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Cage Rage 15: Adrenalin Rush DVD Review

God bless those people over at FightDVD, they keep sending me DVDs of people hitting each other and all I have to do is not report them for happy slapping. It seems it’s all legal and something called Mixed Martial Arts…hmm, and this one is Cage Rage 15: Adrenalin Rush. Oh well, here we go…

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Cert: 15

Length: 177 mins

Cage Rage 15: Adrenaline Rush” was held at the Wembley Conference Centre on 4th February 2006.

Fight Card

  • Jason Barret Vs Mindaugas Arbocius
  • Michael Holmes Vs Zelg Galesic
  • Tenzig Tedoradze vs. Robert Berry
  • Robbie Oliver Vs Brad Pickett
  • Chris Lytle Vs Ross Mason
  • Paul Dailey Vs Jean Silva
  • Jason Delucia Vs Fabio Piemonte
  • Travis Lutter Vs Jose Landi-Jons
  • Ikuhisa Minowa Vs Dave Legeno
  • Daijiro Matsui Vs Curtis Stout
  • Cyborg Santos Vs Melvin Manhoef

The Fights

First match of the night pitted the debuting Lithuanian Mindaugas Arbocius against Jason ‘Bad Ass’ Barret. The two welterweights looked ready to kill before the fight started, inside the cage it looked even nastier! Arbocius was taken apart from the start with strikes to the head and body, ‘Bad Ass’ lived up to his moniker and used a ground and pound to finish off the newcomer who, to put it bluntly, seemed to not want to be in the cage at all! **

Michael ‘Rocky’ Holmes faced Zelg Galesic in the nights second fight. Zelg apparently has a reputation as a kicker, combine that with ‘Rockys’ stand up ability and a great stand up fight was promised. Both men started strong with huge strikes, despite having the seeming advantage Zelg left the opening flurry with a badly swollen left eye. Holmes was out and out overwhelmed by the alternating punches and kicks and the referee was forced to declare it a TKO to protect ‘Rocky’. ***

Tenzig Tedoradze faced Robert ‘Buzz’ Berry over the Cage Rage UK Heavyweight championship. Opening the fight both men landed some great strikes, Berry however seemed to be getting the best of the exchange until Tengiz managed to get Berry down and seemingly get the back of the British fighter. Berry tried to fight out, but was taken over by a huge German suplex before being knocked out by a short punch to the jaw. **

Former boxer Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett defended his Cage Rage British Featherweight Championship against Robbie Oliver. Olivier makes ‘One Punch’ to the floor with a nice body takedown immediately and manages to take side mount. Pickett manages to escape the mount and get to his feet, ‘The Flame’ however takes Pickett back down with a single leg takedown. The champion was NOT happy on his back at all, yet somehow manages to reverse the mount and get inside Oliviers guard. Both men continued to exchange position, at one point Pickett managed to pull off a near perfect hip trip, shades of Royce Gracie from the early UFC tournaments evidently were required watching in the training of ‘One Punch’.

The second round continued as the first, both men exchanging control and excellent strikes. Amazingly Olivier was saved from what looked to be an effective guillotine by the end of the second round!

Round three looked to be the decider with both men seemingly having won a round. Unbelievably the final round also went the distance with some awesome back and forth work from both men. In a controversial decision the judges ruled a majority decision in favour of the champion Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett. *****

Given the unenviable task of following such an incredible fight was Chris ‘Lights Out’ Lytle against Ross ‘The Boss’ Mason. But if anybody could, it would be the UFC veteran Chris Lytle, and with the vacant Welterweight title on the line both men would give their all. Both men seemed surprised at each others strength. The first round was almost entirely fought on the ground with ‘The Boss’ trying to prevent Chris Lytle from locking in a key lock.

Round two starts much better for Mason until he is locked in a nasty looking guillotine. Impressively Ross Mason escapes the hold and gets to his feet. This is a temporary reprieve for ‘The Boss’ when he gets caught in a rear naked choke and is forced to tap. This was a decent fight, even if Ross Mason was obviously outclassed from start to end. ***

Paul ‘Semtex’ Dailey against Jean Silva looked like it had potential, Silva having impressive all round skills and Paul Dailey being surprisingly able on the ground as he had proved in prior fights. Silva made the first attacks but Dailey seemed comfortable with the offence. ‘White Bear’ Jean Silva got caught by a nice high kick to the head and was lucky to have not been knocked to the floor. For whatever reason they both make next to no attempt to go to the ground.

Round two starts with Silva taking ‘Semtex’ straight down, possibly in response to the cut opening up on the head on Jean Silva. From underneath Dailey further opens the cut above Silva’s eye causing quite a bit of blood to flow. In a disappointing turn of events Jean Silva is awarded the win after Dailey suffers a dislocated thumb. Despite being the one to bring the injury to the referees attention Dailey storms out of the cage in disgust at the call to end the fight. ***

Jason Delucia Vs Fabio Piemonte followed up next. Delucia is experienced; hell the man fought (and lost to) Royce Gracie in UFC 1! The fight immediately goes to the ground and out of nowhere Piemonte locks in an armbar, ironically the move Royce Gracie used to beat him in the aforementioned UFC! **

Travis Lutter and Jose Landi-Jons were next to try to shine, with both men experts in the stand up game I expected this to stay stood up: and boy was I wrong! Lutter taking Landi down (and taking a knee to the head in the process) and straight into open guard. Lutter controls the fight form the second they go to the ground, kimura attempts, a ground and pound and to finish off the American locked in the nicest looking armbar I have ever seen. ***

In the pre fight interviews Dave Legeno cut the single most incomprehensible promo since The Ultimate Warriors heyday! Thankfully Ikuhisa ’The Punk’ Minowa seemed less than worried about being compared to a snivelling worm…

Dave ‘The Enforcer’ Legeno came to the ring with a sword and a severed head! Oh my. Both men feint with strikes, and Minowa tried a few take downs before getting a single leg. In an attempt to escape ‘The Enforcer’ rolls himself away…however Minowa manages to lock in a heel hook. Amazingly Legeno doesn’t tap but tries to escape by twisting further…this however just left Legeno in an Achilles Crush. Not even ‘The Enforcer’ could stand that pain and tapped out. However even after the loss Big Dave complained that he wanted a fight stood up rather than on the ground. Boxing maybe Dave? **

Daijiro Matsui Vs Curtis ’Bang ‘em Out’ Stout were the next up. Stout is known for an excellent stand up fight, but has been less than impressive on the ground. Has he improved? Against a grappler like Matsui he needs to have. The first big strike was a stunning right hand from Stout, amazingly Matsui survived a punch that would have finished off most fighters. ‘Bang em Out’ tried to follow up but was unable to match the ground defence of Matsui. Eventually both men were stood up for lack of action. Matsui has maybe the thickest skull and hardest jaw in MMA, surviving even more punches and knee strikes from the American fighter.

Round two started with Curtis Stout being taken down by the smaller fighter, but Stout managed to get straight up. An accidental low blow nearly put Matsui out of the fight, but after a brief recovery period the Asian seems to get a second wind and manages to land (among other things) a dropkick!

The final round was more of the same with Stout defending well against Matsui’s takedown attempts and being unable to put the smaller man out with any strikes.

In a VERY surprising turn of events Matsui won the fight on a majority decision. Even Matsui seemed to think Stout had won…**

The main event of the night featured Cyborg Santos against Melvin Manhoef for the Cage Rage World Light Heavyweight Championship. Both these men are deserving of their status, but Santos always impressed me more in the cage. Both men land small strikes, both with the legs and the hands, but nothing of real danger to the other. Oddly Cyborg tries for a heel hook at the end of the first round, something I never expected to see.

Round two was…beyond amazing. Both men seem to be actually dead on their feet, Manhoef staggering about with his hands down and his eyes closed. A final punch send Cyborg to the floor and out of the fight. *****

Bonus Features

None besides pre fight interviews with the fighters. I would have at least expected Cage Rage to have put in a gallery, or a ring girls gallery! My God, something!


For the most part this DVD was disappointing, however the five star main event saved it from a poor rating. If it wasnt for the Cyborg Santos match I would probably avoid this DVD, however as it stands, buy it! The money is MORE than worth it for the greatest spectacle in MMA I have ever seen. ***1/2

Paul Kelly

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