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UK Scene #218

Welcome back to the UK Scene with your host, the ever lovable Saz. This week we see the end of month run with shows and as you may be able to tell within the news, plenty of results…

Welcome back to the UK Scene with your host, the ever lovable Saz. This week we see the end of month run with shows and as you may be able to tell within the news, plenty of results.

But the month isn’t over yet and we have a few more shows to look forward to.


First up is FCW’s usual end of month show at The Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre in Lower Gornal, the show is called “Breaking Point“.

Card reads:

  • The HighCons (Sam Green & Jay Icon) vs. The Judge & Justice

  • Celt Kennedy vs. Carl Mizzery

  • The Bouncer, A-Star Athlete & Laken Xander vs. The Devil’s Advocate (Saul Adams & Damian Grant) & ?

  • Brett Banner vs. Weasel

  • Brandon Thomas vs. Rob Hunter

  • Kevin O’Neil vs. BB Steele

WAR have updated their card for “Hostile Takeover” show which will be held at The Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby, Warwickshire on Saturday 3rd June.

It reads:

  • T-Rex & Purple Lightning vs. The Elite (Mooga, Jack London & Mikey Furiae)

  • Steve Stryka & The Executioner vs. Mage & Coby Jones

  • Brandon Flynn vs. Davey Passion

  • The Judge Open Challenge

  • Fireman Stan vs. B52 Lance Corporal

  • Axel Bowen vs. Spindoctor


Blondie Barratt’s RPW is a fed I used to have a lot of fun in and to be fair was where I learnt how to work in front of an audience. RPW have teamed up with the Elite Wrestling Academy to present a show on Friday 26th May at The Newton Hall in Chapeltown, Sheffield.

Only one match has been announced so far:

  • Mark Impact (c) vs. Carter Jay

Also set to appear are: Scott Rogue, Ricky Relentless, John Doe, Hysteria, Dave Insane and Danny Steel.

GPW have announced the 5th installment of their Friday Night Dynamite Series, “Friday Night Fever“. Oddly enough, the show will be held on Friday 9th June at their usual venue of The Monaco Ballroom in Hindley Wigan.

Card reads:

  • Heresy (c) vs. Bubblegum

Also JC Thunder will be making his return to GPW and some lucky wrestler will make their debut at that show.

3CW have announced a show for Saturday 17th June, it will be held at the Trinity Centre in North Ormesby.

Current card reads:

  • Dragon Aisu vs. Martin Kirby

Also set to appear are: Darkside, Williams Grange Esquire and more!

Now onto the Wrestling 101 poll results:

The question set was “As a wrestling fan, how do you see Internet advertising?” and the results came as followed:

* Helps me to pick shows in my area. 36.78 % (32)

* It’s useless, no one likes UK Shows! 21.84 % (19)

* I’ve got loyalty for a particular company, so I just check what they are up to. 19.54 % (17)

* It never tells me what I need to know. 12.64 % (11)

* I don’t trust them because they always lie. 6.90 % (6)

* I don’t trust them as I don’t know who they are talking about. 2.30 % (2)

I am happy to see that the majority went to the people who use the internet and the way they have been advertised helping them to pick shows in their area. However this percentage was not exactly brilliant, certainly over a quarter, but I think this shows that wrestling companies need to do more to encourage people to their shows.

I understand that in someways Internet adverts aren’t easy when the Internet is full of people like our next group. This reply was a bit of a trick reply to see how many people on the internet just put something down for putting it down’s sake.

You see the irony within that statement is they are voting that they think no one likes UK Shows, whereas I visit the UK Scene section and have voted that they didn’t like it. Come on, you 19 must have had some interest in it to be there in the first place!

So very sad…

I was suspecting the third most popular answer would have been the most popular, as I have found over the time I have been involved with wrestling is that the fans are usually brought in the traditional way and then they are given a website to look at afterwards which creates the internet fan, usually they aren’t interested in other products because, like a football club, they’ve made their choice.

What this tells me is that there are a lot of wandering fans, who enjoy the Scene in itself which is very encouraging, though die hards always have their place.

Now we come onto the concerning answers, some of the voters suggested that Wrestling companies do not tell the fans what it is they wish to know to entice them to a show, it’s always tricky because one man’s egg is another man’s omlette, but it has highlighted there is a communication problem here, so what I will do is post a what do you want to know thread on the UK Scene and you can place what you think needs to be said to get you to go.

Your answers could help us all.

Some people have voted that Internet advertising doesn’t work because the reader feels lied to or has been lied to about the show. I can understand this, I have been a part of a charity show where the organisers have kept the money for themselves and it does make one wonder why they do it, but lying could be for any reasons and the perception of the person who read what was said.

Certainly if it was all about a wrestler who was billed and then doesn’t appear, this happens all the time, which is why the card is ALWAYS subject to change. For example, I injured my ankle and couldn’t work for LPW this week, I was billed but couldn’t make the show.

Fortunately the last on the list “I don’t know who they are talking about” seems to have had the fewest votes and I have had a lot of experience with UK fans who seem to think oddly that if they have seen them on the telly they have to be good.

Ok there are some bloody awful workers out there, but there are also some very skilled and very capable athletes who haven’t basked in the limelight. I’d say take a risk and make your own decisions, you’ll never know them if you don’t watch them.

Almost as a follow on, the question “What do you think would improve British wrestling?” is begging to be answered to the left of this prose somewhere.

Finally, unless there is a mass voting frenzy for the deadline this weekend we have a clear number 1 wrestler from your votes, thank you to everyone who had their say and I hope I can encourage those who haven’t voted to make their mark in the TWO/W101 Top 50 UK Scene Wrestlers.

The deadline is this Saturday 27th May where you will then get an opportunity to vote for the people with equal numbers, the lists will be posted on the TWO UK Scene forum.

Thanks to Devilish Angel for all her help over this period.

I’ll see you soon!