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Wrestling Radio Live: April 9th – 7pm w/Sanjay Bagga & WM22 Review

This Sunday, be sure to check out Wrestling Radio Live, the UK-based internet show that comes to you live every Sunday at 7pm.

Seven days gone from Wrestlemania 22, we run down what transpired as well as what we thought of the show and the following shows that occurred during the week. Calling us to share your opinions couldn’t be easier (001-815 345 4922, or Skype: ‘Wrestlingradio’). We’ll also be running down the week that was and looking ahead to the week that will be.

If that wasn’t enough, LDN promoter and WRL regular Sanjay Bagga will be on the line, updating us on the happenings of the UK scene, LDN, and a certain 13 year old promoter that Sanjay has some choice words for.

To check out the show, head over to or and click the “Listen” button.

That’s Wrestling Radio Live, this Sunday at 7pm UK time.