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WWE: Velocity & Smackdown Taping *Spoilers* Corrected Results

These are the correct Smackdown results as somebody had sent bogus spoilers to Pro Wrestling Insider.

Velocity Matches:
* Matt Hardy defeated Sylvan after a Twist of Fate

* Gunner Scott defeated a jobber

* Kid Kash & Jamie Noble defeated Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki

* Gregory Helms defeated a jobber after hitting the Nightmare On Helms Street

Smackdown Matches:
* WWE US Title: Lashley defeated JBL (c) to win title after a spear

* Tatanka defeated Simon Dean

* Mark Henry defeated Chris Benoit

* Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated Nunzio & Vito

* Finlay defeated Paul Burchill

* WWE World Title: Rey Mysterio (c) defeated JBL