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NPWA: First Matches Announced For "Night of Champions 5"

Thanks to Nitro Pro Wrestling for sending the following in:

NPWA Night of Champions 5
June 29th 2006

Mr Earls Club,
Earl Street,

Tickets: £5 Adults, £4 Children. Pay on the Door

Doors Open: 7PM
Show Starts: 7:45PM

Main Event
Tag Team Match
“The Phoenix” Jody Fleisch and Paul “Flash” Andrews Vs “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm and The Fireball

Governor Marsden and his Governing Body declared war on Paul Andrews earlier this month when they left him battered and bruised after cheating him out of the International Championship. Marsden then set up this tag team match, where Andrews will have to take on two of his toughest ever opponents. Storm defeated Andrews on May 12th in a highly competitive match and The Fireball knows Andrews as well as anybody as his former student and multiple time opponent.

However, Andrews had the perfect partner in mind all along, the long time rival of the wonderkid, Jody Fleisch.

In a match that sees two of the best the NPWA has to offer mixed with two of the best the UK has to offer this already looks to be the biggest match in NPWA history. Who will come out on top of this huge contest? Get to Mr Earls on June 29th to find out! This is a match you can’t afford to miss.

Six Man Tag Team Match
NPWA International Champion AC Kage’s Army Vs NPWA Heavyweight Champion Gary Wild’s Boys

The Wild one makes his return to the ring in the venue where he suffered the injury that took him out of action for three months. With the Heavyweight Champion out of action, AC Kage and Governor Marsden claimed that the International Championship was now the main title of the NPWA.

The two have greatly different wrestling styles and personalities. Wild never backs down from a challenge and will put the gold on the line against anybody, anywhere. AC Kage allows his manager to select his opponents for him and his last two title defenses have ended by disqualification after Governing Body interference.

Now the two will select team mates and lead them into battle. Who could be selected for this match? Could we see a return? Could we see a debut? Could we see some unusual picks from the current roster?

Past six man tag team contests involving Gary Wild and The Governing Body have given us a match of the year (Path of Destruction 2005) and a potential match of the year (Just Rewards 2006), the same magic could well be recaptured here. Who is the greater Champion? Who has the winning combination? Make sure you’re at Night of Champions 5 to find the answers and see this story unfold!

-Visit for all the latest information on this event. Over the next week the following will be available:

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-Governor Marsden will present his Words of Wisdom with special guests Paul “Flash” Andrews, Gary Wild, Wildcat, The Fireball and AC Kage

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