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AMEV: WWE Tag-Team Scene

The WWE tag team scene, it‘s gone to hell! I’m not exactly sure if WWE don’t care anymore or if they just decided one day the tag belts were less important…

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The WWE tag team scene, it‘s gone to hell! I’m not exactly sure if WWE don’t care anymore or if they just decided one day the tag belts were less important.

I refer of course to both brands tag titles. It’s clear that there are not enough legitimate tag teams to support one show, let alone two. (i.e. teams not thrown together for ratings or stories like Big Show and Kane were.) On Raw there’s not even one team I would call a serious tag team. Kane/Big Show and Chris Masters/Carlito were working well together until WWE decided to split up the two most over teams on Raw in the same month! Incidentally, I don’t consider the champs a tag team, they are a stable.

Stable or not though at least they work well together. The problem is who challenges them? About the only real tag team opponents they have is the makeshift team of Goldust and Snitsky. I dread seeing that feud.

Over on SmackDown meanwhile we have MNM, great champs and a legitimate tag team. However they have held the belts long enough and need to drop them for a while. Who could they drop them to? The logical choice is Kendrick and London. Again they are a thrown together team, but one that works. The other choice would be The Gymini but I don’t thing they are ready for a title run.

So what I propose instead is have another brand lottery, preferably in the late summer. Before that or during they would quietly scrap one brands belts and move the tag teams on one show for the remaining belts. The best way to do this would be to move the champs from one show to the other.

Waiting until late summer would also give them several months to build up for this by putting teams together and keeping them together up until at least Summerslam then after Summerslam there could be a unification tag title match with both brands.

WWE have enough teams (albeit mostly makeshift) on both brands that if they were on one brand they could have something resembling a tag team division like they had back in the day.

They also have plenty of skilled midcard wrestlers doing nothing, they could easily team up exclusively as tag teams.

This is the only way I can think of that WWE can once again make the tag title belts mean something again.

This being WWE the above scenario is unlikely but still I can only hope. Well that is all for this MEV, Hope you come back for more.


Wrestlers injured at Backlash
– Trish Stratus will be out a estimated six weeks after dislocating her shoulder.
– Mickie James is reported to have suffered a minor elbow injury in the same match.
– HBK suffered a separated septum.
– Triple H suffered a cut to his left eye, that needed medical attention.
(From: W101)

Interesting that both Divas should suffer Arm joint injuries. I am surprised that Trish agreed to take the fall she did anyway, it’s not like WWE to book the Divas to do such high risk spots. As for HHH well he bladed and bled so badly that it’s no surprise at all he needed attention for the cuts. WWE superstars really need to cut back on the blading.

It has been confirmed that Jimmy “Akio” Yang has signed a new contract with WWE. Akio wrestled Charlie Haas on HEAT prior to last week’s Raw tapings in Columbus, Ohio. His old Titantron video and theme music played when he made his entrance. Haas picked up the win over Akio. He is living in the Columbus, Ohio area, which is why he was there in the first place, and he was hoping to rejoin WWE. (From: LordsofPain)

That is good news as Akio (if he’s still called that) is a good worker. I just hope WWE use him in a better way this time. If he’s a Raw superstar he won’t fit in as well, SmackDown is the place for guys like Akio.

WWE has informally approached Jeff Hardy in regards to returning at the end of the summer. However, he must be clean, as there is zero tolerance on his drug issues. Friends are saying that he is working on those drug issues. (From: LordsofPain)

Clean or not rehiring a spot worker like Jeff is a bad idea.

Former WCW wrestler Dave Taylor’s daughter Donna Taylor may be getting a developmental deal from WWE to work in ECW. Also, Dave Taylor hopes to be a part of the new ECW as well. He is currently training wrestlers at DSW. (From: LordsofPain)

I am not familiar with Donna but I always liked Dave Taylor. Not sure how he could fit in at ECW though. Unless he’s a full time trainer.

Triple H will join Burt Reynolds, Jerome Bettis and others TBA in a new Miller Lite Commercial. Interesting how Triple H went from the nutritional drinks and supplements to beer. The commercials do sound entertaining as they will feature the stars doing a ’roundtable’ discussion about ‘manly things’. (From: LordsofPain)

Beer, good. Seriously though I can’t imagine Triple H being a good spokesman for beer. Guess Steve Austin wasn’t available.

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