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3CW: 4 Way Mayhem Announced For Middlesbrough Show


The first details of 3CW’s return to the Tower Club on the 22nd of April have been revealed, and we are set for an EXPLOSIVE four way main event! With the NEW 3CW Champion Doug Williams having business in Pro Wrestling NOAH in April, 3CW finds itself without a Championship match in Middlesbrough. You will not be disappointed, however, as in what is being billed as a bout set to determine just who will go on to face the NEW 3CW Champion, we’ll see four of 3CW’s finest go head to head, elimination style! The four men involved:

“Unbreakable” Stevie Lynn – the former Champion, and longest reigning Champion in 3CW history, is far from happy with FWA-stalward Williams or the Academy Champion, Dan Head, after the controversial manner in which the Title was lost. He is one of two men with a legitimate claim to a Title Match after having lost the Championship, and management have declared that with confusion reigning over who should rightfully get the first shot, the only fair way is to pit 3CW’s finest against each other, with the winner getting first crack. Amongst those, Stevie certainly is, and he’ll most definitely be looking to brainbuster his way to victory!

Dragon Aisu – the former ICE XVII is a former 4 time 3CW Champion, and after a bad run of form in recent months he has come close to taking the FWA Academy Championship and been on the winning team against the FWA Dream Team of Storm and Fleisch, and also beaten Jonny Storm cleanly in singles action. With that list of credentials it’s no surprise management have granted Aisu the opportunity!

Darkside – the popular Scottish youngster enters title contention for the first time, and has to be considered a wildcard. Whilst his win-loss record does not warrant the shot necessarily, a hugely impressive near victory against Dan Head nearly saw him take the FWA Academy Championship – indeed, if not for impossible 3-on-1 odds, many feel Darkside would already have gold around his waist, not to mention the fact that he was not pinned in a 3 way match for the Young Lions Championship recently. Many may doubt the master of the Darkest Driver, but he is also the only man in this match that Stevie Lynn has not faced and defeated in 3CW – certainly not one to bet against!

And finally…

“Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton – can you say “politics”?! The Celtic Tiger, upon finishing his March suspension, IMMEDIATELY demanded a Championship match in both April AND May, given his guaranteed title shot #1 contendership status. When told that Williams wasn’t available in April and more than he had a legitimate claim anyway, Norton DEMANDED to be in this bout to beat out any other contender – he is DETERMINED he will be the next 3CW Champion, and both he and Damned Nation overlord Gabriel Grey are said to be LIVID that the Anarchist got to Stevie Lynn before they could! Needless to say, the Tiger finds himself in the proverbial lion’s den, as both Darkside and Stevie Lynn have HUGE unsettled scores with the master of the Stu Lock. The Tiger has a guaranteed shot when he chooses anyway, but will he be able to beat out all other challengers and ensure he is the NEXT challenger?

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the lineup so far:

3CW Championship Contendership Eliminator!
“Unbreakable” Stevie Lynn
Dragon Aisu
“Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton

…with more coming VERY soon!

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