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IWF: Final Matches Revealed For Saturday’s Show

Thanks to IWF for sending the following in:

Hedworthfield CA, Jarrow (Near Fellgate Metro Station)
Saturday 3rd June
Doors 6:30, Belltime 7pm
Tickets £4, Family4 £12
The final three matches have been announced, they are:

Darkside, after impressing throughout the British scene in recent months with his dangerous combination of pace and power, makes his IWF debut against former IWF Champion DM Valentine.  Valentine recently returned after two years out with a serious back injury and challenged for Youngsta’s IWF title, although he came up short on two occasions, it was obvious that he is still a bona fide top performer in the IWF.  With his injury seemingly a thing of the past, he will be attempting to climb back into title contention.

The popular tandem of Wood and Ryder were scheduled to take on Ashe and a mystery partner until the former FWA Tag Team Champion was forced to withdraw due to injury.  As a result, they will now face recent debutants Los Pervitos.   Wood and Ryder were both prominent members of the old IWF Junior Academy who decided to team together to give themselves the best chance of success when stepping up too the main roster.  Since then, they have been on the losing end of matches against Assassin and Blade and Shaun Avery and Jed Masters.  Despite these defeats, they have improved in each outing and seem a good bet for future success.  Los Pervitos are well known throughout the UK but have yet to gain their first IWF victory.  The team that wins this one will see their IWF career go to the next level and will surely be considered for a shot at the IWF tag team straps.

The third annual IWF Tournament of Faith will soon be upon us and the winner of this match will gain one of the eight tournament places.   Hogarth is a powerful former IWF Junior Academy Champion who, after graduating to the main roster disappeared to Europe for a couple of months and came back as some sort of tree-hugging, peace-loving hippy throwback.  He has proven less successful since his return and will be hoping his mixture of crisp power moves and inner harmony can lead him back to the kind of form that made him a dominant Junior champ in late 2005.   His opponent is from nearby South Shields and will be making his IWF debut.  Still in his teens, Anderson is nevertheless surprisingly experienced, with many matches at home and abroad under his belt.  He is however, supremely arrogant and has guaranteed an easy victory against Hogarth…time will tell…

Previously announced matches:

Pac returns to the IWF to challenge the Cruiserweight Champion Little Dragon in what is sure to a spectacular ladder match.  Dragon was scheduled to face Harry Pain in a similar match in April, but the match was cancelled due to an injury suffered by Pain.  As a result, he issued a challenge to his sometime rival/sometime partner Pac.   Before becoming one of the top names in British wrestling, ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ wrestled his second ever match against Little Dragon back in 2003.  That match also happened to be Dragon’s debut.  The two impressed with some spectacular high-flying techniques and hard-hitting strikes.  Pac then went on to become IWF Tag Team Champion while Dragon, although impressive on numerous occasions, always seemed to be a step behind.   Now Little Dragon has gold around his waist and has the chance to prove to himself that he is now at Pac’s level.  Regardless, with these two athletes and a ladder involved, there is no telling what could happen on June 3rd.

Christ, the former ‘Wrestling’s least convincing impressionist’ Boogie Knights, attacked Kyle with a wooden plank in February after Lee informed him that he didn’t have a match on that card.  Since then, ‘The Twisted Messiah’ has been reborn as a hardcore brawler and has attacked Kyle on numerous occasions.    The two met one-on-one in April, with Kyle making Christ submit to his ‘Harmbar’ but Christ returned after the match to attack ‘Jarrow’s Most Famous Man’ with a chair, it became obvious at this point that Christ has no interest in who is the better wrestler of the two and that this one will only be settled with an all out war.   Christ has challenged Kyle to an ‘I Quit’ match which Lee has accepted.  Kyle then watched his opponent impressively defeat the much larger Ben Stone in a streetfight recently and acknowledge that Christ is the favourite in a hardcore environment.    Christ would be wise to note that, while Kyle is now known as a mat technician he has had his share of brawls in the past and has stated that it will be Adam Christ not Lee Kyle who will be saying ‘I Quit’.  

HAIR v TITLES   INSTRUMENTS OF DESTRUCTION (Assassin, Jimmy Blade and Nick Damocles w/Courtney Synn) v D-UNIT (IWF Champion Youngsta and IWF Tag Champs Shaun Avery and ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters)
This grudge begun in earnest in October when Youngsta pinned Assassin to become IWF Champion.  In April, Assassin and Blade became number one contenders to the IWF Tag Team Championship.  That show saw Assassin, Blade and Damocles leave D-Unit lying in the ring after a vicious beat-down, which only ended when they were chased off by Joe Legend.   As a result, if any of the Instruments of Destruction pin or submit Avery or Masters, the IOD will be named IWF Tag Team Champions and should one of them take the fall on Youngsta, he will be named IWF Champion.  However, should D-Unit gain victory, Assassin, Blade, Damocles AND their valet Courtney Synn will have their heads shaved in the middle of the ring!  With such high stakes, expect this match to be a heated war and potential show stealer.

LOSER LEAVES IWF FOR THREE MONTHS  JORDAN WRIGHT V JOEY WRIGHT (w/ BILLY MORRISON)These two brothers and former tag team partners have been embroiled in a bitter war since Jordan pinned Joey in February.  In April, Joey backed out of a rematch, claiming to have broken ‘All of his legs’ only to cost Jordan his match against Nick Damocles after seemingly making a miraculous recovery.  Since then, Jordan was pinned by Joey in a handicap match in which Joey was partnered by his ‘Wright Stuff 2000’ partner Billy Morrison and, last weekend, Joey lost a tag team match by count-out as he refused to get in the ring with his older brother.   The loser of the June 3rd match will be forced to leave the IWF until September.  Joey has been told that he will forfeit the match should he refuse to enter the ring, or pull out with a phoney injury.  Jordan will be the crowd favourite for an emotional match in which tempers are certain to be frayed.