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WWE: Heat & RAW Taping *Spoilers*

Show started with Big Show against two random guys. Show won in a total squash with a chokeslam, then chokeslammed the other guy after the match

Second was Lance Cade against Eugene. Eugene got a big pop, the match focused on Cade working on Eugene’s shoulder and eventually Cade got the win with a Clothesline from Hell.

Next up was Goldust and Snitsky vs two jobbers. Snitsky and Goldie won with a sick looking double-team German Suplex. After the match Snitsky was polishing Dust’s boot and chasing him up the ramp to lick his feet.

Main even for heat it seems was Kane vs Trevor Murdoch in a total squash match won by Kane.


Raw started with Edge coming out and cutting a promo on how he’d be the champion again (and him showing clips of him beating HHH last week and Cena at NYR). Triple H interrupted him (coming out to the new King Of Kings music) and made a lot of cracks how Edge has all the making of a champion, he just can’t last the distance, (cue lots of premature ejaculation jokes and Viagra jokes) Cena’s music hit and he ran in and attacked HHH as Edge left but before making the top Spirit Squad came out and did a cheer, basically saying Vince had made it a 5 on 3 match. (That’s right, opponents teaming up before the PPV, again).

WWE Unlimited segment of Maria announcing the Bikini contest which Striker interrupted and ripped on the UK.

Six man tag match pitting Masters, Striker and Shelton against Carlito, Hass and RVD. Carlito avoided Master as best as he could and tried not to tag in, at one point even guiding RVD’s hand to Haas as he was about to tag in Carlito. RVD won with a 5 Star on Striker (I think).

WWE Unlimited, Kiss cam, including lots of same sex kisses and a guy proposing to his girlfriend.

Vince cut a promo in his office saying that ‘God’ last week was the pyro man messing up, and that Vince fired him for it. Vince then introduced the ‘product of his seamen’ (yes he used that line again) Shane. Shane said he’d been HBK for what he did to him at WM22.

Torrie (or Candice) changing backstage.

Big Show confronts Kane saying that thy have problems. Kane tells him not to say ‘that’. SO Big SHow then ays May 19th and Kane snaps and attacks him, trying to injure his eye. Big Show is left bloodied as refs, Cade, Murdoch and Snitsky pull Kane off.

WWE Unlimited, Todd shows off the signs

Bikini contest, Maria gets the most cheers, but the Coach announced Candice as the winner, he then tries to get her to make out with him. Vis comes out and attacks Coach and humps him. Vis and Candice leave together.

WWE Unlimited. Coach walks up the ramp saying he’s leaving London for good, crowd chant Goodbye and wave at him

Vince comes to the ring and announces Shane, HBK comes out and the match starts, not a very long match, Shane misses a Moonsault and HBK hits an elbow from the top. Warms up the band and Vince pulls him from the ring and hits him with the bell (I assume a DQ, but there’s not bell to ring). Shane elbows HBK through the table and Vince cuts a promo on how God has abandoned HBK and won’t help him.

WWE Unlimited. Todd asks some fans some trivia questions and gives out signed RVD and Cena shirts.

Edge and Cena talk about how they have to work together tonight, and Cena rips into Lita.

Umaga squashes Steve Lewington, including a nasty spot where Umaga swings Steve into the steps. After the match Ric Flair runs down and attacks Umaga.

Triple H and Lita talk backstage, she flirts with him to help Edge. HHH comments that he could use her advice as she’s apparently good taking on 5 men at once.

Mickie James comes out (dressed as herself) and cuts a promo how she doesn’t need to be like Trish, she’s better than her. Trish comes out (dressed like Mickie and using her music, also gets some boos) and cuts Mickie off every time she tries to speak. Mick attacks Trish and gets hit with the chick kick for her troubles.

Main Event – Spirit Squad come out followed by Edge, HHH (to his old Game music) then Cena. HHH starts and as the match goes on he and Edge make some forceful tags to each other before Cena tags in. Match goes on for a bit before a cool spot where HHH and Cena hit their respective finishers on members of SS at the same time.  HHH and Cena then brawl as Edge leaves. Cena and HHH roll around with the crowd booing when Cena is on top and cheering when HHH is on top. Trips goes for the pedigree on Cena but Edge comes back and spears him only to get an FU from Cena. No winner was announced for the match. This is where I assume Raw ends.

Afterwards Cena cut a promo on the fans saying that it was DX fans cheering for HHH and booing him, he then challenged DX fans to cheer off against the chain gang. Then said at Backlash he’d make history by making a former champ tap out with a sledge hammer up his ass.

Biggest Pops:

1 – HBK
2 – RVD
3 – Flair
4 – HHH
5 – Carlito/Big Show

Biggest Heat:

1 – Coach
2 – Umaga
3 – Edge
4 – Cena
5 – Masters/German jobber who faced Snitsky/Goldie