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OWV: TV Taping *Spoilers*

With many changes taking place with several main personalities within the company excitement was very high for another television taping at the Davis Arena.  Would “Shooter” Brent Albright change his name to Gunner Scott as most wrestlers that get called up to the main roster have to go with their new WWE name? Would Osama announce his new name change as well? Would CM Punk accept the challenge of Albright? 

The first match saw the appearance of what were billed as the heart and sole of OVW.  Out come Doug and Danny Basham and they would face Derrick Knox and another person we didn’t know in a dark match.  Before and during the match Danny got many “Damaja” chants as fans show respect for his great run under that name early in his career.  Danny hit a spine buster and Doug followed that with a top rope head butt as the Bashams get a nice win in their return to OVW.

We now go to the monitor with Armando Alejandro Estrada and he says that due to the oppressive nature of George W. Butch he has to hide his assets in Los Kentukos and he also has to change his name to Armando Alejandro Esraddddddddda.  He did a recap of last weeks show and Shelly then comes out and cuts a promo on Beth.  Armando then says Shelly needs to do three things.  Number one find Beth.  Number two find a doctor and get help.  Number three vote for Lalo. 

  Our first TV taping match was Mikey who was accompanied by the rest of the Spirit Squad versus Elijah Burke who brought out the OVW Southern tag team champs, KC James and Roadkill.  Elijah would get the win with the Experience.  After the match the squad jumped Burke and James and Roadkill came into the ring to help Burke.  They would eventually clear the ring of the squad and Roadkill hit a big splash off the top rope on Nicky.  Ken Doane grabs the mic and says that he is sick of the Spirit Squad coming out every week with a plan and Roadkill always ruining it.  He says he wants to challenge Roadkill and prove that he is nothing more than a fat Amish chicken plucker.    Sosay would come out next and says that Beth is the most dominant female in OVW and that there is no one else for her to go through.  The whole audience would then chant “slut” at Sosay.  Shelly comes out and gets in the ring to face Sosay next.  In the midst of the match Beth comes out for just a minute to cheer for Sosay.  Shelly would get disqualified for excessive choking and not breaking within the five second rule.    We go to the monitor where Miz cuts a promo on “ Mr. Big Time” Aaron Stevens.  Man that just does not sound right to me as I prefer Aaron “The Idol” Stevens much better.  Note to WWE you can screw your product up all you want but could you just please not start screwing up our OVW.  Ok done venting now and back to the promo as Miz says he does not know what “ Mr. Big Time” has against Seth’s girlfriend.  He goes on to say he likes Seth’s girlfriend and thinks she is hot.  Seth then comes in and you can tell there is some friction between the two as Seth gets defensive about his girl.  Seth goes on to say that Miz would never have a chance with a girl like his because of his stupid antics. 

Chad Toland hits the ring to face Mickey Batts next.  In the middle of the match Tank Toland comes into the ring and attacks Chad .  Chad runs from him and Tank begins to chase him until other refs come from the back and force Tank to leave the building.  Chad goes back into the ring and Mickey hits a sun set flip for the win. 

Mr. Big Time comes out next to the Wrestlemania 22 music instead of the his normal entrance to Brick house, which I also liked a lot better but oh well.  He cuts a promo on Miz and then they get into the ring for our next match.  In the middle of the match Miz leaves the ring and starts kissing Seth’s girlfriend who is always setting in the front row at the shows.  She is actually kissing him back and they are practically making out.  Seth then runs out and jumps on the top rope flying cross body onto Miz at ringside.  Stevens then comes out and hits Seth with an Idolizer.  I guess they will have to change the name of his finish move too.  Stevens struts off the the back leaving Miz and Seth to be helped out by officials from the back. 

Out next we have Mo versus Boris Alexis of the Russians.  Boris would pick up the win in a squash match via submission.  This match was intended to try and get Boris over as a new heel as he played to crowd during the match.  He got a little heat but needs to get more steady work on the future shows. 

Back to the monitor we have CM Punk confronting the Beast as he is looking for Albright.  Albright quickly comes into the room and attacks Punk from behind.  Punk appears to be hurt but hits Albright between the legs.  He then puts Beast in the Anaconda Vice.  He then gets up and takes Albright’s leather strap and begins to beat both of them with it.  Officials then come into the ring and pulls Punk away and he also tells Albright that he accepts his challenge.  He tells him that he “just got punked”. 

On to the main event for the evening as Kenny takes on Roadkill.  The entire Spirit Squad was at ringside to support Kenny and Elijah and KC James were there to support Roadkill.  Roadkill had Kenny picked up and began to do an airplane spin.  As he was spinning him around Kenny’s leg hit the ref and knocked him out.  The squad attacks Elijah and KC on the outside.  Roadkill hits the Death Valley Driver in the ring and goes for the cover and the Spirit Squad come in an jump Roadkill.  They roll Kenny on top of Roadkill and revive the ref who begins to count but Roadkill would kick out at two.  Elijah and KC get back up and end up fighting into the back with the squad.  Roadkill goes for the driver again but is countered by Doane and he goes for a clothes line but Roadkill ducks and gets the Death Valley Driver for the pin.  

This was a quality show and better than last weeks.  It must be a real challenge to write this show for Paul as his talent continues to get changes made to it by the WWE influence.  It kinda looks like Albright and Stevens will both join the main roster of WWE soon.  I believe that both are ready but were getting very seasoned by working in OVW and continue to get better as time goes on.  I wish that the two could continue to stay in OVW for another year or so and would be better for it.  WWE has all kinds of great wrestlers like Paul London and James Gibson and can’t even figure out what to do with them.  With as much talent as guys like them have I worry how some of the OVW talents will even be used when called up.  CM Punk could honestly main event a Wrestlemania and instead he is only an extra on the show.  Well that’s all for this week.