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WWE: Official Smackdown Preview (09/06/06)

Mysterio’s week of hell continues
June 9, 2006

For Rey Mysterio, this week is quite possibly the toughest of his career. Just days before he defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Sabu at ECW One Night Stand, Rey Mysterio will face Finlay in a non-title match. Will Rey survive the fighting Irishman with enough left to make it to One Night Stand? 

Last week on SmackDown, King Booker and his associates demolished U.S. Champion Lashley. Finlay and William Regal even forced Lashley to kiss Booker’s feet. Will Lashley retaliate on next week’s show?

Also last week, Michele McCool promised everyone that SmackDown was going to “get a whole lot hotter” from now on. This week, she will take part in a Divas Bikini Contest that will be hosted by SmackDown’s new host, The Miz. Will Michelle get the duke over Ashley, Kristal and Jillian?

Plus, will Vito have an explanation as to why he came to the ring in a dress? One thing we do know is that Mr. Kennedy will be making his long awaited return to SmackDown.