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HCW:RSW: Details For May 1st Event

Thanks to Rob for sending the following in:

Huge HCW: River Severn event set for Monday May 1st!

On Bank Holiday Monday (May 1st 2006) HCW: River Severn will host a huge Out-Doors show at the Dowtys Club, Cheltenham, England. The Day time extravaganza will play host to THREE separate wrestling cards each spread at regular intervals throughout the day, with the first being at 12pm, the second show being at 1:45 pm and the third & final show being held at 3:30pm!

The “Main Attraction” of the three cards is a four man, multi promotional tournament entitled HCW:RS “Best of the Best”. The tournament will be made up of Marcus Kool representing HCW, Caiman representing C/W (Celtic Wrestling), Atom representing UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling) and American sensation Buddy Edwards representing LWL (Legend Wrestling League).

The cards for the event are as follows

Bill One – 12PM

01.HCW:RS Best of the Best Semi-Final
Atom Vs Edwards

02.HCW:RS Best of the Best Semi-Final
Marcus Kool Vs Caiman

03.Mad Dog Maxx Vs Kade Callous

04.Jonny ‘The Body’ & The Gangster Vs Matt Vaughn & Chris Recall

Bill Two – 1:45PM

01.Jonny The Body Vs Kade Callous

02.Six Man Tag Team Madness!
Thomas Bassey, Sweet Sugar Bassey & Buddy Edwards VS Matt Vaughn, Marcus Kool & Chris Recall

03. Mad Dog Maxx Vs Atom

04. Caiman Vs Gangster

Bill Three – 3:30PM

01.HCW:RS Best of the Best Tournament Final

02.Six Man Tag Team Madness!
Gangster, Jonny The Body & Mad Dog Maxx VS Kade Callous, Chris Recall, Matt Vaughn

Plus The Bassey brothers in singular contests against the two wrestlers who do not qualify for the HCW Finals