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OWV: TV Taping *Spoilers*

Not quite a capacity crowd on this warm spring evening.  There was a feeling of things amiss with the show tonight but the wrestlers still worked their best.  Onto the results…

Our first dark match saw The Riggs Brothers defeat Fred Williams & Raige Mason.  Williams came out wearing sequins and sporting a single glove which of course lead to chants of “Michael Jackson” most of the match.  Johnny was face in peril and had to overcome the might of Raige(a-mania) Mason to get the hot tag to Jason.  Fred Williams fell victim to the Riggs Rotator for the pin by Jason.

A second dark match saw part time tag team partners Venus and Serena square off against one another.  Serena is so over at the arena it’s insane.   Serena started out working over Venus’ left arm.  Venus made a first attempt at offense and received a huricunrana for her efforts. Venus falls to the outside and reaches in to yank a celebrating Serena outside to the floor.  Venus goes to work on Serena’s back but misses an elbow drop.  A few hair tosses and a bull dog by Serena score a near fall.  Serena then hits a belly to belly suplex into a bridge for the pin fall.  Beth Phoenix hits the ring and attacks Serena but Shelly makes the save.  Next week it will be Serena & Shelly vs Phoenix & Venus.

The actual taping starts with Russel Simpson already in the rings It’s time for the Boris Invitational as Mr Stronglenko escorts the “two time European Champion and three time Russian shoot fighting champion” Boris to the ring.  Poor Simpson didnt have a chance, two quick single leg take downs, a rope break on a leg lock and then Boris locks on his standing arm bar for the submission in under one minute.

Tank Toland defeated Sylvan Grenier by pin fall.  Tank came out on fire at the opening of the bout with a flurry of offense on Sylvan. Sylvan eventually got the advantage on the outside after driving Toland back first into the ring post.  Tank goes for his double forearm smash and misses and Sylvan hits the three seconds of fame only to get a 2 count.  Sylvan goes for the finisher again but Tank squirms out and hits his forearm smash for the win.

Dawber hits the ring and says last week he was going to give everyone the scoop on who wrote the love note until Tytus took him out.  Dawber starts talking about what he saw tonight, that is that Roni showed up with The Miz but maybe he didnt write the note last week maybe it was…

Shad Gaspard hits the ring and lays out Dawber, tying him up in the bottom ropes and starts pounding him and choking Dawber with is own shirt.  The crowd chants for Punk but only the officials come to aid Dawber.

Al Snow then gets in the ring and after a few technical difficulties introduces WWE Hall Of Famer, Jimmy Superfly Snuka.  Snuka says he is here tonight to talk to his son, Jimmy Jr.  Of course this brings out The Untouchables.  Domino gets on the mic and first says that Snuka is only know for two things, jumping off the cage in MSG like an idiot and getting smacked in the head by a Roddy Piper coconut, “OW!”  Snuka just turns to Deuce and says this isnt the way he brought up his son, as he starts to say more he is attacked by Domino.  Snuka fights off Domino and Deuce just stands there.  Snuka turns back around to Deuce as Domino takes one of Cherry’s skates and blindsides Snuka.  Deuce stares almost in disbelief before leaving with his partners in crime.

Idol hits the ring next telling us that tonight he will make history.  He’s going to destroy The Miz, get the TV Title and steal Miz’s new squeeze.  Miz comes out to a “Miz Got Canceled” chant and Idol just insults Roni some more, thus bringing out Seth Skyfire.  Seth reminds the both of them that he is the TV Champion and any challenges have to go through him.  Idol says he wants a three way bout with no DQ, the others agree, the bell rings and we are underway.  Miz gets dispatched to the outside quickly as Seth mixes it up with Idol.  Miz gets back into the thick of things though and sends both men outside, he hits a cross body off the announce table on Idol.  Miz turns his attention to Skyfire leaving the door open for Idol to come after Miz with a chair.  Idol starts to swing but Seth takes the chair and then drop kicks it into Idol’s face.

Seth then takes a ladder into the ring and sets it up in the corner.  Miz stops Seth from any further use of the ladder with a kick to the gut.  Idol meanwhile is setting up a section of the guardrail between the ring and the rest of the barricade.  Idol tries to take Seth out on the guardrail but Miz breaks up the assault. Idol is brought back
in after fighting off the Miz, charges Seth only to be back dropped onto the railing he set up.  Miz and Seth trade near falls before Miz is monkey flipped onto the ladder.  The ladder is wrecked and wont hardly stand but Seth props it up anyways.  Idol whips Seth towards the barely standing ladder, Seth cautiously runs up the ladder and
hits a reverse springing elbow and pins Idol to retain the TV Title.

Dean then tells us there was an altercation in the back but it will be settled in the ring momentarily.  The altercation turns out to be between The Riggs Brothers and The Highlanders.  I don’t think anyone knew who to pull for in this face versus face match up.  Each man took a turn being worked over by both opponents.  There was solid work all around this match but unfortunately no real heat.  The Riggs did one thing that seemed heel-like by distracting the ref from seeing a hot tag from Robbie to Rory.  Eventually Rory got in, cleaned house and the Highlanders hit their double vertical suplex on Jason to gain the pin fall.

Punk nor Albright were mentioned nor referenced and there were no backstage promos that were aired to the crowd.  I’m assuming the Punk – Albright match will be next week.

Mike Giralico