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ROH: Newswire April 23rd

– ROH lost much more than a match in last night’s main event. The CZW team of Chris Hero, Necro Butcher & Super Dragon defeated the ROH team of Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce & BJ Whitmer when Claudio Castagnoli turned on ROH and sided with Chris Hero, who he teams with in every other promotion. ROH’s 100th show ended with team CZW celebrating in the CZW bleachers and the ROH fans shocked. We did not work for 100 shows to have things end like this. CZW already ruined our ECW Arena debut and now they’ve taken our 100th show celebration away from us. There will be hell to pay and it will start next week in Ohio.

– Claudio Castagnoli will be the first to pay. This Saturday, April 29th, in Cleveland will see a one-on-one match as Castagnoli will be faced with a very angry Samoa Joe. We’ll have much more on this match in the upcoming days.

– Both Adam Pearce and BJ Whitmer were forced to go to the hospital after last night’s chaotic main event. Pearce needed 12 staples to close an “H” shaped gash on his head as a result of a Necro Butcher chairshot. Whitmer’s injury was even more serious as it is believed he suffered a very bad neck injury at the hands of Super Dragon and the Psycho Driver from the ring through a table. Whitmer felt tingling in his left arm. Both Pearce and Whitmer are listed as doubtful for next week. This is causing ROH officials to reshuffle things for Ohio, which is why we can’t announce more new matches now. However, none of the already advertised matches will change. We’ll have an update soon right here in the Newswire.

– Colt Cabana wanted to send an apology to all the ROH fans at last night’s show. Cabana feels that he really let the fans down. Cabana told that his wrestling game is off after months of brawling against Homicide and fighting The Rottweilers. This led to Cabana losing to Bryan Danielson in just 5 minutes last night. Cabana says he wants to start in the opening match and work his way back up to the card to earn another World Title shot. Cabana will begin this Friday in Dayton against Jimmy Jacobs, who also needs a win. Cabana will then face Flash Flanagan on Saturday in Cleveland. This is an important match for Flanagan, who is still trying to earn a fulltime spot in ROH.

– The much anticipated Straight Shootin’ With Raven & Sandman Vol. 2 is now out and available for immediate delivery at We must warn you that this shoot interview is not for younger viewers and it really could carry a XXX rating. If you are looking for deep insights in the wrestling business then you are going to want to skip this one. If you want wild stories about sex, drugs and more this is a must see. Sandman and Raven discuss everything from religion to the ECW reunion shows. There is no telling what topic will come up next. This is one wild shoot!!!

– In case you missed it, Davey Richards suffered a knee injury on Friday and his ROH debut will be pushed back until June 3rd in East Windsor, CT.

– Delirious suffered a deep wound on the inside of his hand when he was cut on the cornerpost of ROH’s new ring. Delirious’ head was also lacerated and his mask was torn by ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson. Delirious wants another shot at Danielson and revenge for Danielson ripping open his mask.