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3CW: Results For 22/04/06 & Latest "NOAH Remorse" Card

Thanks to 3 Count Wrestling for sending the following in:

3CW made it’s return to the Tower Club in Middlesbrough Saturday tonight, and a healthy crowd were on hand to witness another sensational night of 3CW action.

In the opening contest, masked man took on masked man as Falcon went one-on-one with The Mexican Kraze, El Ligero. A neat lucha libre-esque back-and-forth contest ended with a popular pinfall victory for Ligero after 11 minutes and, I believe, four seconds, and Ligero by virtue of this victory will now go on to challenge Pac for the 3CW Young Lions Championship on May 12th at the stacked NOAH Remorse event at the Billingham Synthonia.

Can Ligero make it two championships in as many months?

Speaking of Ligero and championships, his fellow GNP tag team title holder Cameron Kraze was up next, alongside fellow Kraze brethren Marky B. Kraze as the amped-up duo took on alleged Mexicans Los Pervitos in match number two. The crowd was deeply into this one as the outrageous Pervitos were outsmarted at every turn until they finally had to resort to underhanded methods to turn the tide. The ending came in typically ridiculous fashion…on the outside, Tim Pervito slapped on a bald wig and stole Cameron Kraze’s trademark Hawaiian shirt before jumping back in the ring and allowing himself to be rolled up by partner Mojo Pervito as a confused referee Matt Wilkinson (who may or may not be married) counted three, thinking it was Cameron Kraze being held down for the pin! Unfortunately for the Kraze boys, the referee’s decision was final and Los Pervitos remain undefeated in 3CW.

Match number three was a re-match from back in Redcar just a few weeks ago, pitting the curious GBH against EdEn. Hey, if you thought Gene Snitsky was psychotic, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen GBH in action (and I’m not talking about touching feet!) Despite his best efforts, Eden just couldn’t keep GBH down, who seemed to revel in taking punishment from his dumbfounded opponent. Although GBH’s patented stunner couldn’t produce victory, he was able to wrap his smaller opponent up in his new submission manoeuvre – the famous Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gredunza (a modified version of Sgt. Slaughter’s Cobra Clutch sleeper hold), and Eden’s arm dropped three times to give GBH the win via pass-out. GBH refused to release the hold after the match was over.

In the final pre-interval bout, Team Dormanstown of Chris Whitton and Kid Richie were set to rumble with The Vegas Connection over the 3CW Tag Team Titles. However, some pre-match developments intervened to shake things up a little. Firstly, Kid Richie was unfortunately forced to withdraw from the match due to sustaining a beating in a pathetic display of cowardice from a group of racist thugs earlier in the week. As the youngster attempted to break-up a street brawl, he was assaulted by the gang and spent the night in a local hospital, and thus was denied medical clearance to compete, leaving Whitton without a partner. Everyone at 3CW wishes for a quick and speedy recovery for Richie, who it is hoped will be back in action very soon, possibly as soon as May 12th at NOAH Remorse.

Richie was replaced for the evening by a close friend of both him and Whitton, the firecracker that is Livewire Anthony McIntyre, another Dormanstown native. Due to this last-minute change, Mr. 50-50 Dan Evans refused to put the titles on the line. Although his partner Vincent D. White didn’t seem to agree with this decision initially, he eventually went along with it as Evans told the makeshift Team Dormanstown that should they score the pinfall tonight, then The Vegas Connection would happily defend their titles against ANY combination of Whitton, Richie OR McIntyre on May 12th at 3CW NOAH Remorse in Billingham. And score the pinfall they did with Whitton in fact getting the duke following a Shining Wizard-oh! on the big, burly bodyguard V.D. White.

Following the interval (and the always popular ‘RAFFLE’), Billy Grange put in an unexpected appearance, dressed as a cowboy.

Yes, a cowboy.

Anyway, the former 3CW tag team champion called out former Cutting EDGEucation team-mate CJ Hunter, again professing his love for CJ, going so far as to offer out business cards asking for support to members of the audience. Unfortunately for Grange, his advances were again spurned, and he left a broken man.

This left CJ in the ring, ready for his match against Damned Nation member Brother Shame. But Middlesbrough hadn’t seen the last of Grange, as he made another appearance at the end of the match and placed a big, long KISS on the lips of CJ! A stunned CJ was then easy prey for Shame who picked up the win in a true miscarriage of justice.

Following the match, a seemingly unprovoked GBH returned to the ring and placed Hunter in his strong submission hold and refused to release it for several minutes until 3CW official managed to pry him away. That man is demented, and needs locking up.

Finaly, the main event was the four-way elimination war to determine the number one challenger to Doug Williams’ 3CW Heavyweight Title. Competitors in this one included Damned Nation member and Free For All winner Blake Norton, looking to gain an ‘insurance policy’ in addition to the guaranteed title shot he owns due to winning the 30-man Free For All match back in January; the former (and to date, ONLY) man to hold the 3CW title an amazing FOUR times, The Dragon Aisu (formerly Ice XVII); the hugely popular Darkside; and the man who Doug Williams defeated to win the 3CW title back at 3CW vs. FWA:A, Unbreakable Stevie Lynn. Let me tell you, if the only wrestling you’d seen recently was I.R.S. on this week’s Velocity then you couldn’t possibly have been prepared for what unfolded over the course of this 48-minute epic. Yes, FORTY-EIGHT MINUTES of absolute combat.

First eliminated was Norton was rolled up by Darkside after 27 minutes (it took the cowardly Norton 16 minutes just to tag into the ring for the first time, and even then it was to blindside his opponents).

Darkside was the second man to be eliminated, courtesy of Dragon Aisu, leaving just LDT members Aisu and Stevie Lynn, back in the venue where it all began in 2005. In 2006, it all began…again.

Aisu and Lynn went hell-for-leather in action reminiscent of their previous Tower Club Classics, this time with a shot at the 3CW title on the line rather than the title itself. German Suplexes, Kobashi-plexes and even a Canadian Destroyer couldn’t finish it for Aisu, but neither could the Brainbuster score a victory for Lynn. A heavy duty chop battle soon broke out before a frustrated Aisu brought in a pair of chairs from the outside, which eventually led to a boosted Super Canadian Destroy which damn near killed Lynn. But Unbreakable proved to be an apt name for the Norton native as Lynn displayed his true Fighting Spirit (he’s not Jonny Storm you know!) and came back to take the victory with his patented Gypsy Jam. Unfortunately for Lynn, his celebration was practically non-existent as Blake Norton returned alongside his Damned Nation stable-mates Brother Shame and the deplorable Gabriel Grey, as well as a monstrous un-named assailant dressed in an eerily-familiar mask and outfit (a yellow and black version of Dragon Aisu’s attire)…

Then, in an absolute shocker, Grey produced a red and black mask resembling that of Dragon Aisu who accepted the garment and formed a new alliance with the sinister Nation before the freakish five commenced a further beat-down on Lynn to end a fantastic evening of action on a truly sickening note.

Ligero def. Falcon with a tornado DDT (11:12)

Pervitos “pinned” Kraze (13:56)

GBH def. EdEn with Cobra Clutch variation (13:01)

Anthony McIntyre and Chris Whitton def. Vegas Connection (shining wizard) in a non-title match (13:04)

Brother Shame def. CJ Hunter (no official match time for this one. Was around 10 minute mark)

Main Event elimination times:
Norton was eliminated at 27:19
Darkside was eliminated at 36:33
Aisu was eliminated at 48:12 meaning Stevie Lynn won the match

Current card for 3CW NOAH Remorse on May 12th…

3CW Heavyweight Champion Doug Williams Vs Stevie Lynn

3CW Tag Team Champions The Vegas Connection Vs any combination of Team Dormanstown

3CW Young Lions Champion Pac Vs El Ligero

GHC World Tag Team Champions Mohammed Yone and Takeshi Morishima Vs ???

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