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WWE: Boogeyman Has Surgery, Future Of Shelton’s Momma & Carilto’s New Music

– The Boogeyman had surgery to repair his torn biceps on Tuesday, April 4th. The Boogeyman toree his biceps during a house show match with Booker T the week before Wrestlemania. The Boogeyman will be out of action until at least September or October. The Boogeyman’s injury is the reason for the restraining order angle on Smackdown. The Boogeyman will turn 42 years old on Halloween.

– Thea Vidale (Shelton’s momma) has been off television for several weeks due to abdominal and intestine surgery. Her GI tract problems were complicated and required several surgeries. Vidale was under a short-term contract, and at this point it’s unlikely that she’ll be coming back to WWE. Last week on Raw, Shelton Benjamin showed off a new flamboyant character with a new wardrobe. Also, there were no mentions of Shelton being a “Momma’s Boy”, nor were there any mentions of Shelton’s momma.

– Carlito will be getting new theme music soon. His new theme will be sung by Tego Calderon, a well known Puerto Rican Reggaetone singer.