UK Scene Weekly

UK Scene #220

Welcome back to the UK scene where we take a look at the current interest around the British Isles and the ever lovable Saz helps out (somewhere along the lines)…

Welcome back to the UK scene where we take a look at the current interest around the British Isles and the ever lovable Saz helps out (somewhere along the lines).

We’re going for a new look as it has been suggested that we at Talk Wrestling Online should try a little harder to get people interested in the UK Scene and discussing it in the UK Scene forums.

So here is my contribution to the war effort.


FWA have announced their June show for Thursday 29th June at The Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Card reads:

  • Pac (c) vs. Stevie Lynn

  • Darren Burridge vs. Iceman

Plus FWA Champion Hade Vansen, The UK Pitbills and more.

They are also in action on Saturday 15th July with their “Summer Classic 2006” show at The Dome in Morecambe, Lancashire

Card reads:

  • Pac or Stevie Lynn (whoever wins on June 29th) vs. Ross Jordan

  • FWA Title – 3 Way Match: Hade Vansen (c) vs. Jonny Storm vs. Robbie Brookside

Plus The UK Pitbulls are in action.

As WCW4Life states in the UKScene forum:

“I think the company is about to get good again with Burridge, Storm and new talent it is looking good again….Jody Fleisch back is also amazing and I think soon Burridge could be in for a big title [shot]…”

WCW4Life has a good point, there are very good workers in these shows and my personal favorites, the UK Pitbulls, who are really good fun to work with, even though they did clatter me round the head with a baking tray!!!!


GPW have announced an additional match for their “Friday Night Fever” show on Friday June 9th at The Monaco Ballroom in Hindley Wigan.

Updated card reads:

  • Johnny Phere vs. Dirk Feelgood

  • JC Thunder & El Ligero vs. Project Ego

  • Heresy (c) vs. Bubblegum


WAW have announced “MeltDown 2” on 10th june at The Talk, Norwich

Card reads:

  • “The Shining Light” Stevie Knight & “The Dark Angel” Ashe vs. Zak Zodiac & “Rowdy” Ricky Knight

  • DAM Heavyweight Championship Match:
    The Kraft (c) vs. Nick Aldis

  • “The Tattooed Warrior” Steve Quintain vs. “The Scientific Stallion” Marty Scurll

  • Four Corners Inter-Promotional Match:
    Mick Romeo (RDW) vs. Bash (WAW) vs. Sykes (RDW) vs. Sam Slam (WAW)

  • Women’s 6-Man Tag Team Match:
    Sweet Saraya, Nikki Best & Britani Knight vs. Destiny, Pink Lady & Melody

  • SuperBrawl Match:
    Featuring the return of “Kick Boxer” Kevin Kelly, RDW stars such as Lion Heart and stars of the WAW Academy – Ty Tanium, Scott Fusion, Johnny Cougar, Taurus and many many more!

If you want to get involved in discussing this show, there is a thread open here on the UK Scene forums.


Old Firm Wrestling asks the question about UCW:

“So Irish based promotion Ulster Championship Wrestling just agreed to do a lot of their shows in the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast. Does anybody think that this is a good idea? I do, because it’s not televised. They can get a few hundred people in there, and do shows more occasionally.

So, for a small, low on money company, does anybody else think that this is a good idea?”

You can put your opinion to OFW by clicking on this link to get you into the thread and replying to him.


Don’t forget to check out the official forums of:

As company specific discussion happen there and you might even be able to chat to some of the wrestlers involved in each promotion.


If you are interested in training or a company that offers training facilities then don’t hesitate to check out the specific thread for the UK Scene training camps. This is a non-biased list of all the companies that have submitted.

If you want to add, just post your details in the thread and we will add you.

And finally…

Wrestler top 50s is nearly over and the results of your opinions will be given out soon, just some people have scored exact same numbers (it happens) and we need to sort them out. Check out the top 50 thread to find out more.

Deadline is 24th June, with the results printed here and on the specific forum thread.

Hope you enjoyed the new (kind of) interactive UK Scene.

If you have any comments or questions you can mail me at [].

Have a good one.