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ST: The funny thing about wrestling…

It’s hard to love something when you know it has so many problems with it, 99% of the time it’s the wrestlers who are the problem…

You know what the funny thing is about wrestling?

It’s hard to love something when you know it has so many problems with it, 99% of the time it’s the wrestlers who are the problem.

Perhaps a little strong? I don’t know anymore as I get deeper and deeper into the meat and potatoes of wrestling and begin to start the real learning of how the game works, sometimes I wonder why I do what I do.

Everyone is so eager to get their piece of the pie, to do their spot, to show the fans how good they are, so many up and coming wrestlers forget that they are part of the show and do their own thing and come the last match people have seen it all.

Some wonder why they are not the champion yet, some don’t want to let go of the belt, others are envious of the guy at the top because he has the belt and is considered the best, little thought is put into why.

Some people believe the ring belongs to them, some like to put that extra spin in, some people think they know what the business is all about when in fact they don’t.

Some people enjoy bullying and using other wrestlers, some use people for lifts, others see new talent as something to pin, some do all of the above and justify it in some pathetic way.

Some people say they have wrestled over ten years and cannot even put on a proper arm lock, some have wrestled and get pushed down by those apparently more experienced than themselves.

Some people hold onto a grudge too long and most don’t realise that they were too immature to be a wrestler back then , some people get pulled in too easily to another wrestler’s dispute.

Some people think traditionalist values are outdated, some believe that if you don’t respect the higher ranks (them) you don’t love wrestling as much as they do. Some people will do any job at anytime, despite the lack of knowledge to actually do the job, some people are very, very good and are never pushed the way they ought to be.

Some disguise themselves as children on forums just to attack a person they don’t like without being discovered.

Each and every case causes an injustice and leaves people paranoid and unwilling to share, enforcing the belief that their way is right and that they only matter within the world of wrestling.

The UK Scene is not the WWE, why do we as wrestlers feel the need to re-enact the exploits outside the ring as well as in.

Yes, I too have done some of the above.

But at the same time, you meet wonderful people who genuinely just want to wrestle and entertain people, who are quick to compliment in a product where an “I’m better than him” attitude lies.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to keep on walking and keep on loving wrestling.