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VPW: School of Excellence To Hold A Tryout Day In July

Thanks to Varsity Pro Wrestling’s for sending the following in:

VPW’s School Of Excellence to hold a tryout day in July

Varsity Pro Wrestling’s School Of Excellence opens its doors to begin its second class in July.

After a very successful first class with five students turning pro, wrestling on a regular basis for the likes of Brian Dixon’s All Star Wrestling, John Freemantle’s Premier Promotions, the televised Irish Whip Wresting, LDN Wrestling and the Frontier Wrestling Alliance to name a few.

To help with the success of our first class we had regular guest instructors including D’Lo Brown, Doug Williams, UPW head instructors and trainers of sixteen signed WWE wrestlers, the Ballard Brothers plus many more all of which helped with the in ring learning process along with our head instructor, a pro wrestler of eight years who was trained by WWE legend Shawn Michaels, The UK Kid who recently wrestled against The Big Show on a WWE show in a sold out Wembley Arena.

All of this combined with the hard work of all of our students has earned the School Of Excellence a very good, professional and hard working reputation within the wrestling business and amongst some of the top pros this country and the USA.

With our new class set to start in July we have a five-day tour of shows booked for August featuring former WWE star, Kip “Billy Gunn” James and other top stars from the US who will be playing a major part in the training that week. Each student is taught in a one on one style with attention to detail from the smallest things to the biggest. Great attention is placed on the fitness aspect of the training and the in ring
psychology needed to become a pro wrestler. You will also learn how to hold yourself as a professional and promote yourself to other companies and promoters.

The training is held in Portsmouth every Saturday for three hours, while everyday training is an excellent way to learn, it’s not always the easiest way for people having to travel with full time jobs to manage both. We take our training very seriously and expect the same commitment put in by our staff to be returned by each and every student on a weekly basis. Dedication is also a big factor in becoming a professional
wrestler; you have to be dedicated to being the best you can be at all times.

The curriculum used during training is the tried and tested one used at the Shawn Michael’s Wrestling Academy as well as other experiences teaching at the UPW training school in California and training with WWE wrestlers like Fit Finlay and Kurt Angle.

Only you can decide where to start your career, but our advise to any person, male or female, wanting to succeed in any sport is to get the best start possible, get the best training available to you and become the best you possibly can be.

We don’t expect people to be able to commit themselves just from word of mouth or reading about it on the Internet, so we are holding a tryout day for anyone interested in becoming a VPW student; the tryout class takes place on Saturday the 17th of July in Portsmouth starting at 12 o’clock, ending at 3 o’clock. The tryout will include basic training and will be a great chance for you to check the school out before committing yourself to anything, as well as giving us a chance to check out potential students
and chat about everyone’s individual needs as aspiring young pro wrestlers.

The cost of the tryout is £30 per person, this includes all insurances and hire costs with no hidden charges. If you want the best start in the wrestling business Varsity Pro Wrestling is the place to be, with connections to every major promotion in the UK and USA including the WWE and TNA.

Some training schools will have no problem telling you they are the best so they can take your money, this is not the case with VPW. Come to the tryout day and see for yourself.

For more information and to have any questions you might have answer please contact head instructor The UK Kid at [] or visit [].