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UK Scene #213

Welcome back to another action packed UK scene with your ever lovable Saz commenting on what is going on in your area…

Welcome back to another action packed UK scene with your ever lovable Saz commenting on what is going on in your area.

First off the bat this week is an apology, apparently 3CW didn’t appreciate my comments of last week and said I was factually wrong, well, sorry guys, I just read what is put in front of me and I was assured that this was correlated with the website. My sincere apologies if I misread any of the statement made.

Though I still believe you should give belts to the ones training and working with the company as opposed to external workers.


We start off with the very sad news that wZw’s NBWA training classes have closed. I remember when these guys opened up and were bombarding us with their next poster each week or so in the forum and from a promising company angle it seems a shame that it has just been 3 years since they first opened their doors.

But that is wrestling for you, it is a fight from day one in the UK and one of the major reasons why we all should stick together.

There is a serious downturn in wrestling interest this year, in fact this is the only Wrestlemania I have chosen to miss.

Some better news for fans of wrestling in Wigan, Johnny Storm is coming to the NPWA to face an opponent who is yet to be announced on their show entitled Night of Champions 5 which will be held at Mr Earls Club in Ince, Wigan on June 29th.

This is a good chance for fans of Johnny’s work to see him.


FCW held their No holds barred 2 on 8th April, which said a fond farewell to Jack Storm, Morales and Spud who will be taking up training roles in London. Good luck to those guys and I think you will be sorely missed from the company.


4 Front Wrestling have announced the first matches for their debut Cheltenham show called “Blaze of Glory” held on May 6th at the National Star College in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

It’s always hard to hit a new area, but with good advertising and perhaps someone reading this who wants to see a wrestling show, they’ll get a crowd.


DAM Promotions have announced their final card for their “Spring Showdown 2” show on Friday April 21st at the Holt Community Centre in Holt, Norfolk.
Card reads:

  • Battle Royal For DAM Title: Entrants so far: Ricky Relentless, Jo FX, Red Hellion, Swede Hanson, Nick Aldis, Jonny Cougar, Scott Fusion, Taurus, Danny Blaze, Zak Zodiak and Chris Curtis.
  • Mick Romeo vs. Lionheart
  • Sam Slam vs. Red Hellion
  • Stevie Knight vs. Jo FX
  • DAM Tag Titles: The UK Pitbulls (c) vs. Bash & ?
  • DAM Title: Ricky Knight (c) vs. Kraft

Not a bad lineup at all and would be worth a visit if you like it in the East!

Well unfortunately, that’s it for this week, which may mean I have time for a tenet (I hear the sharpening of knives already) sometime this week.

Keep safe!