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Results For 13/05/06: C/W, FWA, LPW, PWF & SWA

Celtic Wrestling “May-Hem”
Studio Bar, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

  • Mad Dog Max defeated Thomas Bassey

  • Kade Callous defeated The Workman

  • Johnny The Body beat Sweet Sugar Bassey

  • Handicap Match: Caiman & Chris Petherwick defeated The System (Tyler Browne, Tommy Dean & Johnathan James)

  • Matt Vaughn defeated Nick Beretta

  • C/W Title: Chris Recall (c) defeated Mike Bird

Source: Celtic Wrestling

Frontier Wrestling Alliance “FWA versus All-Star II”
Morcambe Dome, Morcambe, Lancashire

  • Inter-Fed Cup Rules: 2 points/win, 1 point each/draw and 2 points for each remaining wrestler in the winning team in Elimination Match

  • Non Cup Match: Retro Pop vs. Enrourage went to a no-contest after Team All Star interfered

  • 5 Star Flash (ASW) defeated Spud (ASW 2 – FWA 0)

  • Jonny Storm defeated Dean 2 Extreme (ASW) (ASW 2 – FWA 2)

  • Hade Vansen defeated Robbie Dynamite (ASW) (ASW 2 – FWA 4)

  • Stevie Knight vs. Robbie Brookside went to a double countout (ASW) (ASW 3 – FWA 5)

  • Elimination Match: Team FWA defeated Team All Star
    1st) Stevie Knight eliminated by Robbie Brookside by submission
    2nd) Spud eliminated by Robbie Brookside by KO
    3rd) Robbie Dynamite was counted out after a altercation with team-mate Dean 2 Extreme
    4th) Dean 2 Extreme eliminated by Jonny Storm
    5th) Hade Vansen was counted out after he turned on Storm and walked out
    6th) Robbie Brookside eliminated by DQ after her piledrove Jonny Storm
    7th) 5 Star Flash eliminated by Jonny Storm
    Final Score: FWA 7 – ASW 3. FWA are the new Inter-Fed Cup Holders

Source: FWA Fan Forum

Leicester Pro Wrestling “Silence Of The Mad One”
Minworth Social Club & Institute, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

  • Barry Malone vs. Nero went to a double countout

  • SCW Midland Asylum Title – No DQ Match: Mad Mike (c) defeated G*

  • Phoenix City Title: Andy Shoes (c) defeated Violet

  • Ronin defeated Maddog Max

  • Brad Loughman defeated Blockbuster

  • Chris Charizma defeated British Born Steel

  • The Beach Boys (Corey Vandal & Surf Digby) defeated Scott Grimm & Hatred

  • Stiro defeated Matt Jarrett

Premier Wrestling Federation
Bourne Hall, Epsom, Surrey

  • Marty Scurll defeated Zak Zodiac 2 falls to1

  • Erin Angel defeated Sweet Saraya by DQ

  • Phil Powers defeated Jace The Ace 2 falls to1

  • Doug Williams defeated Ricky Knight 2 falls to1

Scottish Wrestling Alliance “Last Rites”
Sir. Matt Busby Sports Centre, Belshill, Scotland

  • T Division Trophy: Darren Lewis (c) defeated Chris Renfrew

  • SWA Tag Titles – Lumberjack Match: The Lowlanders defeated T2K (c) to win titles

  • Pete O’Neill defeated The Raging Bull

  • NWA Scottish Title: Eric Canyon (c) defeated White Tiger and Micken

  • Falcon defeated The Butcher

  • Jonny Milla & Dragon Aisu defeated Jamie Walker & Aidan Corrigan

  • Casket Match: Conscience defeated Majik

Source: UKFF