UK Scene Weekly

UK Scene #215

Welcome back to another UK Scene with your ever lovable Saz, taking you through the week’s wrestling and putting my usual spin on it!

Welcome back to another UK Scene with your ever lovable Saz, taking you through the week’s wrestling and putting my usual spin on it!


GPW have announced a partial card for their show entitled “Disturbing The Peace“, held on Friday May 5th at The Monaco Ballroom in Hindley Wigan.

  • Damon Leigh vs. Kenzo Richards

  • Kodiak vs. Dutch

  • Stevie Lynn vs. Hayes

I can appreciate why sometimes it is necessary to keep your cards close to your chest as perhaps there is an evolving storyline going on that needs the card not to be set in stone. I suspect it’s going to be an interesting night for GPW fans.


BWA will be holding a show at their usual haunt of Bidds Club in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent on Friday May 5th.

Current card reads:

  • Lisa Fury vs. Stephanie

  • Frankie Sloan vs.Stixx

  • Chad Collyer vs. Chris Curtis

Another close to the chest card, however BWA have attracted some fine wrestlers to perform on the night, if you are anywhere near this show, it may be worth a look!

LWL have announced the card for their next show “Now or Never” which will be held on 16th May at The Legends Members Club in Wolverhampton.
Card reads:

  • Phoenix Thorn vs. Dan Ryder

  • Mad Dog Maxx vs. Jonny the Body

  • H.Bhutoa & Crimson Kwik vs. Johnny Lee & Ozzie J

  • Kade Callous vs. Onslaught

  • Pablo vs. Jayme Future

  • Love Machines (c) vs. Kia & Helios

  • Edwards (c) vs. Marcus Kool

WAR present their 20th event on Saturday June 3rd called “Hostile Takeover” it will held at The Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Nice to see WAR back in the saddle with regular shows, let’s get to 25!

Currently announced matches are:

  • Louie Zerr vs. Kyle Masters

  • The Executioner vs. Fireman Stan

  • The Elite (Steve Stryka, Mooga, Jack London & Mikey Furiae) vs. T-Rex & “Purple Lightning” Retro & Pyro

  • Brandon Flynn vs. Davey Passion

  • The Judge Open Challenge

  • Spin doctor (c) vs. B52 Lance Corporal

  • Axel Bowen (c) vs. Dragon Phoenix

Plus Mage, Coby Jones and more!


ASW have had the recently sad news that Steve Sonic is leaving the company to take up a development contract given to him by (in essence) the WWE. Steve made time to do his fond farewell to all the fans and workers he has met and will be jetting off to get squashed by an American for a good part of his career.

Steve did confirm that, from an American point of view that British wrestling is thought of as a backward step and I think it was very honest of him to say that publicly as he could have BSed his way through it all.

Funnily enough he only came to my attention as ASW’s big push quite recently, so it’s a bit of a shock to see someone be pushed, only to be swept away before he made a serious impact on the British public.

Good luck to the guy I say and best for the future!


WAW have updated their card for “Meltdown 2” show at The Talk in Norwich, Norfolk on Saturday June 10th.

Card reads:

  • 4 Corners Challenge Match: Sykes vs. Bash vs. Mick Romeo vs. Sam Slam

  • Steve Quintain vs. Marty Scurll

  • Nick Aldis vs. Kraft

  • Kevin Kelly vs. ?

  • S weet Saraya, Nikki Best & Britni vs. Destiny, Pink Lady & ?

  • Stevie Knight & Dark Angel Ashe vs. Ricky Knight & Zak Zodiac

Looks an action packed card for the night, so do take a look if you are thinking of a night out in Norwich!

Top 50 UK Scene wrestlers

It’s that time of year again where we look at the UK scene’s host of wrestlers and allow people to vote on who they wish to crown as the UK Scene’s top 50.

I have already had votes for 32 different wrestlers from differing promotions and you have the opportunity to have your say and bring some recognition to some of those hard working wrestlers who you feel deserve a mention.

The rules:

1. The people you vote must be of UK origin and is currently active as a wrestler, either in the country or foreign parts, that you have seen live or by recording.

2. If in doubt see rule 1.

Deadline for your votes is the 27th May and I will announce the second part of the vote, which is to sort wrestlers with similar points, but I won’t reveal where on the table they are!

You can vote in many ways, either message me on the TWO forums (as many have already) or email your votes to [], those of cynical nature can email Devilish Angel [] if you do not want me to handle your vote.

Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the results, so get your thinking hats on and let’s find us a winner.