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WWE: Velocity & Smackdown Taping *Spoilers*

Dark Match

*Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Sean O’Haire with a small package.


*The Gymini defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick.

*Orlando Jordan pinned Ace Steele.

*Vito pinned Funaki with an Impaler DDT.


*Smackdown opens with Rey Mysterio coming out and saying he deserves his title shot at Wrestlemania 22. He calls out Randy Orton, but WWE World champion Kurt Angle comes out instead. Angle says that his beef isn’t with Rey but with Orton, and says that nobody can defeat him. Orton comes out and says that they both suck. He says he can defeat them both, but will wait until Wrestlemania to do it. Teddy Long comes out and forces Orton to leave. He announces Angle vs. Rey as the main event tonight.

*JBL pinned Daniel Cross, who is a Harley Race trainee.

*WWE United States champion Chris Benoit defeated Road Warrior Animal with a crossface.

*Paul Birchall defeated Booker T via countout when Boogeyman came out and took Sharmell.

*Lashley & Tatanka & Matt Hardy defeated Finlay & MNM. MNM hit the Snapshot on Tatanka but Lashley hit a spear and scored the pin.

*The Mexicools defeated Jamie Noble and Kid Kash.

*They did a vignette where Booker T was searching for Sharmell but found nothing but worms.

*Booker was looking for Sharmell but every door had worms around it. When he finally found Sharmell, she was in a room on a stool surrounded by tons of worms. Boogeyman appeared and laughed.

*WWE World champion Kurt Angle defeated Rey Mysterio after Mysterio went for the 619 but was caught and pulled into the ring with an AnkleLock and Rey tapped. Orton hit the ring and he and Angle went at it. The show ended with Angle hitting the Angleslam and locking the Ankle Lock on Orton.