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OVW: TV Taping *Spoilers*

There was a dark match between Mike Mondo of the Spirit Squad vs. Mickey Batts.  Mikey had a strong showing in this one but was done in by outside interference from other members of the squad and Mondo picked up the win.

The first match on the tv taping was Seth Skyfire vs. Robby Dawber.  Skyfire dominated the match and picked up the win easily.   

Sosay then came to the ring and called out Trinity to the ring.  Sosay said she was the original Miss OVW and was going to show Trinity that she still was.  Trinity comes out and they go at for a few minutes until Beth comes out and totally destroys Trinity and finishes her off with a DDT.

The Miz hits the ring next to face one half of the Southern Tag Team champions, Deuce .  He was accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner and Cherry Pie. The Miz picked up the win in a nice back and forth match.

Up next was Johnny and Kenny of the Spirit Squad vs. KC James and Roadkill.  KC would take a beating before finally getting the hot tag to Roadkill who came in with a flurry of clotheslines and would eventually hit a big splash off the top rope for the win.  I should note that Paul E might have found a winner in KC and Roadkill as a team as they appear to be developing a nice chemistry over the last few weeks they have been tagging together.

The main event saw Brent Albright defending the OVW heavyweight title against Chett the Jett.  This was the best match of the night and saw Chett get a lot of offense in early as he used his power to land several hard chops and stiff punches to the champ.  Albright would fight back and eventually get the win and retain the title.  After the match Albright used the leather strap to choke Chett before leaving.  CM Punk did not come out from the back during the show but was seen in an interview in the back earlier in the show.