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WWE: Wrestlemania Revenge Tour Results For 24th April

RAW House Show (24/04/06)
International Arena, Cardiff, Wales

  • Rob Van Dam defeated Matt Striker

  • Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Snitsky & Goldust

  • Masterlock Challenge: Chris Masters vs. Euenge went to a no-contest after Carlito attacked Masters

  • WWE Women’s Title: Mickie James (c) defeated Trish Stratus

  • WWE World Tag Titles: The Spirit Squad (c) defeated Viscera & Kane after Kane turned on Viscera

  • WWE IC Title: Shelton Benjamin (c) defeated Ric Flair after Umaga interfered

  • Bra & Panties Match: Maria & Torrie Wilson defeated Candice & Victoria (The Coach was guest referee)

  • John Cena & HBK defeated Edge & Triple H, during this match a fan tried to enter the ring but was stopped by security

Smackdown House Show (24/04/06)
Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Tatanka defeated Orlando Jordan

  • WWE Tag Titles: MNM (c) defeated The Hooligans (Paul London & Brian Kendrick).

  • Matt Hardy defeated Road Warrior

  • Funaki and Nunzio wrestled to a no- contest after The Great Khali interfered

  • Kristal defeated Jillian Hall

  • Gunner Scott defeated Gregory Helms

  • Finlay defeated Paul Burchill

  • Chris Benoit defeated William Regal by submission

  • Kurt Angle, Lashley & Rey Mysterio defeated JBL, Mark Henry & Booker T