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WWE: ECW "One Night Stand" Notes

* Injury news coming out of the PPV is that Terry Funk needed 5-7 stitches to close up the wounds he suffered during last night’s match. There is a graphic video of Funk getting stitched up at

* Both Sabu and Rey Mysterio were ok after their match, the finish was a planned one.

* It is said that John Cena loved the reaction he got from the fans at the PPV. It has also been reported that Cena wasn’t told about losing the title until yesterday.

* Celebrating RVD’s victory along with Tommy Dreamer, Paul Heyman, Balls Mahoney, The Big Show and Kurt Angle were Justin Credible, Bill Alfonso, Mikey Whipwreck, Jason Knight, Lou D’Angeli (Lou E. Dangerously), and former TNA star Trinity

* The original plan was for The Big Show last night was to have him face Spike Dudley, but Matt Hyson turned the offer down and ripped up the contract in the middle of the ring at TNA’s “Hardcore War” show on Friday night.