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ECWA: 10th Annual Super 8 Tournament Results

*They did a big opening ceremony with introductions and video features on all the competitors. Christopher Daniels gave a very touching speech about the late Jeff Peterson.

Super 8 Tournament Round One:

*Davey Richards pinned Scott Lost in 16:33 with a Jay Driller.

*Josh Daniels pinned Andre Lyonz in 8:51 with a German Suplex.

*Charlie Haas defeated Xavier via submission with the Haas of Pain in 13:47. Xavier substituted for Danny Daniels, who was announced as missing the tournament due to a back injury.

*Milano Collection AT pinned Bryan Logan with a Pedigree in 11:58.

Super 8 Semi-Finals:

*Charlie Haas pinned Josh Daniels with a rollup in 8:43.

*Davey Richards pinned Milano Collection AT with a Jay Driller.

Super 8 Finals will be Charlie Haas vs. Davey Richards.

*Matt Logan won the ECWA Summit (Royal Rumble)

*Davey Richards won the tenth annual ECWA Super 8 tournament, reversing the Haas of Pain into a pinfall combination, defeating Charlie Haas in the process.