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WWE: RAW Report 27/03/06

We begin tonight’s show with a message from Vince McMahon.  He is in the McOffice and he tells us that we will be treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity because Vince McMahon will wrestle the WWE champion, John Cena.  Vince says ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’ until you see the Chairman versus the champ.  His opponent at Wrestlemania will face ‘The King of Kings’ Triple H.  Shawn is in the fast lane on the Highway to Hell.

We are live from Omaha, Nebraska and your announcers are Joey ‘How about some steaks’ Styles, Jerry ‘Prime Rib’ Lawler, and Jonathan ‘Rib eye’ Coachman.

Mick Foley comes to the ring and he has two gift boxes with him.  He leaves one at the top of the Rawest Ramp in Sports Entertainment.  We see footage of Lita getting the mandible claw from Mick Foley while Edge watches from ringside.  Mick says on Sunday he will fight Edge in a hardcore match at Wrestlemania.  That does not give him the right to take his innocent, sweet girlfriend and shove his fingers down her throat.  Mick says that was wrong.  In order to make it up to Lita, he has some roses for her.  He has not forgotten about Edge and that gift is in the box on the stage.  If last week was a fluke, he asks Lita and Edge to come out to accept the gifts.

Edge’s music plays and Edge and Lita come out and Edge has a microphone.  Edge tells them to cut the music.  Edge tells Mick that he caught him off guard last week and that will not happen again.  Edge wants to know why he should open the box because it might be a trap.  Mick tells Edge that it is something that he will be able to use on Sunday.  Edge tells Mick he can use a win at Wrestlemania, but that will not happen on Sunday.  Edge says that Mick’s legacy is like a giant ATM account.  The only thing that he will collect on Sunday will what is most important to Mick, a paycheck.  Edge says that Mick keeps coming back to dip into his account until there is nothing left.  Mick will not pad his legacy at Edge’s account.  Edge reminds Mick that he cost him the WWE title.  Edge says that he should be in the main event on Sunday.  Mick says that it is not about the money, it is about the defining Wrestlemania moment.  Mick’s is about Edge bleeding badly from various parts of his body, begging for mercy.  Unfortunately, Mick cannot hear Edge because he is missing an ear.  Mick says that he will not be ripping off one of Edge’s ear because he wants Edge to hear everything when Mick carves up Edge’s skin.  He wants Edge to hear the children screaming.  He wants Edge to hear the pitter patter of blood drops as they fall from his skull.  He wants Edge to hear the ring announcer announce that Mick Foley wins their match on Sunday.  That is why Mick brought out the present.  It was to give Edge a fighting chance.

Edge looks at the box and finally opens it.  Inside the box is a baseball bat.  Edge calls Mick an arrogant son of a bitch.  Edge tells Mick that he will give him a gift that keeps on giving.  Edge gets to the ring and Mick opens his box and there is a barbed wire baseball bat.  Mick chases Edge out of the ring and Edge goes into the crowd. 

We go to a video package that is ‘rated H for Hardcore’.  It is from Mick Foley for the Hardcore match on Sunday.  It includes some of Mick’s most hardcore moments.   Mick is sitting in the ring with the barbed wire bat as he rocks in the corner.  Mick bites on the barbs and he starts to bleed from the mouth.  We go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Mick Foley walks to the back with his barbed wire baseball bat. 

Carlito comes out for his match.

Match Number One:  Carlito versus Kane

Carlito attacks Kane before he sets off his pyro and he hits an enzuigiri for a two count.  Carlito with a swinging neck breaker, but Kane sits up.  Carlito with a drop kick and Kane sits up again.  Carlito punches Kane, but they have no effect on Kane.  Kane throws Carlito into the corner.  Carlito goes off the second turnbuckle and puts Kane in a sleeper.  Kane is able to escape the hold.  Carlito with an eye poke, but he runs into a big boot from Kane.  Kane punches Carlito in the corner.  Kane with a running clothesline into the corner two times.  Kane with a side slam to Carlito and then he goes up top for the jumping clothesline.  Kane sets up for the choke slam and then charges into the corner, but Carlito moves out of the way.  Carlito with a drop kick to Kane’s knee followed by a DDT for a near fall.  Carlito comes off the ropes and Kane sets up for a choke slam, but Carlito pulls the ref into Kane and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner:  No Contest

After the match, Kane chases Carlito to the back and the referee follows.

Kane chases Carlito and he is backed up against a wall.  From out of nowhere, Chris Masters, Lance Cade, and Trevor Murdoch attack Kane and they throw him into a door and then they lock him in a room in the back and put a forklift against the door to prevent Kane from getting out.  From out of nowhere, Big Show comes and takes care of Murdoch, Cade, Masters, and Carlito.  Show tries to move the forklift out of the way by hand.

Carlito and Chris Masters come out.

We see Big Show moving the forklift out of the way and Kane comes up behind him to see if he needs any help.  Kane says that there was another door.  Show suggests that they go after Chris Masters.

We see Masters and Carlito in the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and Chris Masters is on the mic and he says that at Wrestlemania, they are going to walk out of Wrestlemania as the tag team champions.  Masters says that he has proven it to Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, John Cena, and Ric Flair that nobody breaks the Master Lock.  He says that not even the Big Show can escape the Master Lock Challenge.   Kane chases after Carlito and they run into the crowd. 

Big Show in the Master Lock Challenge

Show sits in the chair while Kane watches from the crowd.  Masters tries to get his arms set up for the Master Lock, but he cannot connect his hands.  Masters says that Show is greased up so he tells the referee to get a towel for Show.  Masters is still unable to get his arms locked due to Show’s size so he hits Show with a forearm.  Show punches Masters and Show sets up for a choke slam and he gives Masters a choke slam.  We go to commercial.

On Unlimited, it is time for Todd Grisham to look at signs.

We are back and Michelle Williams will be singing God Bless America on Sunday.  Jerry Lawler talks about the main event on Sunday and it is time for a video package on John Cena.  John talks about how he never backed down and it started when he was growing up.  His family asked him what he wanted and he wanted to be the World Champion.  He was able to attain that goal.  Cena says that he is working class and he learned that you have to work for everything you have.  We see footage of Cena lifting weights.  He talks about how it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer because there was no AC.  He trained like an animal and he talks about punching the walls.  John had no limits and he talks about how you can go beyond your limits.  Cena says that he does what he does.  He might not be the most technical and have Dean Malenko’s move list, but he will fight until he has nothing left.  Cena says that if he loses, it will be a mark against him.  He does not intend to lose this match.  He has done a lot in the four years that he has been there.  He has made a living of proving people wrong. 

Coach says that it warms his heart to see that video, but Cena will be facing a future Hall of Famer.  Lawler talks about the Hall of Fame list for Saturday:  Bret Hart, Gene Okerlund, Sherri Martel, Verne Gagne, The Blackjacks, and Eddie Guerrero.  The new additions to the Hall of Fame Class of 2006 is Tony Atlas, who will be inducted by S.D. Jones.

Shawn Michaels walks into commercial.

On Unlimited, Todd has some Wrestlemania Trivia. 

We are back with the Slam of the Week:  John Cena disobeying Vince McMahon to help Shawn Michaels.

Match Number Two:  Triple H (with GameFountain) versus Shawn Michaels

Shawn enters the ring and punches Hunter, but Hunter responds with punches of his own.  Shawn with chops to Hunter, but Hunter with punches of his own.  Hunter and Shawn continue to alternate punches.  Michaels with a Lou Thesz Press and punches.  Michaels clotheslines Hunter over the top rope to the floor.  Hunter pulls Michaels out of the ring and punches him and then tries to slam Michaels’s head into the announce table.  Michaels blocks it and sends Hunter into the announce table.  Michaels punches Hunter and Hunter rolls into the ring and then back outside.  Michaels with a clothesline to Hunter on the floor followed by a punch that sends Hunter into the crowd.  Michaels comes off the ringside barrier, but Hunter punches him.  Hunter charges at Michaels, but Shawn with a back body drop that sends Hunter back into the ringside area.  Hunter rolls into the ring and Shawn follows.  Shawn chops Hunter and Hunter goes down.  Hunger with a jawbreaker to Michaels and both men are down.  Hunter slams Shawn’s head into the turnbuckle and then he punches Shawn.  Hunter chokes Shawn in the corner with his boot.  Hunter with an Irish whip, but he charges into a boot from Michaels.  Shawn goes off the second turnbuckle and Hunter is able to set Shawn up for a Pedigree.  Shawn with a back body drop that sends Hunter over the top rope to the floor.  Vince McMahon comes out and we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Vince moves down the Rawest Ramp in Sports Entertainment.  Shawn punches Hunter and then he backs Hunter into the corner and chops Triple H.  Shawn with the punches of ten to Hunter in the corner and Hunter goes down face first.  Shawn with a swinging neck breaker and then Shawn sees Vince on the ramp.  Shawn ducks a clothesline, but Hunter does not miss with the high knee and both men are down.  Hunter gets up and he punches Shawn, but Shawn punches back.  Hunter and Shawn exchange punches, but Hunter with a sleeper. 

We are back and Shawn punches Hunter, but Hunter with a spinebuster.  Hunter gets Shawn up for a delayed vertical suplex.  Hunter with a knee drop to the back of Shawn’s head.  Hunter punches Shawn in the forehead while Vince moves to ringside.  Hunter chokes Shawn in the ropes and then Hunter talks to the referee.  Hunter punches Shawn, but Shawn punches back.  Hunter and Shawn continue to exchange punches with Shawn getting the advantage.  Hunter with a back elbow and then Hunter throws Shawn out of the ring to the floor.  Hunter goes out after Shawn and slams Shawn’s head into the ring steps.  Hunter rolls in and then goes back after Shawn.  Hunter tries to slam Shawn’s head into the ring steps again, but Shawn blocks it and Shawn sends Hunter’s head into the ring steps.  Shawn with an Irish whip that sends Hunter into the ring steps.  Shawn and Hunter roll back into the ring.  Hunter punches Shawn, but Shawn responds with a punch of his own.  Shawn with more punches to Hunter.  Shawn with a flying forearm to Hunter followed by a kip up from Michaels.  Shawn with the reverse atomic drop followed by a punch and another reverse atomic drop and another punch.  Vince trips Shawn as Shawn comes off the ropes.  Hunter sets up for a Pedigree, but Shawn blocks it and Shawn catapults Hunter into Vince, who moved to the apron.  Shawn with a slam followed by an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle.  Shawn sets up for Sweet Chin Music, but Vince grabs Shawn’s foot again.  Shawn pulls Vince onto the apron and Shawn punches Vince.  Hunter with a kick and the Pedigree.  Hunter tells Vince to come into the ring.  Vince holds Shawn while Hunter goes outside the ring and he gets the GameHammer.  Hunter throws down the ref. 

Winner:  No Contest

From out of nowhere, John Cena comes out and Vince leaves the ring.  Hunter throws Gamey to the floor and Hunter punches Cena.  Cena responds with punches and then Hunter is knocked over the top rope to the floor by a Cena punch.  Hunter and Vince go to the back while Cena remains in the ring.  Cena checks on Michaels as we go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Cena helps Shawn Michaels to the back.  Joey asks Coach about what happened to Hunter and Vince.  Lawler wonders why Vince got involved in the match.  Coach says that Vince can do anything he wants.

Todd Grisham wants to get a few words from Vince McMahon, who is with Hunter.  Vince says that John Cena can have Shawn Michaels in his corner since Triple H will be in his corner.

We return to the ring where a ladder is being set up with a briefcase above the ring.

We are back with the Big Time Moment:  Edge winning last year’s Money in the Bank match.

We have an Unlimited Moment of Vince announcing that Triple H will be in his corner so Cena can have Shawn Michaels in his corner.

The briefcase his hung over the ring with a ladder in the center.  Ric Flair comes to the ring.  Flair woooos and then he says the first time he competed at Wrestlemania was Wrestlemania 8.  On that night, he lost the title.  It was his last title run in the eyes of many people.  He was the champion eight times.  Flair woooos and struts.  Flair says that he thinks he has been champion sixteen times.  For everyone who is skeptical of what will happen on Sunday, it is his legacy to become a world champion for the seventeenth time.  Regardless of where he is going, he is taking seventeen titles with him.  He lives in a world where he adheres to three words.  Great, greater, and greatest.  On Sunday, he will scale the ladder and he will take what is his.  That is Money in the Bank, because he is the Nature Boy.

Shelton Benjamin comes out and he asks Flair if he is kidding him.  Shelton is sick of hearing the propaganda and it is reality check time.  He was born with more talent than anyone in this match.  Flair should be the last person concerned about winning this match because it is not going to happen.  Wrestlemania is his night so Flair can take his sixteen world titles and shove them where the sun don’t shine.  Shelton pushes Flair, but Flair chops Benjamin.  Benjamin with a Samoan Drop and then he punches Flair.  Benjamin climbs the ladder, but Rob Van Dam comes out and he pulls Benjamin off.  Van Dam slams Benjamin on the ladder and then hits the rolling senton splash onto the ladder.

Van Dam gets on the mic and he tells both of them that they need to realize that it is every man for himself.  Before Van Dam can say that the Money in the Bank belongs to him, Flair with a thumb to Van Dam’s eyes and then Flair runs the ladder into Van Dam’s head.  Flair leaves the ring and he woooos.

On Unlimited, Maria comes to the ring for the Kiss Cam.  Val Venis comes out during the Kiss Cam festivities along with Viscera and Eugene.

Match Number Three:  Eugene, Val Venis, and Viscera versus The Spirit Squad (Johnny Jeter, Ken Doane, and Mike Mondo [with Nick Nemeth and Nick Mitchell])

Viscera and Mondo start things off and Mike dances around Viscera.  Viscera backs Mike into the corner and chops him.  Viscera with a side slam.  Johnny climbs Viscera, but Viscera throws him off.   Eugene gets on Mike’s back and rides him like a horse.  Ken with a clothesline from the apron and the Mike covers Eugene for a two count.  Ken is tagged in and he goes up to the second turnbuckle for a punch on Eugene.  Ken with a flying back elbow for a two count.  Johnny punches Eugene in the corner followed by a running clothesline for a near fall.  Mike comes in and Johnny flips Mike onto Eugene for a two count.  Mike with crossfaces to Eugene for a two count.  Ken tags in and he kicks Eugene and then slams him.  Ken with an elbow drop for a two count.  Johnny tags in and he kicks Eugene in the chest.  Eugene with a kick to Johnny and then Mike tries to grab Eugene, but Eugene gets out of the way and he tags in Val.  Val with a clothesline to Johnny followed by a back elbow to Mike and a punch to Ken on the apron.  Val with a clothesline to Johnny followed by a chop and back body drop to Mike.  Val with a spinebuster to Johnny.  Val goes up top, but Mike kicks Val as he comes off the trampoline.  Johnny covers and gets the three count.
Winners:  Spirit Squad

After the match, the Spirit Squad attack Viscera with the megaphone and then they all attack Eugene and toss him in the air.  They focus on Val Venis and they hold him so Ken can hit a leg drop onto Val’s arm.  The Spirit Squad does a cheer for Vince’s match with John Cena. 

We have a video package for Triple H.  He says that until you go through him, you haven’t done anything.  Mick Foley comments on Triple H.  Hunter says that are a step below him until you can get through him.  Wrestlemania is the ultimate showcase and he shines.  He talks about his workout regimen and how it gets him ready for Wrestlemania.  He has an intensity in the gym that nobody else has.  He has one goal and that is to be the best at Wrestlemania.  Hunter talks about the man who is training him.  Being the greatest is about taking everything from around you and making it yours.  Hunter says that Cena has some ability, but a lot of heart.  He might not be the best fighter, but he finds a way to win.  Hunter says that Cena cannot lace his boots.  Hunter has beaten the best.  Hunter says that people will remember that he is as good as he says he is.  We go to commercial.

On Unlimited, we see Val Venis being helped from the ring.

We are back with a WWE 24/7 ‘This Week in History’ moment:  William Perry participating in the Wrestlemania 2 battle royal.

Speaking of William Perry, he will be inducted into the ‘celebrity wing’ of the Hall of Fame and will be inducted by John Cena.

Time to run through the card for Wrestlemania 22:

John Cena versus Triple H for the WWE Title

Undertaker versus Mark Henry in a Casket Match

Torrie Wilson versus Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight

Ric Flair versus Shelton Benjamin versus Rob Van Dam versus Fit Finlay versus Matt Hardy versus Bobby Lashley in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Chris Benoit versus Bradshaw for the United States Title

Trish Stratus versus Mickie James for the Women’s Title

Mick Foley versus Edge in a Hardcore Match

Kane and Big Show versus Carlito and Chris Masters for the World Tag Titles

Booker T and Sharmell versus Boogeyman in a Handicap Match

Rey Mysterio versus Kurt Angle versus Randy Orton for the World Title

Shawn Michaels versus Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match

Mickie James has some comments for Trish Stratus.  Mickie says that she has admired Trish for so long, but on Sunday, her obsession will not just be to beat her and become the new Women’s champion.  Her new obsession is Trish’s destruction.

We see Trish looking at the video and Torrie taps her on the shoulder and wants to know if Trish is OK.  Torrie tells Trish that their match is next as they walk into commercial.

On Unlimited, Matt Striker comes out and he has a lesson for the fans.  Matt says that when he went to graduate school, he learned from his professors.  Tonight, there is one man here who is smarter than him.  It is not any of the people in the crowd.  That man is Vince McMahon.  Vince is a hero to him and after tonight, he will be a hero to everyone.  He will teach John Cena a valuable lesson in the ring.  It gets better.  Vince will go on to teach a lesson to Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania.  Shawn Michaels and John Cena work very hard and have risen to the top of their profession.  However, Vince has risen to the top of the world because he has learned the lesson.  It is not how hard you work; it is how smart you work. 

Match Number Four:  Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson (with ‘Little Billy’) versus Candice Michelle and Victoria

Torrie and Victoria start off, but Torrie wants Candice.  Candice distracts Torrie and that allows Victoria to kick Torrie.  Victoria with a side slam for a two count.  Candice is tagged in and Victoria holds Torrie for Candice to kick Torrie.  Candice pulls Torrie up by the hair and then slams her down to the mat.  Candice stands on Torrie’s head and then she spins around.  Candice with the Stroke to Torrie for a two count.  Candice slams Torrie’s head into Victoria’s boot and then Victoria is tagged in.  Candice chokes Torrie and holds her for Victoria.  Torrie moves out of the way and Victoria charges into Candice.  Trish tags in and he clothesline Victoria followed by a handstand rana to Candice.  Trish punches and chops Victoria before hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Victoria.  Trish with a chick kick and Candice breaks up the cover.  Torrie and Candice fight outside the ring.  Victoria gets Trish up for the Widow’s Peak, but Trish escapes.  Trish with the matrix and then Trish hits Stratusfaction for the three count.

Winners:  Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson

We go to a video package for the Trish Stratus/Mickie James match featuring ‘Maniac’ Mickie’s attack and kiss.  We go to commercial.

On Unlimited, Triple H comes to the ring and we get an encore of the GameFountain.

Before the match begins, Vince gets on the mic and he says that he will make sure that nobody interferes in the match.  There will be no excuses.  Vince tells the referee to handcuff Shawn and Hunter to the ring post.  The referee cuffs Hunter to the bottom rope.  Shawn hesitates, but he finally agrees to get his hand cuffed to the rope. 

Match Number Five:  Vince McMahon (with Triple H) versus John Cena (with Shawn Michaels)

Vince avoids locking up with Cena and he kicks at Shawn outside the ring.  Vince avoids another lock up and he stretches on the ropes.  Cena and Vince lock up and there is a stalemate.  They lock up again to another stalemate.  They lock up one more time and Vince with a side head lock.  Cena powers out into a top wrist lock and McMahon goes to the mat.  McMahon slaps Cena and then Vince wants a test of strength.  Vince gets the advantage, but Cena gains the advantage.  Vince with a low kick and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner:  John Cena (by disqualification)

After the match, Vince gets the key and gives it to Hunter who takes off his cuffs.  Hunter finds GameHammer II:  Electric Bugaloo.  Hunter hits Cena in the head with Gamey while Vince watches.   Cena is bleeding and Hunter sees Shawn outside the ring.  Hunter holds the key in front of Shawn and taunts him.  Vince gets a chair.  Hunter hits Shawn with Gamy in the abdomen and then Vince hits Shawn with the chair.  Hunter goes back into the ring and he stands over Cena.  Hunter chokes Cena with Gamey as we go to credits.