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WWE: Smackdown Taping Results *Spoilers*

Booker T defeated Matt Hardy (there were lots of Hardy chants) when Sharmell interfered and Booker low-blowed Hardy, then hit the Axe kick.

There were allot of Pirate Birchill and William Regal segments throughout SmackDown, until their match. Regal was forced to try on different costumes.

Paul London defeated Joey Mercury via pin fall by a surprise roll up.

The Great Khali beat Funaki.

Chris Benoit and Lashley defeated Orlando Jordan and Finlay when (something happened but I didn’t get to watch the whole match as I was trying to get food but when I came back Benoit and Finlay were gone) Lashley hit the Dominator on OJ for the pin.

Gymini defeated Birchill and Regal when Birchill refused to let Regal tag him in and then walked away from the ring. Gymini hit their finisher for the pin fall.

Jillian Hall then set up a Great American Celebration for JBL to honour him being champ. Well, the champ came out to balloons falling all around to the beat of some really famous high school band. He then fired Jillian and kicked the band to the back.

He said he would challenge for the World Title, then Angle came out and defended Rey. Then he said he would defeat Rey next week in a rematch for the world title. Then Rey came out and they all eventually brawled, with Angle and Rey teaming up on JBL.

Also on a side note, the dark match for RAW was Undertaker vs. John Cena, which saw Undertaker beating Cena when The Great Khali came in and totally destroyed Taker.