers with a Phoenix Splash variation on the Ode to the Bulldogs – Dog felt it was better than he expected, and called it a really fun match. Briscoes worked over Jack’s leg for a while, but after a while longer, Jack stopped selling it. The crowd was super hot, and they all got a loud ROH chant after the match.

9. KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji d. Bryan Danielson & Samoa Joe when KENTA pins Danielson after “Go To Sleep” – Really solid match between all four. KENTA and Joe had some great exchanges. After the match, KENTA gets on the mic and said “I promise, I’ll be back soon”. Joe then got on the mic and said that KENTA may have won tonight, but he will never beat Danielson or Joe in a singles match. KENTA then takes the mic and says he doesn’t understand English, so he doesn’t know what Joe said. (Haha).