The Three Count

T3C: WWE Backlash 2006 Preview

The PPV after Wrestlemania is usually packed with rematches from that massive card but that’s not really the case this year. It’s not a great card that’s for sure but the WWE Title match and the RVD v Benjamin clash could turn it into an above average PPV. Time to get on with the preview…

A Backlash from God?

The PPV after Wrestlemania is usually packed with rematches from that massive card but that’s not really the case this year. It’s not a great card that’s for sure but the WWE Title match and the RVD v Benjamin clash could turn it into an above average PPV. Time to get on with the preview.

WWE Title: Cena v Edge v Triple H

The boos still ring in for the champion and the day Triple H turns face can’t be too far away. The whole future of the WWE Title is pretty much up in the air at the moment. Word is that RVD, assuming he keeps his Money in the Bank briefcase (which he will) will use that at the One Night Stand PPV but will it be against the WWE Champion or could by then, JBL be World Heavyweight Champion and arch-enemy of ECW and he becomes the target of RVD. It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure as is this triple threat match.

Cena continues to struggle along, Edge has plenty of heat and Triple H just does what he does best which is dominate the company. I’m not a fan of triple threat matches but this could be an outstanding one with plenty of heat between the three wrestlers. Cena needs some time without the belt and I go for Triple H to get the title back, eventually turn face and then feud with Edge.

IC Title/Money in the Bank Match: Shelton Benjamin v RVD

You know I hate it when people win things and then put them on the line against someone who lost in the original match. Benjamin is talented that’s for sure but he just lacks that something that will take him to the main event. Edge was that way too, so was Christian but look at them now. The same can be said for RVD of course and after his long injury lay-off, 2006 looks set to be his biggest year ever. So what happens here? I can’t see any circumstances in which RVD will lose his Money in the Bank title shot but what’s the point of making him IC Champion as well? Don’t be surprised if this ends in a no contest somehow.

Women’s Title: Mickie James v Trish Stratus

Well at least the women’s division has a title match with an on-going storyline even if it is totally weird. This could be like that appalling Undertaker v Undertaker match with Trish dressed up as Mickie. At the end of the day however bizarre the storyline, these two can put on a decent match as long as the missed spots are kept to the absolute minimum. I go for Trish to get the title back.

Vince and Shane McMahon v Shawn Michaels and God

Well when you’ve used bad taste in everything from necrophilia to mocking the mentally disabled why leave religion out of the equation? The McMahon v Michaels feud has been going on for over six months now but it’s still relatively entertaining however stupid the storyline is.

Their match at Wrestlemania was far better than anyone could have expected and the recent Shane v Shawn match on Raw was pretty good too but what can we expect here? Has Vince shown pure genius by asking God to take part in a match which takes place on a Sunday. Isn’t that his (or her) day of rest after all? I dread to think what Vince’s wicked mind has in stall for us in this match but I see the McMahon’s getting the upper hand here somehow.

Kane v Big Show

So Vince just how much do you value the tag division on Raw? It took about a fortnight after Wrestlemania for both the teams who competed for the tag titles that night to be split up and feuding at Backlash. Meanwhile The Spirit Squad become tag champs with no visible challengers, it just gets worse and worse. It was of course only a matter of time before the team of Big Show and Kane split up and of course this match has a dual purpose. It’s not just a match between two of the biggest wrestlers in the company but a desperate attempt to publicise ‘See No Evil’ the movie Kane has made and is released on May 19th. It looks as if Kane is going mad again which is a good thing really as I don’t like him when he’s a face. Kane is not a character that should be smiling and being happy. One thing worries me though, I could have sworn that I heard those voices that were in Kane’s head, so does that mean I’m going mad too? Big Show must be really thankful he’s on Raw at the moment, a switch back to Smackdown could easily see him having to face the Great Khazi, sorry Khali, and that really is something we all need to avoid. I go for Kane to get the victory here and the madness to escalate.

Carlito v Chris Masters

And so we come to the other half of the Wrestlemania tag team title match. There was never really any friendship between these two and again a split was as inevitable as Masters getting smaller once the drug testing policy began. I’m not sure I want to see Carlito as a face, like Kane he’s much better as a heel. This could be a reasonable match and could well open the card. Will Carlito get a push or has the master lock still got some heat around it? I go for a Masters victory and for the feud to continue.

Umaga v Ric Flair

The real dread is that Rikishi will be re-signed by WWE and begin a feud with Umaga. Even with a reasonable manager Umaga is nothing special at all and it would have made more sense to keep Rosey on board and reform Three Minute Warning. He made his debut the night after Wrestlemania when he interrupted Flair and then beat him up hence this match. Flair got his own back a couple of weeks ago but this match does absolutely nothing for me. Logic says Umaga should get a dodgy victory in order to give him so kind of push.

Stephen Ashfield