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WWE: Official Smackdown Preview (02/06/06)

Long live King Booker
June 2, 2006

SmackDown is officially under the rule of a new King as the Superstars head to the Pacific Northwest.

Queen Sharmell’s man, King Booker, will be in action against the same man he defeated to become King of the Ring – Lashley. Lashley is coming off a huge week as he defeated JBL to become the new United States Champion. Since King Booker needed the help of Finlay to become the King of the Ring at Judgment Day, Lashley is surely out for revenge. Will King Booker be able to stave off the challenge or will Lashley knock the king off his throne? 

Plus, in his SmackDown farewell, Kurt Angle will wrestle World Champion Rey Mysterio one last time. More on this match…

And Mark Henry added another name to his list of victims last week as well, taking out Chris Benoit. Will the World’s Strongest Man be looking for another conquest in Portland?