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AMEV: Wrestling Obsessed

This weeks view deals with wrestling obsession, are you a wrestling fan or wrestling obsessed. Is there a difference, (clue there is) and how do you tell the two apart…

So what sort of direction is my column going to take you may well ask. Well that’s simple everything any anything to do with WWE in particular and American wrestling in general.

Firstly, and not to sound like a bootlicker, thanks to Kam for giving me the opportunity to show my writing to a wider audience. Secondly I take Q and A and letters, support or analysis. Each column letters and Q & A will be printed, hopefully I will actually get some…

Now let’s get on with the writing.

The first section is called simply the View and will take a look at a certain topic within the wrestling scene.

The View

This weeks view deals with wrestling obsession, are you a wrestling fan or wrestling obsessed. Is there a difference, (clue there is) and how do you tell the two apart. So are you, yes you, wrestling obsessed and when does following something in general become an obsession anyway?

Well taking me as an example now I watch as much WWE as possible every week. Raw, Smackdown, Velocity, Heat and when they are on, the Supercards. Does that make me more than just a fan, possibly but I don’t consider that an obsession. Ah but there’s more I also watch two or three DVD’s a week. Now that can cover a lot of wrestling as I have WCW, ECW, ROH, TNA, XPW, IWW and naturally WWE DVD’s. Not to mention Mexican, Japanese and even a few 1PW DVD’s. Still I consider watching and collecting these a hobby not an obsession, so if that alone doesn’t make one obsessed what does? Just what makes some fans obsessed.

I should at this point also mention I read wrestling books and magazines, spend hours a week on wrestling forums, play wrestling games on my PS2 and on my PC, and now write wresting columns. Does all that add up to an obsession? In some cases maybe, do I consider myself obsessed, no

I will now tell you what I do consider an obsession.

Firstly withdrawal symptoms, if I saw no wrestling for say several weeks I would miss it sure but I can live with it. (I do it several times a year anyway such as when I am away on holidays, I don’t even think about wrestling in these cases.) Could you say the same? Could you go 2 to 3 weeks with no wrestling fix?

Obsessed fans worry if they miss so much as one show, and indeed will watch anything wrestling related. (If you find yourself watching Afterburn you are obsessed.)

You are also obsessed if you spend every waking moment defending, or indeed berating a wrestler every time you can. There are several members on TWO, naming no names, who do just this. You may not be wrestling obsessed in this instance but you sure are obsessed with the individual wrestlers in question.

John Cena is a case in point, it’s now a national obsession in America to boo him and diss him in print.

Another case of obsession is adults collecting wrestling toys. Sorry if this offends anybody but if you are over say 16 and collect wrestling figures you are obsessed. At the very least you are bordering on an obsession.

Finally you can also consider yourself obsessed if you watch the wrestling channel for most of the day every day, regardless of what’s on.

Now that is my opinion of what an obsession in regards to wrestling is, now feel free to write in with what you feel. Feel free also to say I am talking out of my you know what, in regards to any point in this article.

I hope you are obsessed enough to reply with what you consider to be obsession in regards to wrestling. (Bad puns optional.)


It has been reported that at a meeting yesterday Vince McMahon decided that ECW will be taking the place of Velocity. WWE are reportedly currently in negotiations to bring back ECW programming to US TV. (From W101)

If WWE do this than ECW TV will be internet based only in US. For us Sky TV fans does that mean they will show ECW in place of Velocity?

John Cena’s movie The Marine has been pushed back a month to Friday October 13th. (From W101)

It will be interesting to see if Cena acts. I wonder will wrestling fans who dislike Cena boycott this film? Personally it sounds good and I will probably go to it.

Palmer Cannon has been granted his release. His release had been delayed as they were hoping he would he reconsider leaving. Cannon had quit and flew himself home during the recent European Tour. (From W101)

They were not doing a whole lot with him, but he had talent and will be missed.

Q & A

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Well, that’s all for this column, I hope you enjoyed it and more importantly I hope you come back for more.

Brian Weldon