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Zebra Kid Jailed For 3 Years For ABH

The following was posted on World Association of Wrestling’s Forum by Zebra Kid’s Dad Ricky Knight:

“It is with great regret i have to announce that my son Roy aka Zebra Kid was today jailed for 3years at ipswich crown court for actually bodily harm.
as a family we are devastated that such a natural athlete in both wrestling and football could end up in this situation.

We sincerely hope as a family that roy will get the help he needs whilst in prison to fight the demons that have haunted him for the last few years, we just want our son back to how he was.

I am writing this because we want to break the news ourselves and we always face things front on good or bad, its tricky because i am damned if i do and damned if i dont.

we realise their will be bad press flying about Roy from the press and on the forums but we ask you to please remember the younger members of the family use the net and its their dad, brother, uncle who is getting the stick.

We as a family will stand by Roy and will be there all the way through and when he comes out to help what we hope will be his rehabilition.”